need more coffee

started a post
it disappeared
hate when that happens
need more coffee

a few things worth looking at in the news this am
-Sunday Source has an article about Building a Fixed Gear
need to go to the paper version for the nice images of bikes and their riders
-a story of a Philly Messenger company delivering more than Inter-Library-Loans
a bit of a memory of DC's Featherhead/Jim Rapp
-man tries to rip off a box store
-motorcycle helmets and pro athletes

father's day
my older son's birthday
hot out there....
we will be trying to stay cool
very cool that the race this weekend was on Saturday and not Sunday...
or else this would have been a weekend without the bike
well.... other than going to my friend's 40th birthday bash

Richmond Paper talks
about the weekend events on the James River
it was a great race/great course/great time
will try to toss together a report later today