Rants on Cycling and on Life


ideas for city calming?

that center bar between the tires could help in certain parts of the city....
we have the guard rails on the side
if we just had the rail in the center maybe we would solve some problems

I know that my car would not have been side swipped the other night in baltimore had the road down by the train tracks had this sort of center of the road assistance

maybe some roads could have a retracting center barrier
to protect the parked cars on the way home from the bars
there are certain parking spaces that are known all over
everyone in every town knows a similar such corner
so... if we could install some retracting center barriers that fit between the wheels or all the cars driving through
so that drunk drivers can keep it straight when things get sloppy

it all adds up

it all adds up
all the good
all the bad

even the little things add up
each little piece of chocolate cake adds up
the small piece of chocolate cake adds up to be more than no chocolate cake at all

the same goes for cycling
a little is more than none at all

cyclocross has a set of demands different than mountain biking
not only is the terrain and the style of bicycle different
but the sort of expenditure and the sort of physical demands are also different

I count on any and all small efforts I attempt, to build into me being more comfortable on the cross bike
just as I count on my many small efforts on the mountain bike to add up

up and down curbs on the cross bike is as awkward and cornering or braking
everything is different on a cross bike than on a mountain bike
these are two very different animals
like a yak and a gazzelle

this morning I was able to get away for nearly an hour and a half
shamelessly drove to a nearby school when I should have rode
did just over an hour of a mixture of stuff
as the other 20 or so minutes would be zapped up by the short drive and taking the bike on and off the car

the morning was nothing from a training magazine
just guessed my way around testing vary things
letting what was available in front of me dictate my actions
a little set of sprints on the flat grass playing fields
some dismount remount attempts up and down the curb sidewalks
some dismount to stair run ups of various length stairs connecting the upper and lower parking lots
a few sprints up paved hills in the neighborhood around the high school
slow 180 degree turns on both paved and grassy surfaces in the parking lot and around the goal posts
tried to touch on some physical legs and lungs as well at the previously mentioned technical efforts
sprinting but nothing that caused me to drool, pass out, or want to get off the bike forever like a cyclocross race

it was a short work out
just over an hour
but an hour more of testing my touch than if I had not ridden at all today

the short cycling efforts were supposed to be the cumulative positive
while the chocolate was supposed to be the cumulative negative

I think....
then again it was Eddy Mer... oh never mind I would just be quoting a movie
that movie
le course en tete
a good movie to add in the inspiration for getting back on the bike or getting on the trainer
or just to watch while you stuff your face with some popcorn

took these... not sure if I ever posted them

time well spent

spend some time with your bike

it is important to spend some time with your bike
if you find that you are getting a little worn our on the same rides and same trails
try riding some different routes or some different places
work on your bike
working on your bike is good for the bike and good for the soul
spending time with the bike is good for your spirit and good for your riding

air in the tires and lube on the chain are a good start
these should be regular efforts that measure as actual visits
sometimes these visits add up to spending some more time on the bike
changing tires is a task just a tad more intensive than adding air
but the reward is significantly more substancial

the other night after I spent some time riding my specialized tri cross cross bike
I spent some time working on my specialized tricross
some simple stuff... some cleaning and lubing a chain and some air in the tires evolved into swapping out the rear tire

was trying to work a 35mm Panaracer on the front and a 32mm GEAX on the back
the smaller tire was not working for all the reasons
the tread pattern was also not working for me
the small 32mm Geax felt squirrelly
so I matched up the rear with the front with an additional 35mm Panaracer Cinder Cross
well... I think that is the tire

will ues the Geax on the fixie
while I am swapping tires on the fixie
which needs to be done as I have a rear flat
seems like I should set it up and swap out the bars
a friend gave me a pair of mustache bars
could replace the mountain riser bars
the mustache bars are not as wide as I would like...
but... it will be fun to mix it up
and well
it is more fun to frankenbike for free

the panaracer cross tire I have... which is not on the panaracer site
I got the cross blade... while the Mezcal is also narrow the more standard tread paterns appeal to me

starting get get more comfortable on the specialized tri cross
still not feeling as second nature as I did on my old Jamis Nova
time will bring greater comfort and fit


boobies on bicycles



stealth ride

no lights
stealth rider

amazing stitch work
brutus was well behaved as I snapped a few shots
again trying to multi-task

I do not use the camera at night very often
it does a pretty good job
if I knew how to use it
I am sure it could do better

a good day for fenders

blog topic

wanted to blog some words
used up my blog time and blog energy on images

can not recall my train of thought
but there was something about bending the rules and thinking it is time to bend them back
as the bending has not reached the point of broke


(not the most pursuasive article)

a break in the rain

stream of conciousness

these bags are showing up more and more in front of me
there are not that many of these funcitonal works of art

had been aware of them
had never seen one
now they keep appearing in front of me

I am getting tired of finding the link and creating the link
scroll down and find the link
or scroll up
as I have another image from the same neighborhood run in photo op from this evening when doing an urban walk wiht my dog


a sstudy: drivers overtaking bicyclist

some interesting observations from an article shared with me from my brother

-drivers pass closer to cyclists wearing helmets
-pass close to men than women
-closer in the am vs pm
-closer to cyclists that ride out in the lane
-professional drivers of large vehicles pass closer than other drivers

full study in PDF form


MUST READ: SUVers and BIKERS alike

A Cool and Logical Analysis
of the Bicycle Menace
(stolen from but saw it elsewhere first)

P J O' Rourke on Wikipedia

I think he was on Real Time with Bill Maher a few days ago

this morning....

this morning as I stepped out the door with my dog brutus for a quick walk in the woods I watched as the cars buzzed by

the cars were moving fast as a pack

within that pack was a Gold Cadillac Escalade with tinted windows and paper tags

the brake lights went on in the back as they passed

they did not turn around
I think that I am still in their thoughts
just as they are still in mine

I regret my actions of flipping the bird
does this driver regret their actions of running the red light, excessive speeding, and failing to yeild to pedestirans?

very cool bags


very cool bags


I like the recycle/reuse concept
especially when it actually works!


no... not another shot of heather graham... that is kerry litka

kerry litka

kerry litka gives some small bike tips for someone looking for a cross bike

not just another girl at interbike

missed the shot

trying to multitask
on the phone and trying to take a picture

somewhere in there in the middle tar caught some major air
somewhere where he was so close to the camera that I got nothing but blurr

tar got nothing more than air
I got nothing more than air

the sandwich did not enter the picture till a few minutes later
the sandwich was also awesome

images from the shenadoah mountain 100

joe foley has an awesome slideshow of photos he took at the shenadoah mountain 100

it turns out looking like a love story
turns out to be an action flick
yes... there is some drama

well worth a look

yes... I still wish I had been there

not a conspiracy.... basic economics

there is a tad bit of truth to the conspiracy
my sons love the toy
the toy alone gets the kids coming back
if the burger were only as good as the toy
dam you happy meal!

I do not take them to mc donald's
as I do not eat at mc donald's
not political
just cold turkey
as I loved it... loved it too much

in any case

it is not just a situation of an excellent marketing
but it is also a situation of economics

this morning I popped into a Bread and Chocolate
was in a tad bit of a rush
was looking to try something different for breakfast
the by the pound is the quickest
eash and offers variety
not as good as fresh
but more immediate

so, there I was in Bread and Chocolate
looked up at the on the wall menu
not sure if I saw any prices
an interesting hair to split
too high class to put the price next to the product
yet still on the wall
I can not recall
but I think that is what I did not see

in a hurry I ordered a breakfast sandwich
braced myself for the unknown

the total is in the sub nine dollar range
no drink
I have just spent nearly ten dollars for a sandwich that I will be eating as I walk down the sidewalk
excuse me... a breakfast sandwich nearly ten dollar

well... immediate was not part of the process
which would be fine if I were paying for setting
as it was a nice setting
in a clean and vacant sort of way

eventually my food came and I was out the door
to their credit the food was pretty good
and it was not just an egg sandwich on a crossant roll with extra for bacon
it also had rosmary potatoes on the side
okay.... not crazy over priced
but still more than I care to spend on breakfast

wonder what people get at mc donald's for that price
heck... add cheese to my sandwich and I would be able to use that same amount to feed three people at Mc Donald's

you get what you pay for
and many people can not afford to pay for much
lacking the resourse, forethought, or intention to cook/eat at home

I am not packing a lunch

super size me is a great film

this all adds up

something from

chris repeats himself

interaction between the man and the cyclist

a well worthy gwadzilla archive
about an interaction with a police officer in Mount Pleasant while on the bike
me on the bike
the officer in a metropolitian police cruiser

there have been other interactions with DC police while I am on the bike
some were very postitive
there were logical discussions and actual concern

then there have been times that have not gone so well
not so bad
often illogical, incorrect, and offensive
never got locked up
never had my bike taken
got tickets for things I felt I did not deserve
also got tickets that I deserved

road signs

stolen from a gwadzilla archive

this may have been around the time I realized that signs have lost their purpose

put all the signs up you want
it will not change behavior

if you want to change behavior
sometimes you need to change behavior


A MUST READ: City Calming Efforts in the UK

BBC News
Driving the Point Home

sent to me from a friend in California
thanks Gibby
I always appreciate your information
keep it coming

Gibby also sent these
and this
(okay... that is not from Gibby)

jokers in every subculture... even on the bike

there are jokers in every subculture
be that athletic, musical, or what have you

just because someone is on the bike does not mean that they get my immediate stamp of approval

when I am out riding or I am out driving
heck, even when I am out walking I have encounters with cyclists that piss me off

riding bikes on the sidewalk?
if you are under twelve years old... sure
older than that... take it to the street
sure you can take the sidewalk for a block to get to your house or the store
but be respectful of others
anticipate the actions of others
give everyone their right to their space and their safety
expect the unexpected

out on the bike?
on the bike path I have near collisions with other cyclists all the time

cyclist nearly hit me head on
some cyclists pass me too close without giving an audible warning
they may be my brothers on the bike
but... they are jokers
and I let them know this
just as the guy heavy on the horn in the SUV may have gotten my finger... the cyclists may get some lip
(the finger has moved from the bird to a wave... I have upgraded from Anger 2.0 to Anger 2.5 with the hand waving patch)

it is not me against the cars
I own a car
I drive a car
my family shamelessly has two cars
no... it is me against the selfish assholes who are ruining everyone else's day

be they liberals or conservatives
cyclists or car drivers
it they are enfringing on anyone else's right to a placid good time... they are pissing me off

when I ride off road I try to imagine that I am on the same trail headed head on
so I take turns and corners at a speed that seem rational
in an effort not to come around a blind turn only to find a dog or a small child on the trail

when I drive...
I treat others as I wish to be treated
usually my complete stops at stop signs and stop lines nearly get me rear ended as it confuses the ignorant drivers of the modern age
at the four way stops I usually get snaked by the car that approaches faster and fails to stop
as they too are confused by the appropriate behavior
it may piss me off... but I have grown to expect it

when I walk....
I watch the actions of those around me
anticipating the misbehavior
seeking eye contact before I start to cross the street
even if I have the right of way
as I have learned
people tend to be idiots or assholes
not concerned with anyone but themselves

common sense... common courtesy.... guided behavior

laws are not my thing...

the thought that it is illegal to play frisbee on the beach is a rational yet obnoxious law
the law is created because some people are inconsiderate while other people are out of control
if people used their proper judgement and developed some skills then frisbee on the beach would be a safe option

in heavy wind... why bother?
if you can not get the frisbee to your intended location and risk hitting the sunbathers in the area in the head... please don't bother

driving sort of falls into the same framework
people need to exhibit a little more common sense
for me it is not so much the speed of the cars
but everything that goes along with the speeding
the dangers that come from speeding and being out of control
speeding on a stretch of vacant highway in the desert is different than buzzing through a residential neighborhood or an urban center

I have tried going the speed limit.... it is obnoxious and causes road rage
so I drive within an acceptable increase
not as fast as the average driver... but not as slow as grandma headed to church
the problem is....
people have gone beyond a safe increase in speed
it has just gotten out of control

the rolling through the stop sign past the stop line is really my true pet peeve
as the intentional rolling through the stop line at red lights and stop signs is beyond obnoxious it is dangerous
if cars would make a complete stop at the stop line the world would be a better place
pedestrian traffic which includes little old ladies, pregnant women, and people with strollers are at great risk thinking that they are safe
even if the pedestrian has the right of way it is not safe for them to step off the curb
while the car drivers tend to only concern themselves with getting from point A to point B as fast as they can
never is the well being of other taken into account
a complete stop at the appropriate stop line would ripple on to effect all sorts of driving behavior
including speeding

I can not complete this thought
I think the point has been made

I am all for people spending more time being more considerate of others
when I drive I am very aware of my speed and my actions
I try to follow those old rules of "do onto others... "
it amazes me when I get buzzed by a car with a bicycle roof rack

if all human power people/athletes were to be more considerate of all other athletes...
that would be a start
if all moms and dads drove through residential neighborhoods how they would like people to drive down their street
if everyone was more concious of their behavior
it would be a much more pleasant world

off my soap box and back to work

scroll down and look at the pretty pictures

messengers who mountain bike


an interesting blog entry about helmetless commuting
it is not very scientific
but... I will not go into the misuse of statistics
as not being very bright and being a tad drunk will not help my ability to argue

fenty wins


fenty wins primary
good for fenty
I suspect this will be good for washington dc

but what do I know?


city calming... better for everyone

bike friendly roads in new york

a great article on commuting in washington dc
stolen from wash cycle

cars tend not to respect anyone
not themselves
not others
it is not odd that car drivers do not respect the lives of pedestrians or cyclists
they tend not to understand the consequences of their actions
as there are times when their actions kill themselves



in the upper right hand corner this guy is adding this page to his blackberry
like an image into infinity
maybe he will check his blackberry and see his image checking his blackberry

max's bag is black on black... the dc flag
paint the white house black
bag pricing

kevin dillard also had a sweet bag from pretty in pink

at lunch in dupont

max and cargo mike
cargo mike sans the cargo bike
max with his fresh and new custom messenger bag
that bag is nothing short of sweet

bryn left a comment with the web address for the custom bag maker
otherwise known as pretty in pink

tonight I voted...

dc had elections tonight
a big day for the adults

voting is an amazing sensation

funny how I walked out of that grade school gym feeling like I just gave blood
there should be more things in life that make me feel like that

maybe I should give blood more often

the primaries in washington are all about the mayor's race
or so it seems from my uneducated idiot perspecitive

the people in the senate and the house from washington dc have no vote
go figure

so... the mayor race is the main race for many reasons

dc is also strongly democrat
so... winning the democrat primary is pretty much also winning the election

the image does not really carry the positive emotion I was seeking
but... I think that may be a picture of my dad's arm

second chance

yes, I used that same profile image twice
but... shooting on fly with my bargain point and shoot
this is what I get
it is easier than the actual "camera"

roller derby?

roller derby on wikipedia

is roller derby for real?
was roller derby ever for real?
I thought roller derby was like pro-wrestling
but... I never looked too deeply into it

I am always jealous of the club names and the uniforms
on myspace I always see different roller derby teams in various cities

no time to ask

just taking some shots of a passing cyclist
sometimes there is no time to ask

on a lighter note

getting gunned down versus getting run down

well... this is DC and DC stands for DODGE CITY

the chances of getting gunned down are there
the chances of me getting run down are greater

I am active with the city on trying to get things slowed down on my street
very active....
this Friday there will be a "walk through" with all sorts of people from different agencies to discuss the problem with traffic in this area
although I will not be in town to attend...
all involved know my perspective
I do not feel I need to be there for them to see that there is a problem

my frustration is the fear that me, someone in my family, or someone on my block is going to get run down
cars not only run the red light, speed, but they also refuse to yeild to pedestrian traffic

my aggravation was ampified this morning

of course crossing the street both ways was not safe
well, safe after I yeilded to the red light runners and moved briskly out of the way of speeders
I grew up in the age of the coin operated video game, FROGGER is part of my vocabulary
once into the woods there was new trash
a shattered boom box
dam kids
then when on my twenty minute loop there was all sorts of destruction to various erosion barriers that I had created
logs over the trails that slow the flow of water and catch the fertile soil
creating steps
terracing the land
and keeping greater erosion from occuring
the destruction seemed senseless
it was unexplanable to me
my blood was not to a boiling level
but... after allowing the four cars that ran the red just moments after it turned red
I crossed
the fifth car.... well... their light had been red for some time
and their speed was excessive
for me to have to rush out of their way
well... they got the bird that was intended not just for them
but for all the cars that fail to stop at the light and slow for pedestrians

in the end
common sense and common courtesy are what I am really shooting for
since these people refuse to show such behaviors
the law needs to be stressed

I say remove the opportunity for the behavior
make it so they can not speed

speed bumps are an option
but the retracting spikes that give four flats to the speeding red light runner is still more attractive to me

thanks for reading
thanks for helping me evolve

lots of good advice...

the best advice shared

give a wave
not the finger

that should be easy advice to follow
as it makes more sense
nothing is ever gained through my generosity with the bird

will wade through it all and give it all a fair listen

I am still growing
my imperfect being fits well into this imperfect world
which is not an excuse for my actions
I am trying

(as far as the poop goes... I try to balance the scale where I can... but I will continue to walk my dog leashless in the woods which will keep his dropping out of harms way and out of my reach)
((yes... I know there are leash laws... thank you))

NY Times Article about Doping Cyclists

an interesting NY TIMES article that my brother sent me

a few former team mates of Lance's come forward and admit to doping

(the author rowed with my brother at the NYAC)

the price of security...

the price of security on the discovery channel

NPR: Exploring the Price of Security

last night I had the pleasure of catching the Ted Koppel special on the Discovery Channel
it was great to see this information put forward by someone that is not so clearly on "the left"

I love Michael Moore
I love John Stewart
I love Bill Maher

but to hear these questions and ideas from Ted Koppel a news veteran... well, it was refreshing
please... see if you can find the time to watch this documentary
everyone should watch this documentary
all people... blue staters and red staters should watch this film
it is informative and enlightening

bikes belong grant program

bikes belong has a very cool grant program

what a great notion... bikes belong.
more people just need to understand that idea
not that they need to be cyclists
but, that they need to be accepting of bicyclists on the road

i want to live... i do not want to die


the paradox of road rage

someone finds themselves in a dangerous situation
they feel as if their life/safety has been threatened
so they respond in a manner that increases the danger
taking the risk of their own life and others to a higher level

that is pretty much what happened to me this morning
(and many mornings before)
no... I am not talking about my short morning commute
I am talking about my efforts to cross the street in front of my house with my dog
which used to be dogs...
and is sometimes with my two small children

this morning when I left the house to go walk the dog I stood on the curb and watched up hill traffic speed ferociously past
as I waited for downhill traffic to get the double red at the top of the hill
once the downhill traffic had the double red I waited for a few red light runners to pass
then for the uphill side of the road to be clear then I crossed
like a game of frogger... I made it across without being squashed

got into the woods of Rock Creek Park
did a short 20 minutes with my black dog Brutus on a set of trails that never get so much as a glance from the National Park Service

once back from my walk with the dog I waited on the curb for the same formula
double red at the top of the hill and clear traffic coming up the hill
sure... I will cross if it is clear, but that is unlikely during rush hour
as this is a major commuter artery

I watched the drivers speed up the hill
looked into each car and imagined what sort of person was behind the wheel
there were all sorts of people of all races, ages, sex, and economic distribution
with the red light at the top of the hill
I waited for things to clear
the last few up hill cars past
the last few red light runners past
so I started across the street

as I got to the center of the street I saw a Cadillac Escalade come barrelling through the light
never slowing for the red
I continued and finished my way across the street
in a casual less than aggressive sort of way I issued the bird

there was no slowing or braking of the this oversized SUV
but once at the base of the hill I saw this gold Caddy stop and head back up the hill
without hesitation I went for the cell phone
9-1-1 send
this same car went past to the peak of the hill at a rational pace and turned back down
by this time I am talking to the operator
waiting to see if things escalated with the Escalade I talked with the operator
like a scene from Boys in the Hood 2006 the SUV with tinted glass rolled on past
never did I make eye contact
never did I see the driver
I did not see the race, age, sex, or the economic distribution of the driver
yet... my heart raced
immediately I regretted the issueing of the bird

humility and righteousness
when wrong... people should be humble
when right... people have a right to be righteous

I am not sure there would have been the opportunity for a discussion to make this driver realize that we were involved in a situation of ACTION and REACTION
it was his action of speeding and running the red light that caused my reaction
to this person... it may have been simply my action that was an issue

just as I was angered by the threat that this driver caused to me... my family... and anyone else on my block
I was then angered at myself for being short sighted
cussing and flipping people off never goes well
that is no way to start a conversation
although I am sure that this person does not want people speeding past his family on his street
this person may not be able to transfer the dynamics of the situation
as time passes it is unlikely that this person will retrace their steps
more than likely they are fixated on my actions
never reflecting on their own

this is their commuter route
they will pass me again
worse yet
they will pass my wife and children
maybe even my wife and children with my dog
there is the chance that this person may hold their resentment towards me an my flipping them off

it was foolish for me to flip this person off
it is foolish for me to flip anyone off
but... I am male.... I am rash... I am stupid
I never learn

time to let this episode go...
time to get on with my day...
time to get on with my life...


wet right now... should be fine tonight

no babysitter for the boys
I willl be working the grill and watching the boys tonight

who wants a hot dog?

pointing head on into one way traffic with confidence

timid on the cross bike

saturday night I swapped out the tires on the specialized cross bike
took off the road slick tires
went with some knobbies
bought a 32 GEAX for the back and a 35 Continental for the front
swapped the tires out
pumped them up with air
went upstairs to pour a drink and watch the tube
felt like a man who had just built something

sunday afternoon left a gap of time where I had a small window of opportunity to ride
got on the cross bike and spun around town

in my head I plotted a course to several grass parks in the district
some places where I had ridden my cross bike for practice in years past

as I worked my way through the city I tried to gain confidence on the cross bike on non-paved terrain
needless to say I was feeling shy
curbs were more than I was ready for
this early september cross ride was making more and more sense the more I realized how out of touch I am with the handling of the cross bike
good thing to get some practice before Charm City

did a few laps around a grassy field in Rock Creek Park that is usually used by dog walkers
not the heart exploding pace that cross usually inflicts upon me
just a mellow confidence booster
getting a feel for what the bike does on something other than pavement

each lap got faster than the last
no lap got fast

from Rock Creek I meandered through Northwest DC into Montgomery County Maryland just over the district line
rolled into Norwood Park
a park where I flew kites and played soccer as a kid
did multiple laps around the park
trying to mix some up and down with some off camber
still riding very cautiously
still not getting my heart rate up
never taking things to the point where I started drooling

after some loops at Norwood I was back on the streets headed into the District
as I played cat and mouse with the traffic
I looked at my watch to get an idea of my remaining time

there was still plenty of time for Fort Reno Park
having to gather the family for dinner at my dad's

as Friendship Heights blended into Tenleytown I passed and got passed by the same set of cars
I took the full right hand lane
even if this offends some of the obnoxious car drivers
no one is concerned for my well being other than me
so, rahter than letting cars pass me fast and close, pinning me between their car and the parked cars
I avoided the door zone
allowing them to make a pass in the left lane
a number of these cars made their fast pass only to jump into the lane close infront of my front wheel
there was the exhaggerated shaking of the head
even someone who yelled... GET OFF THE ROAD!
to which I had to issue the bird and remind him that he is from Delaware and not DC
and that he should go back to Delaware
to think.... a stranger from a strange town telling the locals how to behave

I passed each car just as they had passed me
if they had any sense
they would see that my taking the lane did not slow their pace

this SUV driver from Delaware passed me again... this time with his windows up
no more yelling at me
maybe his wife yelled at him
so I saved my lungs for the climb up the hill
but gave him the bird freely
knowing that I was turning off the main road and headed to Fort Reno Park along side of Wilson High School
to do just as this Delawarian had commanded
I was getting off the road

the terrain of Fort Reno offers a nice varried loop with a mixture of some hard packed, some paved trail, and some great rolling grass
again I did not feel inspired
again my confidence was low

the cross bike was not feeling second nature
did a few dismounts and remounts
but... was feeling so timid across the board that it did not seem important for me to find more spots to slow and stop as I was already going so slow

feeling somewhat defeated I finished up a few laps and pointed for home
seeing the clock I extended my trip for a few more minutes
trying to stretch my ride past the two hour cut off

got home
lisa and I gathered the kids and the dog
met up with my brother and his family at my dads for one of the last meetings at the pool

tonight I think I will swap out the rear 32mm tire for another 35
put the 32s on my fixed gear
although I do not intend to ride the fixie on dirt or for cross
I have been wanting a larger tire on that bike

pretty in pink


the title of this post is funny
it is like a vanity plate that tells the make and model of the car

today is 9/11/2006
nine eleven is a combination of numbers that means a great deal to the world

yes, today is the five year anniversary of the Attacks on the United States on September 11th

today is a day of reflection... a day of contemplation... a day of rememberance
remember where you were that day
remember how you felt that day
remember all of those that lost their lives on that date
lives have been changed... permanantly changed

a Wikipedia page on the attacks of September 11th, 2001

in no effort to be disrespectful I want to share a few links to some alternative information
by no means is that what I believe
at times I do not know what I believe
as these are times to question our government
remember the cover up of the death of Pat Tilman
or the effort to cover up the photos from Abu Grab
there is more information out there
we may never know the full truth

here are a few alternative resources worth reading/viewing
even if you do not believe the conspiracy theorists
it is interesting to think about

Wikipedia on Loose Change
Loose Change Official Site
Google Video

another documentary
Press for Truth

an anti Loose Change site... Screw Loose Change
Moose Change

Michael Moore's site
a movie by Michael Moore that every one should see; Fahrenheit 9/11

let this day be a reminder of the not just what is bad in the world, but also what is good in this world
love your family
love your freedom
take nothing for granted


links to the ditty bops

the summer tour for the Ditty Bops is coming to a close this month
it looks like it was an epic journey
bet these ladies may need some time away from each other and away from their bikes once they get home
but first then need to close out their tour at a two TOUR DE FAT

ditty bops tour log/tour blog
ditty bops in dc photo

ditty bops at myspace
great for a listen
(as I always say... I like FISH TO FRY)

ditty bops official site

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