trying to get back in the rhythm of taking photos... but of course... not everyone wants their photo taken



simple and short

when in public... we have given up certain rights to privacy

you... the person on the bike... you are part of the city scape

First Amendment Trumps Right to Privacy


Street Photography


S.K.E. said...

That was me this morning by the reservoir and you were perfectly within your "rights."

Here's where I'm coming from: every time I leave the house, I can expect to be harassed (even in Mt. Pleasant, where I also live). I get harassed way less often on a bike, if only because there's less time to for folk to take photos (it happens weekly), make sexually suggestive comments (daily), or lean into my personal space(daily). Getting snapped by a strange man with no explanation feels intrusive, even when it's legal.

I calmed down and realized that you probably weren't a creeper. We probably have similar goals regarding bikers, bike safety, bike rights and bike culture in DC. It would have helped if you had slowed down and talked me through your project rather than asserting your rights and taking off.

Ride safe,


gwadzilla said...

had to get to work

and figured it would sort itself out