Mac Book is giving me issues... so I am on an old beaten down PC laptop that just gave me the BSOD

so many old laptops stacked in the corner
too many boat anchor quality laptops
all of which a loaded with images
bicycle images
blog images

lots of images 
my photographic images and images that were downloaded to either go with the stories I was trying to tell
or information I was trying to share

I love the archives
the images themselves and the memories that the evoke

this image from the sidewalk on Capitol Hill

ah... Lucy and Bakfiet
a few years ago I built a Dutch Cargo bike with my old friend Adam
this was Adam's first Dutch Cargo bike... 

my bike was similar but different
that bike has long since been disassembled

then this... not my photo
I think it is from the WaPo

Alice Swanson...
killed  on her bike on her way to work
her death has been pretty much forgotten
except by her friends and family
she seemed like a nice person
 I bet her friends and family think of her often
but the rest of us... life goes on

Dean and Grant
my boys and their bikes
their onto bigger bikes
video games

video games are the devil
dean and grant are my favorite people on the planet

and then this randomness
I dig the randomness

The Joy of Cycling
I do love bikes... this sort of thing cracks me up
unfortunately that is an obscure reference
The Joy of Sex was a book of my parent's generation

I will not search for links of joy or sex
but I bet there is something on those topics

this is a great image
my younger son grant in period garb on a period bike

my younger son Grant had a bit part in Jason Berry's film Chasing Legends
amazing documentary
Jason is quite the story teller
it is cool my son was able to be a part of this

this spring Grant is Captain Hook in his school musical
not many 6th graders can claim to have an IMBD identity

bought this bike from my neighbor-friend 
he was super generous
small talk at a Christmas party and I walked away with a sweet bike for only hundred bucks 
that is a real deal
that was really generous

Neighborhood Pace Car
GENUS IDEA that never took
cyclists in cars become car drivers
parents pushing strollers only care about appropriate behaviour and how it effects them
instead... people are self righteous only seeing the faults in others
never seeing the errors of their own actions 
http://gwadzilla.blogspot.com/search?q=pace                                                                                                                                                                                                 `

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