Police... police in police cars and police on bikes need to more conscious of their behavior

A DC Police Office pulls over to take a cell phone call
too often I see DC cops in their cruisers or on their bikes on their phones
hardly fair to tell the everyday average Joe that they can not talk on the phone when driving their car or riding their bike it they are on the phone themselves

(just as I am frustrated by speeding cops, cops not making complete stops at the stop line at stop signs, and of course... police playing chicken with me on two way residential streets when I am on my bicycle)

so often I see bicycle cops riding bicycles in that semi creative way that your everyday cyclist would ride their bikes
sort of like the jay walking pedestrian
there are little things... like going through a red light at an intersection where it is clear
the wrong way down a one way for a block
riding on the sidewalk
cutting across traffic mid block to get where they are going

tough for cops to demand that average citizens follow the letter of the law if they modify the law to their convenience as well

there may be some reference to similar complaints
perhaps mention of heinous things done by police officers

a pet peeve of mine... I do not think police officers should smoke in public
at least not in uniform
smoking does not look like working... it looks like hanging out
yes... everyone deserves a break
but there is that notion that these people are supposed to set an example for our youth
smoking cigarettes is not a good example

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