I moved out... speed camera moved in...

Speed Camera out front my old house... the house where my ex-wife and children live
hope this helps to make the road more safe for the residents and the road users alike

Speed Camera on the 2000 Block of Park Road
but you know that because you cruise with WAYZ
me... I use my Spidey senses
not so techie behind the wheel
I drive stick and try to keep the phone in the bag

the separation\divorce scenario has me living in a new location
\start of a new chapter
it is quite nice
let the healing begin... on both side... all around

for years I pushed various agencies to work to slow the traffic on the 200 Block of Park Road in NW DC
I worked with the city to have BIKE LANES put on the block
not just for the bikers as this is a major access route for cyclists entering Rock Creek Park
but also as a TRAFFIC CALMING effort
it is a start

the speed is one issue
the RUNNING OF THE RED LIGHT at the top of the hill is another issue
this device will not contain that behavior
that behavior is dangerous and dances with the speeding traffic

for years I would sent long winded rants to a long email list of police officer\police chiefs, mayors and mayors office, council members and DDOT employees and WABA EDs
and now... it finally happened 
it was over due

there was a time when there was this claim that there needed to be a certain amount of accidents to justify the camera
this irked me
it is a known problem... be preemptive

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