Certificate of Awesomeness

as the coach of my younger son's U11 Rec Soccer Team I created an end of season award for my players
feeling a little less than appreciated
I went ahead and modified the award for players
this one is for the coach

in NW DC Travel Soccer is the barometric pressure reading as to whether or not a child is a good athlete... and if a parent is committed to aiding their child to reach their athletic potential
neither of my kids play travel soccer
my older son may not be playing soccer next season
am I failing as a parent?

last game of the season today... looking forward to the end of this season
it has been a tough one
not feeling the love
not feeling the appreciation

no one likes to be under the microscope
no one wants to be scrutinized so closely
yes...  it is a long story

Certificate of Awesomeness!
so many of us deserve a Certificate of Awesomeness

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