no new photos and no Strava data to tell the tale... this morning I was a few minutes late for work... Dean was not confident on the best route to get to Thompson's Boat Center for his rowing spring training camp

ah... mornings
not my time
not Dean's time
but after the requisite dog walk this morning
I made this morning our time

DCPS is on Spring Break
Grant is with his mother in Colorado enjoying spring break and spring skiing
Colorado just got DUMPED ON
they are loving it
while Dean is hanging back in DC to attend his Wilson Crew team's spring training

last night I tried to review the best routes for Dean to get to school on his bike
it worried me that he would take a route that was unnecessarily long
or if I instructed him on an alternate route that he might get lost
so... I rode with him to Thompson's Boat Center this morning

it was a nice ride
there was a moment where I was talking to Dean
we wanted to take a right off 13th Street onto Arkansas Avenue
there was a cyclist in front of us
he was not pedaling
he was not pedaling like a person does not walk when they are on an escalator


had I been along I would have passed him and made the turn
but I did not want to get Dean tangled up in this rider
as we passed I spoke to Dean
the rider heard me... and uttered, "you got a problem man?"
with a tone worse than my question, "why is this guy not pedaling?"

I said... "I am talking to my son... you can F yourself"
or something equally as kind
I am not a fan of the new breed
the newbies are just more obstacles on the road

so many going just slightly faster than a jogger
others going slower

we got past him and on with our day

it was a nice ride
after we went our separate ways at TBC I went along the Potomac and got to take a morning glance at the Cherry Blossoms
was a few minutes late for work... but I will survive
will make up for my lack of promptness with productivity
which means... time to focus on the tasks at hand

oh... nice seeing Kelvin this morning as well
good to see cyclists out pushing the pedals
was irked by the number of eBikes on the bike paths this morning and last night
eBikes SUCK!

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