Katie Compton at DCCX.. Katie is Sublime.

Trek's Katie Compton

Katie Compton on Twitter

In the Crosshairs: Katie Compton

DCCX has come and gone...
racers are focusing less on the races past and more on races appraoching
Cyclocross is not like marathon running
a person does not train for one event
but rather they train for a season
maybe hoping to peak at one event

once again Mother Nature blessed DC with glorious weather
there was a little rain days prior
but this worked to the advantage of the course
Saturday was cool and breezey
Sunday was warmer with less wind and more dust

me... I did not race
but instead
I ran the Lil Belgians event and took photos while cheering on racers

very exciting to watch Katie Compton Race

Katie is totally Pro!

she is a dialed in machine
hard for a person to be a perfect athlete
but her skill, strength, technical handling, comfort and confidence all executed with a touch of class
poetry in motion

Katie has class on the bike and off the bike...
Katie's ability to deal with the never ending line of approaching fans
this photo of Katie signing her race number just after finishing and winning the Woman's UCI event on Day Two... well.. not a photo op... just Katie being Katie

it was a great day for cyclocross
great day for spectators and racers alike
racers of all levels were treated to cyclocross at its best
sure it was more dusty than muddy
well... you get what you get
you race the course that is under your tires

lots of shots of Katie on the course

enough on this... time to get back to work
just thought I should share these images before they get lost in the digital shuffle

nothing to see here

F--- Yeah Katie Compton

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