Fast pass through the Smithsonian Folklife Festival... PERU! Don't Miss This! One of the great FREE things that DC has to offer!

these guys ham for the camera before their dance performance
I did to speak Spanish with them... just assumed they spoke English
I think they got the gist of what I was saying

will be more respectful on my next pass through and try to speak to them in their native language

Alpacas... not Lamas 
smaller... softer... and less aggressive
these guys already have their summer haircuts
I think they are more cute with their longer hair

this guy was not a participant in the festival... he was just passing through like myself
only he brought his pet squirrel 
nice guy... cut squirrel

I wonder how the domesticated squirrel responded to the nearly domesticated squirrels on the ground

Folklife Festival... CHECK IT OUT!

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