dc is a bike park

DC Needs a Bike Park
DC is a Bike Park

I Love Riding in the City
it is always fun to discover new places to ride
on this ride the other day we found some stairs and some ramps that were fun to ride

the boys really impressed me
not just going down the ramps but going up the ramps
not just hammering the stairs
Dean was LAUNCHING the stairs

I snapped some shots
but I also wanted to ride the architectural obstacles
I am not certain if this is an approved behavior
but really... if they want to talk about liability
they they should make the cars behave
because the cars on the city streets are a liability 

Grant was super stoked to inherit Dean's old Gunnar single speed

Grant's shock on his geared bike has been ineffective for a year now
he was enjoying having a working shock

Dean on his new-used Salsa Juan Solo
Eric Loaches old bike
built up as a six niner
29 inch wheel in the front and standard 26 inch wheel bike in the rear

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