My Mom.
My mom should rest at ease...MISSON ACCOMPLISHED!
I may not worship god in the same fashion that she does
but I do believe in god
today I freaked out as I thought that I may have an unrealistic relationship with him
sure I saw Bruce Almighty the other night
it was more thought provoking than blasphemy
but it did not explain my situation
then tonight as I rode my bike home from my dad's
I had the trailer behind me and was curious why cars could not treat me with the same respect all the time
I may not have a child in the trailer now, but I have a child trailing behind me where ever I go
so I talked with god
I thanked god for my family
I then asked god to protect Dean and his wild ways
then I asked god to let Grant be just as wild.....and to protect his as well
god gave me no response...
then I got home
there was George Burns in Oh God
the movie explains it all

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Martin said...

Hi there! I like your blog. I believe I'll have my blog in the future.
cya soon,