DC High Heel Races POSTPONED until this thursday

 these shots are not from the DC High Heel Races...

the DC High Heel Races are DRAG RACES!

this is an amazing event with energy not characteristic of Washington DC
if you have never been... you should go
it is a party
the DC High Heel Races is a spectacle
even if no one falls... it will be a trip!

DC's Annual High Heel Race

Recycle That Bicycle

Recycle that Bicycle...

Bikes For the World asks that you donate time, donate money, or donate bikes
this is a great organization
help if you can!

but... there is also the notion of "think globally and act locally"
there are people locally that could use your old bike

in the DC area there are a number of bicycle coops that could use your bike
but really... you may not need to go that far
selling your bicycle for a low price on Craig's List may get that bike into the right hands
asking around... offering it up
a FREE bicycle could change someone's life!

then maybe you could do more...
how about hosting a BIKE SWAP

I have hosted several BIKE SWAPS
the "bike swap" was an event where I tried to give families an opportunity to trade in the smaller child's bike for the next step up 
(for example... a child outgrows the 12 inch wheel bike... then they need a 20 inch wheel bike... and so on.. and so on...)
I had a number of kid's bikes in various sizes
people came with their children and a small bike
they got credit towards a bicycle purchase by bringing in their old bike
then got to leave with the right size bike for their children

there were also an assortment of low priced adult bikes for sale
the event also had a Kid's Bicycle Safety Rodeo


Third Annual Dead City Halloween Alleycat

yes... this is sweet... this is gonna be awesome
but... I am gonna miss it
as my Halloween will be a family affair and not a bicycle themed experience

Third Annual Dead City Halloween Alleycat

DC Bike Party

DC Bike Party

I also snapped some shots at the Halloween themed DC Bike Party

Double Parking... and its ripple effect

Double Parking...
what does double parking do to traffic?
well... double parking causes traffic
double parking causes congestion
there is the need for cars to merge when they should flow forward just to go around the double parked vehicles

there is a reason why Double Parking is illegal
there is a reason why there is NO PARKING/NO STANDING in certain spots during rush hour
how is it that the people who are frustrated by traffic do not understand their contribution to traffic?

Double Parking irks me...
double parking and parking in the RUSH HOUR No Parking\No Standing irks me
simply because it is an unnecessary evil
because these are the things that cause RUSH HOUR traffic... Double Parking and Parking in the NO PARKING ZONES cause traffic
it is the same people every day... penalize these people

what irks me beyond the double parking... is the double parking that occurs when there is a legal space within view
yet the driver opts to double park rather than driving to the legal space then walking the extra couple of feet

my thought...
DC Metro Buses... Taxi Cabs... and US Postal Workers and UPS Drivers need to park legally so that traffic can flow

issue a ticket with a small fine
but... if a person gets a 3 or maybe 5 of these tickets
well... that person loses there privilege to drive
that easy

as far as UPS goes...
well... they need to have a company wide discussion about their DOUBLE PARKING POLICY
personally... I could do to get my package one day later if the UPS Trucks had to park legally
sure they would be forced to make fewer deliveries each day
but... that is how they are supposed to behave
then that is what they have to deal with

this is UPS... someone's shoes from ZAPPOS! 
not an Ambulance trying to save someone's life

as tor this UPS Delivery person... SHE IS RIGHT ON TIME!

and another woman in the new UPS uniform
I am just glad that the man that delivers for UPS on our block wears the old uniform

5 Years later... not Vick's Dogs anymore...

Michael Vick's Dogs 5 Years Later...
not Michael Vick's dogs any more

do I have an opinion on Michael Vick?
I do not watch sports on television
so... I have never seen more than a highlight involving Vick
and dog fighting?
well... I would say I am against it
but I do not know that much about it

is dog fighting that different than horse racing or zoos?

Alicia Silverstone speaks out against a dog fighting App


FDR... when the election time approaches I think of FDR and what this country needs

at the FDR memorial in Washington DC
a tree has fallen... I bet it will be cleaned up before tomorrow afternoon

images from the storm...

a wide range of images giving an idea of the impact and the sociology of the situiation
photos of the effects of Sandy

so much of that was costal
not to be unsympathetic
I think that the people on the coast know the consequences of being so close to the ocean
it is part of their life.... their whole interaction with the ocean

the images of the NYC cops calling in the surfer
and the bicycles in deep water were some of the more amusing shots

lots of those shots are from NYC
here is Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland examining the bicycle friendly infrastructure in New York

the tunnel in Rock Creek Park

Beach Drive or whatever this road is called on this stretch of Rock Creek Park
ran into Ron Edwards of DCMTB 
we enjoyed the carfreeness of it all

riding through the tunnel often makes me feel like I am in one of those old Speed Racer cartoons

I would love to see Mucca Pazza at a cyclocross race!

how can you top a Mariachi band at DCCX?
how about Mucca Pazza?
that would be killer!

they were at New Belgium's Tour de Fat right here in DC
it was amazing... it was sweet
this year was the first year
next year is gonna be huge

you are not in my shot... but you are in other people's shot

so today I decided to take a short mellow ride on the flat pedal single speed urban cruiser
the old Karate Monkey is crusty and tired
not feeling its Sunday best
the front shock is airless and reboundless 

yet this was the bike of choice for the day
a great non competitive option 
fat tires and a small gear

early in my ride I ran into a team member of DCMTB
almost neighbor Ron Edwards was out taking a look at the water levels on the bike as well
although Ron was fitted out in full on riding gear and road bike
while I was riding with the camera

our bikes were as different as our motivation

but we each deviated from our plan
I packed up my camera and my desire to stop every 100 yards
and Ron dropped his notion of pedaling north and pedaled south with me

Georgetown... did you ever skate the quarter pipes at the canal in Georgetown?

in high school going to Georgetown was what people did
the bars were packed and so were the sidewalks
it was this weird masssive cattle call of people watching
not sure what we were looking for
but we kept going and kept looking

we also brought our skateboards and hung out down by the C&O Canal
down by the brick transitions
perfect transition quarter pipes
there may be a photo of me skating these by Les Morganstein
but unlikely he has time to dig through his negatives
last I heard he produced "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"

that said... the photos were of little or nothing
as I was not much of a skater
but... I was on a skateboard
and well... I was more young and more handsome than I am now
which would make the images interesting to me... at least

that said... 

lots of memories in this city
old memories and new

a few shots around town this afternoon...

all while catching up with someone who I met some time ago when taking photos for the blog

here is his bike with its WTF sticker


I totally dig Portlandia
here is a short clip about Carrie and her iPhone
clever... really clever

which now has me watching...
The Dream of the 90's

Lily Pons is now Lily Lakes...

this may be serious
not just for the race
but for the ponds
I wonder if they lost many fish or much of their aquatic vegetation

Gwadzilla Mention of NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race

Chris Clarke has a bicycle story from his home in Boliva

Chris Clarke, the President of DCMTB of the Southern Hemisphere is communicating from our offices in Bolivia
check out the photos and the words as Chris Clarke describes this high altitude mountain bike climbing on top of the world adventure

Chris Clarke and El Ascenso al Cielo por el Camino de la Muerte

it was a beautiful day for a bike ride in the woods...

this Sunday past I went mountain biking at Patapsco Valley State Park with Mike Klasmeier...

last week there was all sorts of chatter on the DCMTB Team list serve
all sorts of talk about meeting to ride a portion of the MoCo Epic
having done the 65 Mile version of the MoCo Epic just a few weekends prior I did not need to sample any sections
that event was only a few weekends ago and I can still feel some of the pain of riding a single speed at a good pace for 65 miles
this had me open to other options

great event... great day...
want to hit some of those loops again soon
but not this soon
so I looked and listened for other options

sure enough other options were presented...
MikeK sent out a message saying he was planning on heading to Patapsco
this sounded tempting... so I inquired for details
I asked... Single Speed or Squishy bike...
MikeK said squishy...
I asked where and what time

"8am at Rockburn... by the pump track"

this worked for me
as the day turned to night there were weather reports that there may be some precipitation from the rapidly approaching Hurricane Sandy
a message from MikeK on the list said... "already not looking good"
so... we had the set meeting time with an escape plan
but there was an unspoken understanding that the meeting time would be canceled if the night delivered any volume of rain
or if it was raining in the morning
it seemed that I was planning more for the escape than for the ride

I spent Saturday night spinning my Single Speed cyclocross bike in a cheer leader's outfit while wearing a Luche Libre Mexican wrestling mask with The DC Bike Party


the race must go on...

I need to take a look at things around the house
already getting lots of rain

FREE LIGHTS! WABA and Bike Arlington have great FREE LIGHTS!

I love the Knog product
I love the Knog advertising campaigns


some people are a tad put off by the Knog advertising campaigns
me... I am amused
really... their use of sex or sexuality in advertising is no more offensive than the use of hot talking heads on Fox News
only difference
I love the Knog product and I hate Fox News and its Republican PR campaign 

in the DC area we have various bicycle advocacy groups helping cyclists to be more safe on the streets
in addition to advocating for cyclist's rights... working to get more bike paths and bike lanes... these groups are also handing out lights... 

WABA and Bike Arlington have these great Knog-esque bicycle lights
the lights are free... but the replacement batteries will cost ya!

replacing the batteries on a few of my blinky lights
so I can be seen riding my bike home in the rain that is the outer ring of Hurricane Sandy 
yes... I bought batteries
AAA for the Petzel style headlamps

CR 2032 for the Knog style blinky lights

so... I rode a tall bike...

Phil Sano of The Bike Smut Tour passed through DC this weekend past
we had some electronic exchanges
in that
Phil invited me to a party being held in my hometown

yes... the other night I met up with Phil Sano of BIKE SMUT before the DC Bike Party
I missed his film screening the night prior
but I still wanted to make contact
we caught up like old friends

I asked Phil if I could snap a shot of him on his tall bike
Phil politely declined saying that people always take photos of him riding his tall bike
without hesitation I altered the direction of the conversation

"can I try your tall bike?
of course... go for it
"any tips? anything I should know?"
yes... it is a bike... you ride it

so... I climbed on and well... it rides like a bike
the only worry is how to get on and off

I must say... riding a tall bike is fun!
in the words of Will Smith... "I gotta get me one of these!"

a glance at the Bike Portland page and you can get a better idea who Phil Sano is and what he is involved in

brace yourself for the storm... or ride it out!

Agent Orange covers Pipeline

over the shoulder... behind the back... at night... no flash

the other night I attended the DC Bike Party...

and of course...
I brought my camera

shooting shots at night without the flash can be a bit of a gamble
a roll of the electronic dice
add in shooting moving targets
well.... moving targets with low light?
another variable to add to the complexity of the situation
then finally...

shoot night shots of moving targets without a flash while on the move
this has made for a low percentage of "good shots"
I anticipated "the blug"
I accept and embrace "the blur"
too much blur is bad
a little blur captures the action

played the odds...
usually trying to shoot two shots on each effort

I think I got some decent shots

that said...
I expected some of the shots to be crisp that turned out to be blurry

yes... I have a Buffalo Nickel tattoo

Inky Blinky something and Spot?

Pac Man in ACTION

DCBP Halloween Themed Ride... LAST SATURDAY!

Halloween Bike Ride presented by DC Bike Party
October 27th... met at Dupont

get in your bicycle powered time machine and go back in time to meet us there!

DC Bike Party Photos on the Gwadzilla Page


lots of hits to the DELETE KEY... shots at night and shots while rolling on the bike

some photos from the Halloween Themed DC Bike Party
more images on the GWADZILLA FACEBOOK page... LIKE it while you are there!

and then 
DC Bike Party on FACEBOOK

photo of me... by Deborah Goldberg

thanks Deborah!

I am sick of saying...

yes... I am sorry

I am sick of saying that I am sick of all the campaign ads

am I correct in hearing that Capital BikeShare is CLOSED tomorrow?

along with Metro? DC Public Schools? DC and Federal Government?
anything going to be open tomorrow?

will the real Georgia Gould please step over the barriers...

nice... but no
that is not Georgia Gould
not even in the off season

Georgia Gould mention on the Gwadzilla Page


Will Sandy rain on our Halloween Parade?

hmmm.... what should we expect?
do we need to brace ourselves for the worst?

what will Sandy bring?

but how will this effect our lives?
will we lose power... will Halloween get rained out?

Bike Smut Tour Bus... passing through DC... parked on my block

this morning when I got up to walk the dogs... 
my dog... 
my dad's dog... 
and my neighbor's dog... 
yes... THREE DOGS... I saw something... 

something peculiar... 


Mount Pleasant is not really Tall Bike Territory
in fact... Washington DC may very well have the lowest Tall Bike to Bike Ratio in all US cities
sure we have lots of bikes
but there is clearly a shortage of Tall Bikes and Tall Bike Culture

curious... I approached the late 80's Toyota van with caution
at closer inspection I quickly pieced things together

the Oregon license plate was the first clue
then the words BIKE SMUT written on Mitt Romney approved dog carrying roof rack gave me all the information I needed to better understand this vehicle on my block

sure enough the BIKE SMUT TOUR is here in Washington DC

what is BIKE SMUT?


or more directly to the source...

here is a BIKE SMUT video on the topic of BIKE POLO

yes... the BIKE SMUT TOUR is passing through Washington DC
but alas no
this information is a day late and a dollar short
the BIKE SMUT TOUR EVENT happened last night

Washington DC
Fri Oct 26
Sova - 1359 H Street Northeast

the bus will be rolling out of town and headed to Richmond for a show tomorrow night

I left a note on the windshield and will leave an electronic not in his inbox
letting Reverand Phil know that I would love to meet him and his crew for a beer if they are available

next time
I need to be in better contact with what is coming to my hometown