rode yesterday... I need to return to RIDING EVERYDAY!


funny... I like Strava

don't use Strava for every ride
do not document every pedal stroke
but when I do use Strava
I like Strava

Sunday mid-day I was feeling the itch to get out on the bike
it had been a lazy day
the dog got a short one
the computer got my main attention

watched a documentary on Pantani while I played with images from the DC Bike Party
that took way more time than I expected
guess I should have slammed the coffee rather than sip it
morning blended into afternoon way too easily
had lots to do on my mental things to do list

started a few projects
finished NOTHING
it was a good day
the ride made it better

took the dog out for a walk after the ride
that made the day better

had thoughts of going to the Drum Circle at Malcolm X Park
but had not made any progress on the bikes

managed to swap the rear brake pads on the Niner with little issue
then with the front... could not get enough space for the rotor 
still can not get the pistons to back up enough

gotta focus on the bikes before W@W

nice to take Karma out with Didg

those guys are best buddies
but really
it can be frustrating
they get amped up and ignore my calls

try to give them some space
but do not want them to get into any trouble

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