Dean and Grant... looking forward to local adventures on the bike with the boys in the spring

passports and planes are good catalysts for adventure
but there are adventures to be had in our own backyards
journeys of the spirit and the mind
no... I am not talking about drugs

bicycle rides... explorations in your backyard
there are things to be done here
not everything happens in foreign lands
that is right... right here

I need to get the boys out on the bike this spring
it will be tough to balance with their current schedules
Dean is rowing... Grant is still playing soccer and in the school play
they want downtime
they want video games
beyond that... they are more independent and fight me harder on EVERYTHING!
sure they love it when the are doing it and thank me when they are done
but it is nothing but resistance to make things happen
Eric on DCMTB is donating a frame and some parts to the cause
a new single speed for Dean should be a good breath of fresh air to the action of cycling
this will bump down Dean's Gunnar single speed that was once Cargo Mike's
each of they boys will have sport level single speeds to hammer on

the boys are older now
they fight me on everything
not so easy to herd them
thought it was hard to herd them before
harder now

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