I like the name of this page... I also like the Suicide Girls


Suicide Girls Photography

yes... it is true
I like the Suicide Girls

image snagged from here


m-a said...

That dude—Fuck Gas—is a buddy of mine. He is one Louisville Original.

Hey, been meaning to ask you, what's the Bike Rack like as a bike shop? Ever go there?

(This is the dude who commented a while ago that's moving to DC soon.)

gwadzilla said...

the word on the street is that The Bike Rack is a solid shop...

I have never done any business with them
but the few times I stopped in everyone was cool

and the people that race cross in their kits are cool

gwadzilla said...

funny... if you had not commented here I would have pulled this post down

I recently applied for a job... and well
I am not sure if this image meets the approval of the general public

either way...

it is an intriguing image
my bet... most people open it in a new window to get a closer look

even those who disapprove

m-a said...

Well, delete away if you'd like I understand, no harm to me. Good luck on the job.

gwadzilla said...

I do not think that my thinking that beautiful women are pleasing to the eye will make or break my hireablilty