tubeless... I am green on all this new technology... shocks, disc brakes, and tubeless

sure I have suspension forks
sure I have disc brakes
and yes
I do have tubeless set up on a bike or two
but... I am not entirely comfortable with working on any of these set ups

that said...
I am trying to expand my comfort zone

working to better understand disc brakes
sure I can replace the brake pads... trying to manage adjustments
and soon enough
I should try to learn how to "bleed" the brakes

shocks? suspension forks?
well... I have no need to learn to rebuild a fork
that is what Trailwerks is for
but... I do need to get a better handle on maintaining my fork or at least maintaining proper pressure in my forks

and finally...
I have not set up a tubeless rim... but last night I did set up a pair of tires on a set of rims that previously had a tubeless set up
it was quite the process
only because I do not have an air compressor

borrowed one air compressor from a neighbor... and then another
neither had a decent adapter for the valve
neither bike pump air compressor had the PSI needed to set up tubeless

I jumped in my car and parked in the alley by City Bikes Adams Morgan and used their air hose on the sidewalk
the tires looked like they were holding pretty good this morning
saw a little spittle last night... but things seemed to have sealed up

looking forward to taking a spin on the RIP 9 when I get home from work
just an urban loop
try and get a feel for the bike
planning on racing it at Wakefield tomorrow

looking forward to getting the squishy bike on dirt

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