Bike to Work Day was last week... Bike to Work Day is EVERYDAY! Photos from Bike to Work Day!

Bike to Work Day 2016 in Washington DC
Freedom Plaza
above photo by Ricky Lee A. of EPA

good times seeing so many familiar faces at Bike to Work Day
photos from previous Bike to Work Days
BTW and Bike to Work on the Gwadzilla Page
yes... good times at Freedom Plaza
I showed up late
missed the Tune Ups and all of the key speakers
but... I showed up when I showed up and I snapped some pictures
photos from Bike to Work Day to surface on the Gwadzilla Blog later this week
today if work allows

Great Set of Shots By Paul Lagoy!

Eric Channing Brewer... maybe best know for the Tweed Ride
also years ago Eric hosted a one legged Kenya who was training for the Leadville 100

Paul Lagoy snapped most of these shots
loved your videos from the Tour de Fat!
Paul needs an Instagram page!

Paul on the Gwadzilla Page

Good Times!
So Many Cool People on Bikes!

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