not the story I wanted to see...

Dave Tobin at Cedar Crest Country Club
photo by GBJ PhotoWorks!

I would love someone to make a documentary about the TOKE TEAM!

these links will entertain

then this...
not as fun... hope it has a happy ending

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JKC1x1 said...

Thanks for the flashback Gwadz. A few friends and my brother and I used to regularly head out to Cedar Crest after school back when I was a freshman at Falls Church HS in 1987. Intimidating ramp and an interesting cast characters who hung out and lived under the ramp.
Took me about two weeks to get the courage to drop in.
Went to a few of the jams and a few parties they had with some legendary bands. I remember a school mate doing an impressive stage dive off the platform into a mosh pit on the flat.
Good times.
J. Casey