end of an era... as Grant moves on from elementary school to middle school I bid farewell to John Eaton... so many memories...


John Eaton Elementary School in Cleveland Park
a place each of my kids called home from Pre-K through 5th Grade

lots of great memories from John Eaton
thanks people of John Eaton for all you do
Teachers - Administrators - Eaton Staff
and of course
Parent Volunteers!


as a parent I tried to feed the machine
not just take... but contribute as well

I coached soccer for 7 years...
I went on countless field trips...
I brought my dad in to talk about bugs with the kids...
I hosted several Bike Swaps...
Bike Swaps! Yes, Bike Swaps!

I planted a butterfly bush and a milkweed plant with profits from the Bike Swap

and more... yes more
oh yes... the dreaded Eaton Christmas Tree Sale
yes... our family spearheaded the Tree Sale for years

yes... I served the school that served my family

yes.. the John Eaton Christmas Tree Sale

The Bike Swap was really innovative...
a misunderstood under-appreciated effort

What was the Bike Swap?

Cargo Mike teamed up with me for several BIKE SWAPS at John Eaton
which also involved a Bicycle Rodeo
which was really a kids' bicycle safety obstacle course

the Bike Swap where people actually "swap" a bike is a great concept
chase the links
but the basic breakdown was an effort to get growing kids on the correct size bicycles
the theory was... start with a handful of bikes in various sizes
have people arrive with their child and the bicycle that they have outgrown
they trade their bicycle in and get a coupon\credit
then they get to select a bicycle in their child's size

Cargo Mike and I worked like wizards to make this magic happen
tuned up dozens of donations in advance
then once it got going it was a revolving door
people were coming and going
lots of people leaving with bikes
some people just happy to donate their old bike

smiling kids leaving on properly fitting bicycles

it was AMAZING!
then the bike rodeo!

helping kids learn to ride a bike and build greater confidence
the ramps... the KIDS LOVE RAMPS!
it is fun... but it is a skill

it did not become a regular thing for the John Eaton community
but the notion of BIKE FRIDAY was a SUCCESS!
that one day Bike Friday was a great day...
families brought their kid's bicycle to school and we did a post school bicycle ride
the kids loved it
we ended in Mount Pleasant where the kids rode bicycle ramps in the alley then ate hot dogs off the grill

Ramps and Jumps

so many great memories
so many efforts
some of those efforts great
time well spent


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