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Friday after work I tried to sneak in a post work ride
knowing that the Cherry Blossoms would have people clustering the Tidal Basin and the Capital Crescent Trail I opted for a Northern Virginian option
did this standard loop that would have me spinning over 20 miles between office and home
a good ride with long sections in between stops

the ride had gone its course without incident
for the most part I was just spinning
early season has me working an easier gear than I would usually use to attack this trail
but hey...
I am still at winter weight.. cut me an and my belly some slack

so my ride is coming to a close...
I am crossing Key Bridge 
to avoid the masses of people I am on the sidewalk on the north side of the bridge
there are people on this side... but less than on the other side
I am not moving that fast... but faster than the runners... walkers... and tourists

then it happens
just as the sidewalk hits the end of the bridge I go to pass a jogger in a red shirt
just as I am making the pass I give the audible "on your left"
but it is too late... this JOKER HAS OTHER PLANS

unbeknownst to me this is his turn around
much like the illogical behavior of many of his runner friends
when  at the halfway point and time to turn around... they just button hook
not a glance
not a warning
just button hook without a look


the runner in red turns right in front of me
there is no time to dodge him
I clip him as I swing to the outside to avoid him
I am going down

crash... slam... roll...
it happens fast
I see the runner on his feet brushing himself off
I am a little less quick to get up

I am irked
I am frustrated
I do not want to have a discussion
I can see the runner is okay
in seconds I review my bike and my body

the runner asks if I am okay... I say I am fine but I do not want to talk to him
I get on the bike and start pedaling away
in pain and frustration I scream FUCK YOU as I pedal away
in traffic while moving I straighten my brake lever on the handlebars

fucker... fucking asshole... not even a runner... a jogger...
but doing his same thing
that obnoxious turn around
that ignorant button hook without a look

my gear is torn... knickers and jersey
my body is sore
my rear wheel is slightly out of true
my bike is battered
and that guy
that guy sucks

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