ah... legend and lore... DC Toke Team... Hell's Angel's on Four Polyurethane Wheels and a sheet of ply wood

Is this a Toke Team Dream?

I wish I had more stories to tell... but those stories are not mine to tell
Toke and Skate on the Gwadzilla Page

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Brian Parr said...

Wow, "Toke Team" really jars memories.
I remember them skating at Cascade in Catonsville.
I also remember them from summer '81 in OC, where I (mis)spent EVERY SINGLE EVENING after work skating the OC Bowl or the abandoned 125th street fiberglass with the OC locals. The toke skaters and some Annandale skaters would come in on some weekends and raise the level. There were some excellent sessions with Black Flag cassettes blasting on the boombox. It was a great time to skate.

Funny what stands out in your memory 35 years later while you're watching your own kids grow up.

A former D20 road racer