inside the box... we need to stay within the parameters of the box... or I guess we are supposed to

a series of images by Bruce Buckley
thanks for the shots Bruce!

on LinkedIn there was an article about "looking the part"
conforming... fitting in... not standing out... 

it is a tough thing to weigh in
when looking for a job... should we be ourselves or should be try to be the person that they are looking for?
I shaved my beard for interviews... but did not get the job
I kept the beard and landed the gig I have now

as the IT Specialist at CBS News I was bearded and dressed as I felt comfortable
and here at the Smithsonian... no one seems to bat an eye

but... I get it
even those who accepting of non-conformity will have presupposed notions of people for how they look
I get it... I really do

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