Beach Drive in Rock Creek... a few days of carless paradise

the black and white makes it look like the 1920's

beautiful bikes from biomega

fixed gear rookies

fight like girls...

Monkey at Career

Don't be Duped by Dopers

mark.... or is it marc?


those shots taken in the rain

short ride in...

Pedestrians in THE DISTRICT

one more image from the winter...

some shots from winter

cross town push

more images from M Street

Obesity Epidemic? Fuel Crisis?

Public Service Announcements


Wakefield Trail Repair!

wrong way on M Street

New Dominion School

1200 block of 19th

nice boots...

Jim Rapp aka Featherhead

WAW# 2 Postponed Due to Rain!


pedicabs in dc

good time for my trail efforts

last night... and the night prior

jose improvising in the rain


strealing material again...

rolling down 18th Street

dirt rag article on dnf

bicycling magazine has a mountainbike section

not as scary as he looks... I think

mass. ave.

stole this from WASH CYCLE

Malcom BMX

need to drop more images in FLICKR

I Love 80's Music Videos

start of another week...

Cargo Bike picking up the mail...

another shot from Wakefield by Gary

Race Report: Wednesday at Wakefield #1 2006

Liberty Mutual Ad... a lesson in civility

another shot of cinderella

bicycle commuting in the news here in DC

wandering out of the lower 48th

while I am out plugging some blogs

sweating it out down in austin

more on wakefield... then onto other things

no FTP server.... file too big for email

skate and destroy

CSPC: Specialized Stem Recall

an interesting game....

a cinderella story...


Sue Haywood stops in to ride with the mortals