the morning routine can have me crossing paths with the same people on different days... if I was a more efficient machine I bet I would see the exact same people in the exact same places on different days

bicycle commuter on Pennsylvania Avenue... Main Street USA
I think I snapped a shot of her a few weeks or maybe months ago
not sure...
I remember her and her headphones

our paths have crossed
we have shared the same stretch of road before
me heading to my office
she is headed to her office

ah... the morning routine

she is covering ground pretty good on this beater bike that is more than likely older than herself
it is curious
is this her only bike?
how fast would she go on a high performance bike? 
not sure if that is the same bike I saw her on last time I rolled in towards work along side of her

I see the running shoes... maybe she is a runner

I know that I am fighting to keep pace with her on my Single Speed Karate Monkey
sure... it is geared for dirt
which has me under geared for fighting traffic
yet I fight to keep pace just the same

getting more rotations on my short ride into work

Karate and Surly

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