Smokers Suck... literally and figuratively... F-ing Smokers!

years ago at my last job there was a moderately humorous incident...
I had gone mountain biking before work... so when I came in through the main hallway headed to the elevator I must have tracked in a little dirt... 
apparently so much dirt that one of the front office folks had the head of custodial services (Julio- rest his soul) sweep up the dirt and put it on my desk
so when I got to my desk there was a sheet of paper with a little pile of dirt on it...

I was moderately amused... but thought it was obnoxious and unfair

rather than storm in screaming I let my pressure cooker simmer a bit 
then went into the front office to talk to someone who might as well be my boss
it was there that I shared with him some of my logic

I thought it odd... we all track in dirt... I just tracked in a little more dirt than most people on this day
While we have employees that smoke... most of which smoke out front our offices 

Many of which opt to flick their cigarette butt to the curb\gutter or just drop it to the sidewalk and stamp it out.
I asked.. "have you not collected all the cigarette butts and put them in the pile of these various individuals desks?"

rhetorical question

INCONSISTENT! to say the least
I tracked in some dirt... inadvertently... 

while these people purposely litter... 
sure this was one day that I walked in like Pig Pen from the Peanuts cartoons... while the smokers throw their litter to the ground each and every day

have you considered collecting the cigarette butts and putting them on any of the smoker's desk?

it did not change things
he did nothing about the smokers
did not even put one of those ashtray cigarette butt collectors
he just shamed me and allowed the scofflaw smokers to go about their way

Smoking Baby
Smoking Baby goes to Rehab

Illinois Bans Cigarette Butts
1,500 Fine for Throwing a Butt to the Ground

Smoking Fetish Videos

this morning as I locked my bike at work I kindly asked (told) the man smoking by the bike racks to please smoke elsewhere as I am allergic (disgusted)
he walked away and flicked his cigarette to the ground... I alerted him to the Illinois law

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Rider Todd said...

Right on, dude right on! If you have to work closely with a smoker jeez that smell of an ash tray some try to cover it up then you have the smell of an ash tray AND whatever cologne or perfume they used. Ugh.