Fire... who wrote this song... A B or C

RACE REPORT: 2016 Sister City Alleycat

Race Report... Race Report?

scratch that
too much time has passed
the sun has set and the sun has risen too many times to try and dredge up any details from the Sister City Alleycat that occurred not this weekend past but the weekend before that...

yet... I have compiled these images and a few links

I will throw down a few words relating to some of the images

2016 Sister City Alleycat DC\Adelaide Alleycat III on Facebook

Race Report: 2016 Sister City Alleycat DC\Adelaide Alleycat III
video of me prepping for the race
not much to see... just toying with the iPhone camera

Paul snapped some shots from the Sister City Alleycat
thanks Paul
your shots are solid
totally dig your documentation of the DC Cycling Culture
mention of Paul on the Gwadzilla blog
my earliest encounters with Paul were at the DC Bike Party
DC Bike Party on the Gwadzilla Page
below are some shots of Paul in action

I raced the whole event with a backpack filled with various supplies
water\beer\snacks\multi-tool\pump\spare tube\patch kit
a full change of clothes

I do not get paid for chamois time
when the race is over
I want out of my sweat soak bicycle kit
so... I lug a full change of clothing including shoes with me for the duration
absurd? maybe

some shots from Colony Club
the last "check point" at the race
also the location of the after party
ping pong table was swapped for GOLD SPRINTS

the race was short and sweet
only 5 or so check points... completed in less than an hour
early on I formed allegiances with Bruce
well... I tagged along with Bruce and Bruce did not do anything to shake me
Bruce and I finished in the 2nd and 3rd spots just behind Gabe


good times for sure

Bruce and I trying to be "sexy" as a task at the 19th Street Check Point
Here I am paying Chris' entry fee
Chris aka THC: Totally Hard Core

The Alleycat Rat Pack!
I know some of these kids from Mount Pleasant and from them being the same age as my older son Dean
good to see the new breed out on the bike
hope they are being careful
hope they know what they are doing

Kevin Dillard being Kevin Dillard

these are some of the best shots from the day
I am not sure why
but I do enjoy the whole camera thing
it has become part of who I am

Video by DC Compass about the Alleycat

was hanging with this dude Bang
we ended up swapping lenses
Bang had a wide angle lens that I threw onto my Canon DSLR
it was fun to toy with the technology

I want to go FISHEYE!

Bansai Museum at the National Arboretum... we rode our bikes... the journey was the destination... but really... it is an awesome destination

the weekend is behind us
it was beautiful
Sunday being even more beautiful than Saturday

it was a forced march
a forced march on bikes
it can be tough to rally the troops
there was resistance
I ignored all pleas for alternate activities
I had a plan

 had Dean return in the AM from his sleep over with his rowing buddies
allowed him to stay for pancake breakfast and then head home on his bike
pulled Grant off screens
yes... Grant had pick up soccer as an option, but we had not learned that until long after the meet up time

the bike ride was the best for all of the above
I lubed chains and pumped up tires
made sandwiches and packed an assortment of snacks
rallied the boys to suit up to ride

then we meandered our way through an unfamiliar part of the city to get to a place that I had only previously approached by car

The National Arboretum


How to pronounce bonsai in American English


Rick Rubin... Rick Rubin just produced Justin Beiber... that is why his latest hit is so listenable... but what about Rick Rubin's humble beginnings?

Rick Rubin Visits his NYU Dorm

an amazing history
what has Rick Rubin touched?
you may recognize it... it turned to gold

now watching this...
Zane Lowe meets Rick Rubin
I am not sure who Zane Lowe is

Joe Strummer and the Clash cover Redemption Song

who has Rick Rubin produced?
here is the list

DOPE the Movie... on Netflix... fun little film...


Zoe Kravitz is in it...

Has Uber changed?

#Uber #taxidriver #idiotsandassholes

When Uber first got onto the scene it appeared that the Uber drivers had a little more sense than taxi drivers...

Now... I see Uber drivers doing the same shit that Taxi Drivers do...

I think it would be nice if they drove in a civilized manner... unlike the DC cab drivers

when I order a cab it frustrates me how they drive
I get anxious with their sloppy driving style
it seems that they are trying to satisfy my need to get someplace quickly... when really... I want to get their efficiently and safely

I prefer the logical driver who respects the law and those around me
at one time... I thought the Uber drivers were on that mission

maybe not so much now

idiots and assholes

Thievery Corp... See I... and Ukulele... three things I need a little more of in my life

need to catch Thievery Corp next time they play in DC
definitely need to start headed to ESL on Wednesday Nights for some SEE I Action!
I need to strum my Ukulele more
no... I can not play... but I can try

Thievery Corp See I and Ukulele

I bought a house... yet I am still curious about how things are looking around the city on Zillow

curious... but not curious enough to open the emails or toy with the application

Kevin Dillard has posted his photos from the DC's 2016 Sister City Alleycat this weekend past....

Kevin Dillard of Demoncats has put his photos up for the world to view
Kevin Dillard on Facebook
the OFFICIAL Demoncats Page

above is Vlad

long time urban cyclists
long time messenger
long time wrench
Suave aka Peter

what to say about Dave?

Bruce then Allen


two shots of me...
thanks Kevin!