Rants on Cycling and on Life


some things in life are just too absurd to be true
if these same things happened in a movie
well, they would be too stupid and obvious for anyone to laugh
when I got an email from an unknown lawyer asking for some design services I could not help but laugh vigorously outloud
judging from the last name and name this person was clearly Asian, the last name is CHEN
well the first name and middle names may be more than this individual felt like dealing with
so he/she (as I can not tell from the name) went ahead and Americanized his/her name, and calls himself/herself Kit
well, Kit Chen
thanks for making me laugh
this following definition was sent his/her way
not sure if the he/she makes the connection or intends the connection

Main Entry: kitch·en
Pronunciation: 'ki-ch&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English kichene, from Old English cycene, from Late Latin coquina, from Latin coquere to cook -- more at COOK
Date: before 12th century
1 : a place (as a room) with cooking facilities
2 : the personnel that prepares, cooks, and serves food

picture him/her in court...
the judge asks for a personal consultation....
"could Kitchen please approach the bench"
sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland!

after a quick GOOGLE
I find that Kit Chen is a name shared with an Asian female singer as well as several others


more wacky FLASH animation
it is funny that I put this stuff out there
it is funny that I BLOG at all
not sure if anyone is viewing
not sure if anyone cares

the links to different information send people away
but hopefully the ideas shared are positive enough that it keeps those few interested viewers coming back
here is another amusing piece of FLASH animation



there may be some truth to it

Life Choices: we all have to work (well most of us)

there are many paths in life
not everyone is cut out to work the basic 9-5
while others do not gel well with others in the work place
some of us just can not get out of bed in the morning
there may be those who think that they can create their own path
for some this has worked while for others it has failed

people have started their own record labels
many have folded and only a few have survived and fewer have prospered

restaurants open and close all the time
turn over is rapid

everyone thinks that they could do a better job than their boss
chances are your boss started their company because they felt that they could do a better job than their boss (if your company has that dynamic)

every drunk thinks that they could open and run a successful bar
every cyclist could open the perfect bicycle shop
every courier feels that they could run the perfect courier company
but there is more to the coffee shop than putting a cup of hot coffee on the table

a friend of mine from high school is taking a break from her pursuit to be an actress to start her own company
her company is a little different
she has invented a product
a hip and fun watch
check it out!

Ribbon Watch

I wish her well
she is having fun
not sure if she will make the Fortune 500
but hopefully she can pay the rent


a simple GOOGLE lead me down the path of THE INSIGHT
nothing magical
no mind reading
no telepathy
just a search engine looking for a set of key words
in their case...BLOG and ASHTANGA

it is mentioned once
and the reference is not to me
but to my wife

mystery over
and so is my day
good night

SINGLE SPEEDS: Instructions on how to make a single speed

Here is a link to a site that offers helpful hints to creating your own single speed with the bike you already have.
No need for horizontal drop outs.
No need for a Singleator

Keith Bontrager shares some ideas on how to make an inexpensive single speed

good stuff
especially good for those who want to make a 2 or three speed
(front chain rings for the 2 speeds)


(well, my single speeds)
this morning I woke up to a cold rainy morning
lisa was home from work today to attend an open house at a local nursery school
she handled dropping Dean off at Rosemount Daycare
I handled walking Roscoe and Brutus
it was wet and cold
my jacket did a good job of keeping my upper body dry
while my pants did a good job of soaking up every drop of icy cold water
it was near miserable
I took the leashes of the dogs and headed to the basement to put on some cycling gear for a short and direct ride into work
but I figured I would take my commuter with fenders
as I moved in closer to pull it out from behind the some other bikes I saw that it was lacking pedal, pedals that are now on the Karate Monkey
so rather than swapping the pedals back
I figured that with the ice and snow that still remained in the alley and the city streets that my old single speed which has clip on fenders would do me fine
I grabbed it
and climbed up the steps out the back
as I slipped on the icy walkway out back I put the bike down to offer balance and support
I could feel the rear wheel was flat
I went back to get a pump
it was late
it seemed best to just fill up the rear tire and head down the road
the tire seemed that it would hold air
not two spins of the cranks and I could already feel how obnoxiously small this 20 inch frame with its 26 inch wheels is for my 6 foot 4 inch frame
as I pedaled into work my mind went through numerous trail rides and uncountable commutes on this diminutive bike
it clearly did not fit me
the Karate Monkey had shown me the light
there was no going back
no need to cling to this thing
it does not work as even a bar bike at this point
the KONA served me well
it never knew it was too small for me

anyone want a 20 inch Kona Huma Huma Nuka Nuka A' Pu a Ah?
going cheap
ready to go fast
too small for me...what was I thinking

the internet is wild and whacky place
it is sort of like a party
and like a party
there are often many familar faces
and then there are also strange faces
first impressions are important
(not my strong suit)
as I BLOG on about this and that
I find that occassionally a stranger tunes in reads my stuff
if they choose, they can drop me an email
this is always appreciated
to me
a conversation via email or over the web
is no different than a converstation in person
to me it as if we are speaking standing face to face
like several meetings
several emails add up, contacts and connections become friends
this evening while checking my emails I got a message from someone unknown to me
my YAHOO account had tossed the message into my BULK MAIL
but, being the lonely guy that I am I scanned my BULK mail before hitting the mass delete button
sure enough there were a few fish caught in the net
or perhaps
there were a few sea turtles caught in the tuna net
I caught those sea turtles and sent them on their way (my inbox)
one of those messages was from someone at THE INSIGHT ( [just realized I am using Internet Explorer, on the MAC there are certain features lacking in EXPLORER that exist in NETSCAPE]
back to my point
so I check out this site, The INSIGHT
it is pretty, well designed, actually almost hypnotic
but it does not have any information
just links
or perhaps
the building blocks of links, links to no where
it was actually a tad weird
like I was John Denver walking into that white room looking to meet God and only finding an empty white room with a speaker in it
in any case
they made a deal with me
and as it does not seem like a deal to the devil
I will keep that deal
as they are linking to my BLOG
I am linking to their site, THE INSIGHT
but I am still curious how they found me
and more odd
how did the link me to ASHTANGA YOGA
guess I made mention of it in a recent post


CBS Story an iPOD user who was frustrated with the fact that his iPOD battery had gone dead and that APPLE did not make a replacement battery, but rather expected the iPOD users to just toss out the old device and buy a new one! UNLIKELY

this NYC based artist did not only get mad...he got creative!
He expressed his anger and frustration with a little movie.

iPOD's Dirty Secret

view the movie
read the story
get the wrapup from them
as it is time for me to leave work

Here is a very funny test...
this test will mean very little to most
it is primarily a DC thing, for those who were pre or post adolescent in the 80's
these people would have had to of been interested in DC Hardcore (local punk rock)

here it is

THE QUIZ: What DC Hardcore Band are you?

it is a short test
give it a shot
if you are part of this small demographic



It is a funny thing, this dance between the SUPERBOWL and the advertising that surrounds it. In most cases it is about the advertising. We like to think that the show Seinfeld was created to entertain us, but that would be as naive as to think that the newspaper was created to inform us. Well sorry, that is just not the case. The newspaper and the television are there in front of us to help buy product. The newspaper for example costs significantly less to purchase than it costs to produce. Advertising is placed throughout the paper acts to bring down the cost of the newspaper. The advertisers are hoping that the readers will view the ads (consciously or subconsciously) and then buy their product, apparently it works. After all, they are still doing it. The entertaining sitcoms that are on the TV in front of us are there for the same purpose. All those cute and clever little sitcoms with the hot wives and the dumpy husbands were created to get us to sit in front of the television so that we see the ads and thus go out mindlessly and purchase the product.

Well, the SUPERBOWL acts with an ironic twist. People tune in to see the ads. The ads are as talked about as the game itself. Sure this year Janet's breast is overshadowing both the game and the ads, but her breast will lose steam and then people will again focus on the issue at hands...the ads. I tunned in during the halftime show in a hope to catch the top ads, well, the halftime show itself drove me away. I did chance on seeing Janet's breast. My two and half year old son was in the room. I was not shocked, not angered, nor was I fearing that my son would have been effected in any way by this. It did seem a little out of character for Justin to be so "grabby," that just does not seem to be his style. That just goes to show you that just when you think you know someone, they show you a side that you never knew they had.


It took some time. Eventually I was able to wade through the ads on this site. They were clever and entertaining. There are my own personal favorites. Check it out and see the ads that everyone is talking about at the watercooler.