starting to look at some photos from Bruce's "Handle with Care" theme Alleycat

Andy Zalan took this same photo of Bruce
only he cropped out Paul

this is the finish of the FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE Alleycat throw by Bruce in conjunction with his 60th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bruce!
no time to blow out candles... there are papers to grade

Bruce grading papers
going over the manifests
one by one
page by page

the top ten had arrived
the 6:30 finish had long since passed

lots of manifests
lots of checkpoints
60 check points creating a three page manifest
that offers up for a lot of papers to grade

it was dark and starting to get cold
Bardo was good enough to host
but it was a tad nipple to be outside
I raced with a full change of clothes in my pack

but most people were still in their sweat soaked gear
whatever that gear may be
it was a balance
I was warmer than others but I raced with a fully loaded pack

it was awesome
a beautiful day to be on the bike
a great day to take a scavenger hunt like route around the city

60 Check Points... a check point for each year of Bruce's life
but 60 check points makes for three pages
that makes for lots of manifests to access

and it came down to the manifest
Andy Zalan and Michael Pearce linked up towards the end of page one
formed an allegiance 
finished together
but somehow the manifest had Andy score higher than Mike
that is a before\after photo of Andy and Mike
andy brings up epic randomness

the race started with Logan Circle as the meeting place
Bruce met with the check point volunteers
then set people up to leave out at 4 PM
with a 6:30 CUT OFF
6:30 Sharp!

Mike and Andy finished before 6
I rolled in shortly after
after getting slightly lost in NE
a quadrant that I am not entirely familiar with

Lindsay rolls into Bardo to lend her support and say hello
she would have killed it had she raced it
it was a no non-sense
know the city with no tricks
60 check points in roughly 2 hours Alleycat

Brian and Damian represented Chocolate City Cycling well!
good job!
also... I finished ahead of Brian and Damian
yet they scored higher
there were some debatable check points

"how many notches on Ghandi's cane?"
did the base and the cap\top count?


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