NOTE TO ALL DUDES BEHIND THE WHEEL - If you are rolling around in your car thinking you are a "cool dude"

Chances are... you are actually a DOUCHE

I think that is an Adjunctive Noun

although you are not literally a "Douche Bag"
you are still at total "douche"

now... "The Dude"
well... he was a character in the Big Lebowski

most "dudes" are not at all like "The Dude"

now here is the breakdown
if your effort to flex that you are cool puts others at risk
then you are a douche
speeding... driving while on the cell phone... failure to make a complete stop at the stop line at a stop sign... not yielding to pedestrians... and of course the classic PASSING CYCLISTS OBNOXIOUSLY FAST AND OBNOXIOUSLY CLOSE
all these are common behaviors of dudes behind the wheel

that is why dudes are douche bags

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