Tour de Fat... was in DC months ago... but the tour is still going! Twin Cities Minnesota THIS WEEKEND!

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Tour de Fat is still touring
touring the states
not even halfway through the tour
7 More Cities to GO!

Tour de Fat tour schedule

yes... New Belgium's Tour de Fat is moving about the country
delivering a day of bicycle themed amusement like you have never experienced before
it is a must attend for anyone who has the chance
if this event is local to you... DO NOT MISS IT!

if you miss it... you will regret it

New Belgium Tour de Fat

don't miss it
don't miss a second of it
don't miss the parade ride at the start of the day
do not miss the headline act
and most importantly


the tour de fat is an event where 100% of the proceeds go back to the Not for Profits that volunteer at the event
this is a philanthropic event hosted by New Belgium Brewing company

they host the party
then they give the proceeds from the party right back to that local cycling community
WIN WIN for each city that hosts the Tour de Fat

hey... that search for AMAZING on the Gwadzilla page brought up some AMAZING RANDOMNESS

make it happen
tell your friends
show up... wear a costume... and have fun

don't miss it

the entertainment is always top notch
I have seen things at the Tour de Fat that I had never seen or heard of before
Reggie Watts! Comic Genius
then I also got introduced to The Beats Antique, The Moth, Mucca Pazza, and many others


oh yeah...
I forgot to mention the beer
the beer is GREAT!
lots of great beer.

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