DC High Heel Races POSTPONED until this thursday

Recycle That Bicycle

Third Annual Dead City Halloween Alleycat

DC Bike Party

Double Parking... and its ripple effect

5 Years later... not Vick's Dogs anymore...

FDR... when the election time approaches I think of FDR and what this country needs

images from the storm...

the tunnel in Rock Creek Park

I would love to see Mucca Pazza at a cyclocross race!

you are not in my shot... but you are in other people's shot

Georgetown... did you ever skate the quarter pipes at the canal in Georgetown?

a few shots around town this afternoon...


Lily Pons is now Lily Lakes...

Chris Clarke has a bicycle story from his home in Boliva

it was a beautiful day for a bike ride in the woods...

the race must go on...

FREE LIGHTS! WABA and Bike Arlington have great FREE LIGHTS!

so... I rode a tall bike...

brace yourself for the storm... or ride it out!

over the shoulder... behind the back... at night... no flash

Inky Blinky something and Spot?

DCBP Halloween Themed Ride... LAST SATURDAY!

lots of hits to the DELETE KEY... shots at night and shots while rolling on the bike

photo of me... by Deborah Goldberg

I am sick of saying...

am I correct in hearing that Capital BikeShare is CLOSED tomorrow?

will the real Georgia Gould please step over the barriers...

Will Sandy rain on our Halloween Parade?

Bike Smut Tour Bus... passing through DC... parked on my block