Fireworks... can we get a shared decision on this...


Same story every year...

summer starts and so do the Fireworks... and not just fireworks... but explosives and gun fire... it is loud... it is obnoxious... and these loud noises are a scary experience for many...

house pets are in a panic...  many domesticated dogs and cats are doing their best Chicken Little... I know my dog is looking at me like I am a fool for not taking cover... my companionship gives him comfort... but there are days where I can not walk him... there are times when he will not leave the house

this is the story about my dog's response to the fireworks... but this is just one story... this story is repeated with pets all over... dogs... cats... birds... whatever... all traumatized by the loud noises...

but what about people?

it is said that Veterans with PTSD are often punished by the sound of the fireworks 

sure... people can get out of town... or brace themselves for July 4th... but the surprised explosions from morning to night can not be prepared for... there may be many people in this city suffering the same emotional response as the dogs and cats


what can be done?

I am not sure... I am pretty sure that the people who are lighting the fireworks are not on the neighborhood forums to hear the neighbor's complaints... how do we tame this beast? no need to mention the law... most of these explosives are illegal... DC allows sparklers and spark emitting fireworks... but no projectiles and no explosives 

maybe next year we can work towards a solution... perhaps start the plan on January One...

not sure what will tame this beast... but I do believe that there needs to be a shared understanding of the effects of fireworks on the emotions of the residents in the neighborhoods... both the humans and the pets



someone should make a short film... part Warriors... part Escape from New York... part Breaking Away


some bystander at the Tour de France caused a crash because they wanted to display a greeting to their grandparents on the "tele"


this woman is on the run

she is going to be sued

she is going to be prosecuted


another site with similar intel



Jay Moglia... LEGEND!!! RIP Jay!


Jay Moglia...
more than just a messenger...
much more than a bicycle messenger...
more than a guy in the line stand...

Jay was a complex person...


cat owner?
you name it...
Jay was it!

role model

Jay rarely engaged my photo thing...
it was a "catch me if you can"
sort of thing
he was supportive of it
the artist in him dug it

jay always asked when I was going to do something with my photos

over the years I managed to catch a few shots...

but not that many
that man was on the move

Jay Moglia...
Heart Attack doing what he loved
road ride out from his Raw Talent Ranch

RIP Jay!
Jay Moglia Legend.

OBIT for Jay Moglia
another Obituary 

News Article about Jay's Passing

Raw Talent Ranch

and lastly...

Jay Moglia doing Line Stand for the Lobbyist on Capital Hill
Samantha Bee on the Daily Show

((photos from a gathering to remember Jay set ))


Bubble Gum...


Bubble Gum does not have the following it once had...

when I grew up there was a bubble gum war...
all sorts of manufacturers... flavors...

Urban Myths about spider eggs in Bubble Yum... maybe started by Bubblicious marketing department...

lots of people chewing and blowing bubbles...
just not as popular as it once was
or so it seems 

and of course...

we can bring it back to DC and Dischord Records
by mentioning Jeff Nelson and his gum wrapper collection 


Columbia House... my dad refused me the option to send them a penny for 12 records...


Columbia House
Who remembers Columbia House and that insert that was in every magazine and every Sunday paper?

12 Records or Tapes for a Penny!??!!
sounds too good to be true... perhaps it was

my father forbad me from this deal
as a small child I dreamed of this deal
I am not sure how many times my father saw me scanning the list for what albums I would request
only to be told that it was a scam...

but was it a scam?

as a teen I listened to all sorts of records
considered myself a "record collector"

when I left off for college... Columbia House was a freedom I was finally allowed
Columbia House along with piercing both my ears and dyeing my hair

but I did not get records... I got CDs

was it a scam?
not really... it was what it was... a business transaction
big win up front... then had to deal with the single record each month
a bit of a hassle

but really...
Columbia House gave me an opportunity to own and listen to so much music I would not have been able to experience on that level without owning the albums themselves

Columbia House was the perfect place to get greatest hits albums...
Steve Miller Band
the list goes on...
REM... U2... The Cure
so much worth listening to... but so much I would not have picked up had I gone record shopping

The Cure: Standing on the Beach
without Columbia House I would have maintained my ignorant dislike for the Cure
the same goes for Depeche Mode

bands that I knew a song or two from were introduced to a greater level

I need up with some CDs of music I did not want and had to pay 14 bucks for a 10 dollar record
but really... it was worth it

Columbia House was part of my youth... my yearning... and then my numerous joining and quitting only to join again at the next group house address 


WET TRAILS... DON'T... Just Don't

Wet Trails?

the opposite of the Nike Slogan...

Wet Trails? JUST DON'T!

it it rained recently...

turn to the local list serves... go to FACEBOOK... consult the experts...

MORE-Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts has a Facebook page as do most every trail system in the area... post to those pages asking the question... defer to the experts... ask the land managers...  pose the question to the people that volunteer to build\maintain the trails...

this notion of Wet Trails also applies to skills parks and jump lines... if you are leaving a rut.. you should stop and just leave...

short video on the topic



Underground Railroad Ride...

John Shack lead the Underground Railroad Ride from Alabama to Washington DC

Story in Bicycling Magazine


mention of Shack on the Gwadzilla Page




DCCX September 11th 2021

Trek Store in Wilmington Delaware...

Katie Compton\KFC...

yesterday my friend TJ was running up to Wilmington Delaware to swap out a new but damaged in shipping Trek eBike for a new\never ridden\never broken eBike of the same make\model...

having no plans on this day

I figured I would go along for the ride... or the drive... there was promise of a free lunch... thought it would be good to get out of DC for a minute... 

the drive was trouble free... 

when we arrived we were greeted by the friendly Trek Staff... they had been expecting TJ and this bike... it is an expensive rig... and well... they wanted to help to make things "right"

as TJ went over things with the mechanic I strolled about the shop's show room...

it was a nice space... decent size... nice layout... the shop was experiencing the same issue as most bicycle shops... there was a shortage of bicycles for sale... 

the shop was a nice set up... lots of breathing room... no clutter... not an excess of bikes or accessories... I like the area dedicated to local bicycle routes (maps and information)... the wall decorations were colorful and full of energy... it was a nice looking shop... much like most Trek Stores... as I think there is a bit of a formula... it most certainly is a formula... 

the exterior could use some help... the shop itself sits on a space that looks like it was once part of a Hotel No Tell... the building itself is on a busy road that is flanked by all sorts of commerce... long strip of commerce.. a taste of Anywhere USA... personally I felt the facade could have done more to alert the passerbys that this is in fact a bicycle store... maybe a color different than the surrounding set of beige buildings...  to paint just the road facing side of the building TREK BLUE could help... that is neither here nor there... the building has an address and we used that to find the location...

while browsing I made small talk with the various employees... "what do you ride? where do you ride? have you heard of Katie Compton?"

Never heard of Katie Compton?

Hold on... TREK STORE in the birthplace of Katie Compton and they do not know who Katie Compton is? I suggested to google the name and chase down some links... mentioned cyclocross... mentioned her local racing... her international racing... and her 13 National Cyclocross Titles... 

in my mind I imagined having a wall space dedicated to Katie Compton... it seemed like something that Trek and the Owners could easily throw together... it could be a slight draw and a massive conversation piece... 

if you are gonna have a photo of a person on a Trek bike... why not have it be Katie Compton?





after a wonderful fish taco lunch at Iron Hill Brewery we returned to the shop... at the shop we learned the repair was not yet completed... the manager offered up some loaner bikes... I would have loved to borrow some mountain bikes for a tour of White Clay... Fairhill... Iron Hill or whatever local stuff they had to offer... but alas no... no mountain bikes to loan... all they had were a few Trek eBikes... with little hesitation I accepted the offer... why not check it out?

so... I borrowed a helmet and an eBike and TJ and I took to a sleepy neighborhood that backed up to the bike shop and took a casual loop around the golf course... 

it was a nice little ride... but at this stage in the game... eBikes are not for me... I like motorcycles and I like bicycles... I just do not feel I need a motor on my bicycle... it seemed to me that the eMountainbike makes much more sense... if someone is looking for a car alternative... a standard motorcycle or Vespa style scooter would make more sense...

when we got back the shop manager asked about our ride... I simply told him that eBikes are not for me... then mistakenly I got into a conversation with a woman who worked in the shop... she spoke about the advantages... getting people out in nature and all the other things that eBike sales people say... it was an argument like many arguments... it was an argument that I had heard a thousand times before... a series of ideas that I do not agree with... an argument that does not sway either party in either direction... both the male and female store managers were not particularly fit... neither appeared to be cyclists... which is fine... but their perspective of bicycles was clearly different than mine... which is fine... and well... I feel it is unfortunate... eBikes are expensive... so... of course they want to sell that crap... I mean those eBikes... but it seemed clear to me that bikes are fine as bikes... and people are more capable than we give them credit for... eBikes are the bicycle version of a participation trophy...

I tried to be gracious... made sure to thank them again for the loaner bicycle... 

the eBike repair was finished... TJ gave it a quick test ride before loading it up and returning to DC to pass this bicycle of to its owner..

I wonder if these people at the Trek Store will consider the Katie Compton Shrine in their shop...

it seems like an obvious thing to do...

KFC... an inspirational athlete to all... but especially to woman

an athlete with class and poise

an athlete with a winning history 

it just seems logical to me to have some sort of space dedicated to this amazing (Trek Sponsored) cyclist from the town of Wilmington...

Trek Bikes Wilmington 



ah... I really have no dog in this fight... B-CC and its antiquated Mascot...


Petition to Change the B-CC Mascot

B-CC aka Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School has the "Battlin' Baron" as their mascot
it is a mascot that is reminiscent of the fighting Irish of Notre Dame
not sure how this mascot was selected
honestly... the school colors or the mascot were not that important to me as a student in the '80's
not sure why I would care as an adult

people care
people care much more than I do
people care
much more than I would have ever expected 

yet here were are...
this is what many are calling "Cancel Culture"
well... I am not offended by the mascot or the notion of changing the mascot
and as far as "cancel culture" goes... I think that there are many things that are ready to be canceled or at least modified\changed

my older son is a graduate and my younger son is a junior at Wilson High School in NW Washington DC
Wilson High School recently changed their name
Wilson High School was named after the former President Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist
and well...
Wilson is a culturally diverse institution
so... it was felt that the name was not fitting

they changed the name of Wilson HS to Wilson HS
keeping the name but altering the namesake
rather than Woodrow Wilson... now the school is named for August Wilson 
sort of like my DC street being Quackenbos...
they just needed a three syllable Q name... no historical significance to anyone name Quackenbos

so... Wilson looked for someone named Wilson who fit the bill...
or at least that is my take
keep Wilson Alumni happy with Wilson remaining Wilson
while removing the negative association with racism 

WaPo Article about Wilson HS Name Change


I have B-CC Pride from my high school experience...
but the Mascot or the school colors have nothing to do with that emotion
I do not bleed Blue and Gold
the mascot change has no effect on me


the Wilson HS name change is subtle but entirely justified 
and well...
I think it makes reasoning for valuable conversations while also allowing people to maintain their association with the Old Wilson and the NEW Wilson high school

DC PS has Served our Family Well!

Thank You Washington DC for being my home and for creating an environment that my boys have been able to thrive in...

as far as "cancel culture" goes
well... I agree that many things need to change
somethings are long over due!