Obesity Epidemic? Fuel Crisis?

as I move about the city on my bicycle so often I am amazed at how many fat people are stuck behind the wheel...
and I mean... stuck behind the wheel
actually pinned between the seat and the steering wheel

sometimes when a car driven by an excessively fat individual fails to give me my basic right to my space and my safety, I wonder if they are spiteful of my being on a bike... spiteful that they are fat... and I am well... in comparision to them I am not fat... perhaps they are spiteful of my freedom
we all know that we love freedom
and that is no joke
I do love freedom
the bicycle grants me a certain sense of freedom and an awesome sense of freedom

perhaps I am giving car drivers too much credit for being that thoughtful in their actions
not just the fat drivers but all drivers
the are stuck in an idiotic autopilot where the default setting is set to dumbass 1.0
which often sets off ANGER 4.o, which I have effectively REMOVED... well... with a few remaining bugs here and there

when I think of this "obesity epidemic" and the "fuel crisis" I can not help but think that it is well over due that we take blame for our own behavior
people eat too much
people eat all the wrong things
people refuse to exercise
that is why people are fat!
I like to eat as much as the next guy.... I tend to eat more then the next guy
I too am not as thin as I should be due to my lack of self control and my love for endulgence

as far as the fuel crisis goes...
yes... it is a finite resource
but... people are not treating it like that
people continue to purchase ineffiencent irrational vehicles.... and not just the H2
people refuse to monitor their own driving habits... maybe they could being more concious of their actions
walking the short distances
shopping less frequently rather than everyday or several times a day
multi-tasking... doing an all in one swoop... dry cleaner... kids... grocery store.... park... then home

and maybe...
just maybe....
people could carpool
the math is simple on that one
if there were two people in each car instead of one
well.... we would cut our fuel consumption in half!
(roughly in half.... there would be a discrepancy caused by pick up and drop off of the passanger)

if the rising cost at the pump can not curb our addiction to the car.... I am not sure what will
guess living off credit
living above our means
these things make cost less of an issue
we bitch about cost... but we refuse to respond to it

while riding my bike today I had some observations floating about my head about fat people

you know you are fat when....
-your hands get chubby and you get celulite on your forearm
-when your socks are so tight that they cut off circulation to your feet and the fat rolls over the top of the sock
-your ability to walk has been down graded to a waddle
-your arms rest at an angle rather than at your side
-you are so large you can not squeeze between the arm rests at the movie theater
being fat happens before these points
when does it become too late?
is there a point of no return?
at what point does someone accept this as their reality?
I like my reality... and not through rationalization... through actual experience

okay.... here are a few more.... but more on the level of
your momma is so fat that...
-she has her own zip code
-she has been banned from the "all you can eat" restaurants in her neighborhood
-she can dress up as jabba the hutt simply by undressing
-she can lose her car keys for a week in between the rolls of fat
-when she sees her shadow she thinks it is the silouette of the michelin man

that is enough
I have so much respect for those that have gained too much weight and then lost it
I know people like this
I have read about people like this
these people always get my respect
especially since I know how hard it is to fight our nature
my nature being lazy and self endulgent

I will try to direct my life in a way that I never have to concern myself with anything more than just trying to keep my gut to a minimum
yes I would like to be more thin
but I am not obesse.... unless you believe the measures of BMI
I believe that I am healthy and that at this stage of my life my BMI has not measure of my level of health

as far as my kids go....
I will have to be concious of the direction of their bodies in the future
what they eat and how much they exercise...
currently they do as they see...
which means they are walking in the woods with their dogs, riding their bike around the neighborhood, and walking to the store or neighborhood restaurant rather than driving

it blows my mind that healthy and fit parents have fat kids
to see famous people with all the resources in the world having fat kids
with more fat parents... I fear that there will be more fat kids
man... what a sad way to go through life
waddling along
breathing heavy
unable to really enjoy some of the simply pleasures in life
seems like we could be able to control this "epidemic"

all the time I read bicycle blogs
so often I find that these guys are riding and racing when not long ago these people were sedintary lives
too much food
not enough exercise
these folks win my respect
I know with myself... I can not lose my unwanted pounds
I do not want to eat less
I do not have the time to exercise more
but I still want to lose this weight... but not willing to take the steps to make it happen

sorry if I pissed anyone off
I hate when I am on the plane next to some fat ass
and they try to take the armrest
I feel that they have less right
as their gerth is caused by their own actions
while my size is my height and shoulder width
fat hobits... keep off the arm rest
I will share it
but do not hog it
you hog it
and you risk losing it
sweating along side of me
knowing that the touch of their moist clamy skin will cause me to retract my arm