crusty lock... do I need to buy a new lock? maybe not!

these images of Grant are a few years old
he is still just a kid... but Grant is now 11

those images are of a much younger child... maybe 5 or 6?
Grant is worlds away from the child in those photos

this weekend past I went to run an errand with my younger son Grant
Grant did not want to join me... but he was given no choice

early into our cross town drive there was visible frustration
visible within both Grant and myself
there was traffic
lots of unnecessary traffic caused by selfishness and inefficiency 

Grant quizzed me on why were were going to Home Depot across town and not the Ace Hardware at Tenleytown
I informed him that I wanted to get a packages of several pad locks with the same key
this is something I would not expect at the smaller hardware stores

too many times I go to the smaller hardware stores only to find myself frustrated by their not having what I need
walking to the neighborhood hardware store or riding my bike to a nearby hardware store in a different zip code
only to find that they did not carry what I needed or they did not have it in stock
only to hear that annoying... "we can order it" 
when all I am saying is "I want it now"

so... we drove through Sunday traffic to the Home Depot on Rhode Island Avenue

finally were arrived at our destination
it did not take that long... longer than it had to... but not all that long
just frustrating
out of the car in front of Home Depot and I realized that I had left home without my wallet

a serious palm to the forehead moment...

I admitted my failure to Grant and then tried to see how much money I had floating around the Element
between change for the meter and a few crumpled up bills I had roughly ten bucks
not nearly enough for the multi-lock with same key combo that I was looking for

we entered Home Depot just the same
in the lock aisle I looked at the various locks that I could not afford
so I chased down an alternate solution
knowing I could not afford the replacement locks I then looked around for some Graphite lubricant

there we go... got it... GRAPHITE LUBRICANT!
2.47... PERFECT!

I grabbed the small tube of graphite lubricant and made my purchase
with lock lube in hand with receipt I searched the store for young Grant who was exploring then headed off for home

once home I got to work on the locks
sure enough... I did not need new locks
these locks just needed to be "freshened up"
put some graphite lube into the front door lock

felt good about my repair rather than replacement of the locks
while also getting the chance to educate young Grant about the concept of graphite lube for locks

good thing to have around the house
good thing to use on those post winter crusty locks
I bet most of my locks could use a little graphite lubricant

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