Smithsonian Picnic... and the tail end of the Folklife Festival...

a photo from Cusco from many years ago
a life before marriage
a life before kids
an adventure that is little more than a memory

and of course
a door and a dog

the Smithsonian Folklife and its Peru Participants brought up an onslaught of memories
memories of a month long visit to Peru
memories of a more simple time

last week the Smithsonian had its STAFF PHOTO and the Smithsonian Staff Picnic
it was a fun day that I felt boosted morale 

Smithsonian Folklife Editor Elisa
Elisa has graced the Gwadzilla Pages once before

then this boat...
a boat made of reeds
I never made it to Lake Titicaca

my trip to Peru was limited
it is a large county with much to see
I did not see much of it
but I loved what I saw 

Jim Deutsch of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife Culture and Heritage
wow... this JIM search may be the search of all searches
and then Deutsch

my buddy Josh...
Smithsonian Photographer... Smithsonian Archivist... Smithsonian Digital Media Manager

PERU on the Gwadzilla Page

as much as I love world travel... as much as I love cultural festivals
sometimes I am curious about the ethic of the "human zoo"

Humans of New York

Willie at the Smithsonian
Willie is my Life Coach!
I always get a boost when I see my buddy Willie!

I dig the Peruvian crafts..

James Early and Daquan Markham having a laugh at the Folklife Festival

I did not catch any of the Peruvian concerts or performances at the 2015 Smithsonian Folklife Festival
but I did catch a few minutes of the action as I passed through at lunch
this guy on his guitar... saw a young girl rapping in Spanish... did not see any dances
I know it all happened... but I missed it

Charlie and Laquinda documenting the Folklife Festival

yes... chase these links 
great insight into my world
and Picchu

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