two chairs or not two chairs... for civil people... there is no question... for selfish people there is no question... these groups will never agree

there are a few topics that people will never agree on...
Abortion... Guns... What to do with your parking space once it has been shoveled and you want to drive some place...

there is no logic or reason that will make either party any closer to agreeing with the other on any of these topics

the parking space issue is causing a FLURRY of anger and anxiety all over the city
just holding the opposing opinion agitates people

shovel your space
shovel another space
then hopefully their will be a space for you when you return

if you vacate your space
then you block that space
their will be no space for you when you get where you are going
just when you return home


DC Police Chief Lanier alerts people... "no one owns a ""public"" parking space"

Gwadzilla Parking and Snow

the vacant parking space is like this little puzzle game
for parking to work
there needs to be a vacant space for you to occupy
if you leave your space and then block your space
what makes you think there will be another parking space on your destination end?

it irks me to no end to see the chairs and cones all over the city
it the chairs and cones were not there...
a plow could clear your parking area
giving more parking spaces instead of spaces in between mounds of frozen tundra

more on this later

in short...
people are selfish and short sighted
if everyone did the generous thing
it would work for everyone

creating a SOCIAL CONTRACT that goes against the stated law makes for confusion
some attempt one method while others select another

people hold a few ideas from which they refuse to listen to the other perspective on
Guns... Abortion... and Shoveled Parking Spaces!

there is no discussion
each side has made their decision
nothing will change their stance
not the law
not common sense
not common courtesy

well... at least Vlad has found a use for these chairs!

ah... the Gwadzilla Archive...

these are some early shots from the Gwadzilla Page
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old woman who protested the war from a spot across from the White House has died...

Concepcion "Connie" Picciotto has died after 35 years of protest in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House

word from up above...
Connie is sitting outside the pearly gates demanding that God go down to earth and help clean things up before she enters Heaven

I know I have more photos of her than this...
White House... Protest.. Old Woman


ah... memories... I love this shot.. Battery Kimble 1985

Lawrence, John "the Mod" Coulter, Bleu Lawless, and me


the COVER of the Washington Post

Winter is Coming.

so... not having a coffee pot and too lazy to use my stove-top espresso pot

so... I buy these single serving coffee bag... like tea bags... but for coffee

well... I was intrigued
in search of a better coffee bag with the right combination of flavor and high octane kick I bought some of these from Trader Joes and then Safeway
it intrigued me
when I opened the one from Safeway... it was the same packaging as the product from Trader Joes

I wonder about the pricing?

none are that great
even the Starbucks version is tame at best

eventually I will move to a better option
but this is working for now
as heating water also allows for oatmeal in the morning as well

Snow Etiquette... not parking... snow covered trails and XC Ski tracks... learn the etiquette... share the etiquette... don't posthole someone's line!



in short...
you know it is wrong
don't walk in the XC Skier's Track


times like these try a man's soul...

yesterday I rode my bike home as the snow was just starting to fall
the road surfaces were fine
the drivers... well the drivers were their standard DC ASSHATS!
then I got home and got in the car so that I could grab my boys from their after school activities


it was like a Warren Miller Ski Movie
people were slipping and skidding all over the place
but somewhat unnecessarily

cars were pulled over with their hazards on causing traffic
sure... they were unable to drive... but could they at least drive to a side street?
inconsiderate fools

then the over cautious were just as annoying

60 thousand dollar SUVs 
but unable to drive their over built machines
to their credit... it may have only been one inch of snow
but in many places it was ICE


I was able to drive
got home
kissed the ground
had the kids walk the dog
apologized to my kids for being so stressed out

it sucked to spend an hour to drive 15 minutes from my house


Episode 18

The Cleveland Show

I have always loved the German Shepard... but the Belgian Malinois may be the new "german shepard"

I am almost certain that the White House is guarded by Belgian Malinois

Animal Planet has some good dog info



this morning I got out of bed... made some coffee... woke the boys... put some toasted frozen waffles and some juice by their bedside...  then left out to walk the dog

it was cold... dang cold
so cold... that my hot coffee froze in my mustache as I walked the dog
I alternated which hand held the coffee cup as I foolishly left out the house without gloves

had trouble having the boys respect my measure of the cold
they were hesitant to wear hat, gloves, jacket, but it happened

then the ride into work
the lobster claws were the right glove of choice
always hate how the mitten style glove prevents me from expressing myself to the cars that nearly kill me

arrived at work
thawing out before I start my day

it is brutal out there
stay inside if you have the choice


this news caster dubbed it a "Cold as Fuck" while on the air

ah... the new home

settling into the new home
an old house that has a few minor issues

there is some irony...
the old shed out back has an array of plumbing parts and tools that makes me think that the previous owner was a plumber
they why are so many of my current issues plumbing related?

slowly I will learn certain things

this weekend I met the boys' needs for "window treatments"
and what a SHAM!
I bought some Kenneth Cole curtains... they did not come as a set, but as one curtain
how was I supposed to know what "Single Grommet" meant
the photo on the box showed two curtains!

no photos were taken at the House Warming Party
which except for the mess and remaining beers
there is no evidence of it really happening

good times
hopefully I will get to have more people over real soon

below are some photos from the house
a peak at the living room and a glance at each of the boys' bedrooms

I am not certain what this New Belgium Event is... New Belgium's LOST IN THE WOODS event Saturday February 6th

#newbelgium #tourdefat #lostinthewoods

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods from the brains that bring us Tour de Fat

Tour de Fat
New Belgium


MORE Winter Party!

MORE Winter Party


another classic bike thief video...

watch this and laugh
bike thief video


gotta watch this again

I am more afraid of people using their phones while driving than drunk drivers...

man... people suck
not only do they suck at driving
playing it loose
but they are also more focused on their smart phones as they drive

Smart Phones turn average people into Idiots

when I see the cars around me... the majority of drivers have their cell phone in their hands or in their laps
at night I see the blue glow coming from their groin
and then this
that outstretched had with the display screen as their primary focus

this scares me
people scare me
the use of cell phones by drivers is disgusting
so short sighted
give it a rest... let the information stack up
if it is so important to you... give it your full attention
respond to those messages when you get home
if you need to take that call... pull over

do not TEXT while drive! 


HEY DC! Who is going to organize a Bike for Bernie Event?

Bike for Bernie

maybe the DC Bike Party folks can help to put something together?

Cover Songs... David Bowie covered a few songs and a few artists covered Bowie... what were the best songs on that list

Bowie Covers

I dig Cactus as Bowie does it...
then Stone Temple Pilots do a great Andy Warhol cover
and Nirvana
I wonder how many people know that The Man Who Sold the World is a cover
as well as The Pines\Where Did you Sleep Last Night (Leadbelly)

Cool Disco Dan...

I still have not seen the Cool "Disco" Dan Documentary

I am curious
how many of his tags remain
at his peak... how many tags were there
where are the remaining Cool "Disco" Dan tags?

and Dan

Rockets are Red has some 930 Club Posters for sale... not seen on their page... but here are some great graphics from Rockets are Red

Rockets are Red

and one more poster with a bike in it
the 930 Club posters do not load
but one of them is very similar to the above graphic
cool stuff!

too much IKEA in my house.


David Bowie dies of Cancer... yet all those iconic photos of him have a cigarette in his mouth... and he looks so cool


to the Tesla owner... in our competition this morning to see who is the bigger asshole... you won.

there is a correlation with the level of entitlement of a car driver and two variable
the cost of their car and the newness of their car

this car was new with paper tags
and well
the Tesla is expensive
the honking... the tailgating... the long lean on the horn
yes.. that merited spit on the windshield

you are a bully
in the battle of the car and the bike
the bike is going to lose
but like David versus Goliath
I choose to stand my ground

David Bowie... dead at 69... this saddens me... normally the death of celebrities does not get much more than notice, a nod, and a mention

But David Bowie...
this is sad

David Bowie Dead from Cancer at 69

he gave us so much
decades of art and culture

thank you David Bowie for being David Bowie

David Bowie on the Gwadzilla Page