Bruce Buckley has some Wonderful Photos from the last night of the Crosshairs Cycling's Wednesday Night Spins

yes wonderful photography by Bruce Buckley Photography at the Wednesday Night Spins
wonderful documentation of an event that was a total experience

documentation of a different kind of March Madness

for four Wednesdays in March Bill Scheiken and long list of characters from Crosshairs Cycling threw together a bicycle race in an underground parking garage
although the event was held underground... it was not an underground event 
the event was legit

the event was a partnership with the Crystal City BID
BID standing for the Business Improvement District

the BID has been progressive in partnering with various other groups to host a similar style event that has changed hands from one promoter to another called the Diamond Derby
as well as something I know nothing about called the Crystal City 5K... a runner's event

the gwadzilla archive has some good documentation of the Diamond Derby events
once hosted by a production company lead by a former dc bicycle messenger and top level road racer Sheba Farin
but now the Diamond Derby is hosted by Phoenix Bikes 

really I do not know anything about the Crystal City Bid or the inner workings of the race itself
all I know it this was an amazing event that is a wonderful contribution to the local cycling community
and it was fun.

this concept is unfamiliar to me
it is not quite how I am wired
but I must admit I did experience an emotion that could be defined as fun

maybe not an emotion
but an experiece
the Wednesday Night Spins was an experience
a fun experience

the four race series held on the bottom floor of a parking garage in Crystal City Virginia brought out so many people from so many different corners of the cycling community

yes... all sorts of people from different aspects of the local cycling community were attendance
mountain bikers-cyclocross racers-urban cyclists-messengers-and even some road racers

there were lots of people I knew
there were lots of faces that were new to me

it was good seeing familiar faces and lots of friends
got to catch up with all sorts of people I have not seen in a long time
as racing sort of slipped out of priority for me
priority and of course my elbow injury

(this search on the Gwadzilla Page for Elbow brings up a post about Lyme Disease... I think it is a good read http://gwadzilla.blogspot.com/search?q=elbow)

yes... lots of people from all different aspect of the local cycling community
lots of local team jerseys
the volunteers were thick with Crosshairs colors as well as some strong legs in the field
the Bike Lane brought in all sorts of fun
my personal favorite DCMTB had a strong number of racers with sone strong finishers
then also perhaps the biggest supporter of the beer and wine sponsors
and Chocolate City Cycling mixed it up in a variety of classes including winning the Fixed Gear Race on the final night of the series

yes... lots of teams
lots of people from lots of teams
lots of people from DCMTB
my team... DCMTB

yes... DCMTB had a nice balance of numbers and strong finishes
and tons of fun was had as well
cheering-heckling-drinking-and racing

I had a great time getting my ass kicked by Jed week after week
Albert Green always passed me finishing strong
Darren rode for 24 hours straight
then Colin and Parker did things that no one expected
yes... good times and good showing
all while having fun

that is DC Mountainbike

contact DCMTB if you want to join up
we are the host of DCCX and we are looking to become more active in getting some mountain biking in Washington DC
we would love to see improvements to Fort Dupont
and ontop of that... we would love to see a PUMP TRACK IN DC

Fort Dupont

Pump Track

lots of wonderful photos of people racing and people hanging out
an excellent evening for both
good seeing you Bruce
your photos are excellent

Bikes and Beers
a match made in heaven 

the series went well for me
I was able to attend and race all four races
my effort was consistent and my results varied
it was an adventure every week

I don't own a heart rate monitor and I would not be able to analyze the data from a power tap
all I know is that my legs were sore on four consecutive Thursday morning this month
total March Madness
good times for sure

riding\racing\and hanging with friends
what a great time
fingers crossed that this is an annual evnet
fingers crossed that other clubs with throw similar events

Central to DC is Key!
even Wednesdays at Wakefield would fall under the outer reaches
the traffic was as white knucked as the race itself
but I always loved Wednesday at Wakefile

Wednesday at Wakfield

just like Wakefield there was competition and camaraderie
then that post softball game vibe

good times
good times for sure

lots of people having lots of fun a the Wednesday Night Spins as presented by Crosshairs Cycling

it is a serious field of dreams
but course tape, a timing machine, and a devoted set of volunteers 

Bruce Buckley Photography and the Crystal City Wednesday Night Spins

I would have like to have seen DC Messenger Bruce out there

this courier archive cracks me up

I am not certain where the best resouse is for compliting all the information
the Facebook Pages are smattered with infomation
but a piece on the Crosshairs Cycling Page... then some more inforation on each of the 4 Wednesday Night Spins Facebook Event pages

all sorts of GoPRO cameras out there
saw some videos... but not sure of the best location to find all of that
but if you scroll down to a few posts and I link to some stuff
not feeling like doing any more research or sharing any more links

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