no demons... just some gremlins and a boa constrictor

no demons
just gremlins and a boa constrictor

no demons
I did not have mid-week butterflies
I was not crippled by pre-race anxiety
no demons... no time for demons
I was on full dad duty with my wife in california
the race was a bit of an after thought

my lack of focus on my race machine nearly crippled me
the specialized cross bike did not make it to the pits
the rear frogleg went on real pretty
the shimano brake came off the fork taking the brake post with it
while the jamis nova got little more than some lube and a turn of a screw a limit screw since charm city

at ed sanders as I got ready to pre-ride the course I felt some play with the left pedal
I checked the cleat
the cleat was tight
I checked the pedal
when I went for the pedal the crank arm nearly fell from the bike

no pre-ride
my focus was on getting this crank arm fastened on well enough to race

things tightened up nicely enough

things were working well enough in the race
I avoiding the red zone
I was not feeling like testing my personal limits
I was racing cross with the notion of pace... cross is not about pace... cross is about over extention
while pacing myself through the race I hit a bump that sent my handlebars tilting down
which is fine... the Paul's cross levers were fine for topbar braking
but I was getting comfortable on the hoods

gremlins had been messing with my bike
everything was coming loose
I was certain my seatpost was going to slip before the race ended
but that did not happen... I has stared with it already low enough

what the gremlins were doing to my bike was as difficult to contend with as the what the boa constrictor was doing to my body
somehow a boa constrictor had gotten inside my body before the race
early in the race this boa wrapped itself around my lower spine
through the race the boa started gripping tighter on my spine
slowly getting tighter
slowly getting a grip on more of my spine

with all my complaints it was an excellent day on the bike

I stayed out of the red
I avoided getting cooked on the first lap
I worked the course with a little engine that could mentality
rather than el borracho running with the bulls

the course was as beautiful as the day

my boys were there with my dad cheering me on at different parts of the course on each lap
I was passed by all sorts of racers and did not manage to hang with the racers who I usually find myself surrounded with at such events

yes... I am the size of two cross racers
no... I am not making excuses

enough on this
it is late
I am going to be
many pictures to play with later this week

jbv coaching

jbv coaching
creating sandbaggers
one cyclocross racers at a time

jbv coaching

of course this is a joke

chris mayhew got a kick out this idea when I met him in the parking lot
chris is doing well with his C3 boys
not sure who he coaches other than fatmarc and nystrom
the results with these two definitely says something
not about sandbagging... but about coaching

I am not calling anyone a sandbagger
especially after feeling so bad at Charm City for asking Roger Masse if he gets his sand before or after the race
today Roger doubled up... raced the 35+ A and 35+ B

apparently chris kicked ass in his race as well

not my best collage... but some of the best riders

not my best collage effort
but some of the best riders in the area

betsy is having an excellent season
well... maybe it would be fair to say that betsy is having an excellent ride
just as gunnar is also having an excellent ride
it is not about the season

these two love to ride
these two love to race
these two race very well
these two race very well very often

their passion for cycling is only beaten by their positivity
or so it appears from across the parking lot or from the grandstand

these two capture the spirit of the day
both betsy and gunnar raced in a fifty mile mountain bike the day prior
this really needs not be mentioned
the back to back race weekend and all the travel that surrounds such an effort is part of their standard weekend routine

that commitment in itself take a great effort
to perform at the level at which these two perform at... well... that takes more than effort... it takes passion
these two are passionate about the bike
these two are passionate about bicycle racing

it is good to witness positive people with passion
they are good
they can show others the path

bummer... no kevin dillard shots from the ed sander's event

no kevin dillard shots from the ncvc ed sander's cyclocross event

this is not exactly velo photos
but... kevin did take my camera for a test drive for a few shots

just as kevin could take better pictures with my camera
someone could cook better than me with my pots and pans

my brother fighting it out with the elite

my brother fighting it out with the elite crowd at the ed sanders memorial cyclocross event hosted by ncvc

cyclocross has become so popular that they are trying to restructure the classes

they split the 35+ category into A and B
the 35+ Masters line up and race with the 45+ Masters and the straight up Elite Men

it is an admirable step

the duration from 45 minutes to 60 minutes of cyclocross is a step that not many of us are willing to take
chasing down the big dogs is a task above most of us

good race out there

I was able to stay today with the aid of my father

my wife was out of town and I was not sure if racing was in the cards for this weekend
but my dad was willing and able to watch my two boys
the notion of heading out to watch me race with the boys then staying for the lil belgian race was appealing to him
staying to see my brother race was not an option
11-2 is a long day for a couble of kids under six to hang out and watch cyclocross
11-2 is a long day for a grandpa to chase around his grandkids

my dad was good enough to take the kids home while I stayed to watch the elite race

I rang my bell
I took some photo graphs
I yelled out cheers to passing racers
none of these cheers made any sense
my yelling at cross races is like my comments on blogs
my comments on blogs are like my blog entries
my blog entries occur without proofing
my yelling at passing racers occured without proofing
maybe I should save my voice and just ring the bell

the spirit of the day at the ed sanders memorial cyclocross race

the spirit of the day at the ed sander's memorial cyclocross event

ray charles could have pointed a camera in any direction to have captured the spirit of the day at the ed sander's memorial cyclocross event

the intensity in all the classes was only matched by the comaraderie

right now cyclocross has an energy that is nothing short of positive
it was not long ago that cross was considered a place you could go to laugh at yourself
now people are starting to get serious with cyclocross
yet it is still very much fun

the images above are from the lil belgian cross race that the folks at NCVC hosted for the kids today
the image plays out the story of the day no different from the perspective of the adult racers

anxiety was broken with prerides and final checks on the bike
there was some confusion at the line why some people are getting call ups while others are not
there are some games of cat and mouse
the course gets more fluid after a few laps
barriers get more difficult as the race progresses
the competition creates comaraderie

after the race strangers become friends as the share in the excitement of the day


a few snapshots

a few snapshots from the main street in mount pleasant
once again
pictures of nothing are pictures of something

the street and its storefronts are always changing
not always for the better

a churches chicken that did not serve my needs took a sad turn into a pay less shoe store that failed... which is now a grocery store
an okay grocery store that is a bit more than a bodega
but I was satisfied with the bestway as my local grocery shopping option
everyone has their favorite

usually the favorite evolves from proximity or convenience
the bestway is pretty okay at having what I will need


neal pollack


stealing from other blogs? no sharing informhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifation

here I am stealing from other blogs again...

but I like to consider it sharing information

just turning a friend onto something that I find to be interesting or inspiring
always trying to grant credit where credit is due
although I can sometimes forget the place where I first find this stuff

this was found at goclipless

while it was originally posted here
graham stole it from somewhere himself
I forget where

apparrently that bicycle porn video is posted on the goclipless b sides page
along with some mention of a Joy Division movie

bike porn... the movie

The Pornography of the Bicycle
well worth a look
you need to scroll down to the link and click things to make it begin
this may not be suitable for work
as there are snippets of actual porn in there
wonderful as these snippets are
they may disturb those around you

thanks cole for the link

bicycle theme tattoos

squirrel has asked me to snap some shots of bicycle theme tattoos

squirrel's bicycle theme tattoo gallery
I need to try and hook a brutha up!

I did see some images from the DC cycling culture...
aiden, maggie, and marcia were all represented in his bicycle slideshow



yenching palace closed

yenching palace closed
I hope they had a party the last night they served

this place is said to have some history
some history that ceases to continue as of 2007

I wonder if DCist blogged about the closing of the Yenching Palace
I wonder if they ever put up a piece about the closing of Candy's Hardware

Thai Room...
Thai Roma...
that nameless Chinese joint that was at 7th and Penn in Southeast
dc institutions
but these are old DC
a DC long before me
a DC that I just got to see before it ended

yes... a gwadzilla favorite.... cargo mike with his cargo bike

a gwadzilla favorite
cargo mike with his cargo bike

it was seeing the unusual cargo trailer that initiated the thought of taking photos for my blog
then through seeing the photos of bicycle bloggers from all over the country and all over the world
I thought... I like to see everyday alaska bicycle life, everyday colorado bicycle life, maybe people want to see everyday washington dc bicycle life

boys will be boys

boys will be boys...

as much as we may love content
there is something to be said about a little mid drift


you will go for the content
you will stay for the SMUT
okay... bike porn

here is a list of tips to getting a new bike
we can all use some material for the arguement
even if we are just argueing with ourselves

more from the copenhagen girls on bikes page


a great page with some wonderful photos

I would love to be a fly on the wall to watch these photos get taken
one can only imagine that a subject takes the photographer as a creep from time to time

I know from personal experience not everyone wants to have their picture taken

it was awkward... I almost felt bad

it was awkward
I almost felt bad
but I had to do more than satisfy my curiousity
I had to follow my instincts

the other night in dupont circle on my way home from work I saw a familiar bike
well... I saw what appeared to be a familiar bike
so I rolled past and tried to capture a closer look

like some weirdo freak I made a second loop around the fountain
got a better look...
confirmed the make and model
all the way down to the special order disc brake option
could not find the stickers that would confirm this uncommon bike was in fact my wife's
no we did not register the bike...
I do not believe in registering bikes
I had put a few reflective kryptonite stickers descreetly on the bike stickers put there in a way that they look like they may have come with the bike
I could not recall the exact places but nothing jumped out at me
stickers can be removed

I rolled past no more than ten feet
then I stepped off my bike and awkwardly approached this stranger
I asked her if I could see her bike and I explained why
she was helpful and friendly
through the short exchange she let me flip the bike and snap a shot of the serial number
I thanked her
we parted ways
I was genuine but not apologetic this person was still a suspect

called home and lisa scared up the information
the numbers did not match
in our short exchange I learned that this was the bike that was seen in my neighborhood
that her friend had picked it up to do some adjustments
a story that I had heard before but was skeptical of

the serial numbers did not match

I appreciated the candid interaction
she was very comfortable with the situation

city bike... not city bikes


city bike talk on wired



MAKEZINE all sorts of DIY sort of stuff this is the archive of DIY Bike Projects
this is a piece on making a single urban hipster style

trike on abc

trike on abc news


excuse me... let me run up and put a camera in your face

this is a case where I have a two second interaction with someone as they approach a red light and stall
I snap a few shots and exchange a few words in the short time before the light changes
the light changes
the exchange ends

ran into max as I was rolling around at lunch time

ran into max as I was rolling around at lunch time

max had a second for a hello and a second for the camera

velo photo images from the charm city cyclocross 2007

jonathan from the family bike shop

gotta love that kit!
if it were reflective I would consider it!

velo photos

it has been several days since charm city

it has been several days since charm city
there needs to be a transition
today is wednesday
the middle of the week
a time where people stop looking at the weekend behind them and start to concentrate on the weekend ahead

the results came out from the organizers of charm city
MLK photos posted some solid images from the day... but was too busy racing the Master Bs to take photos of the Master Bs
and people have made blog postings
multiple blog postings

just as I have hunched over the computer reading blogs, typing blogs, looking at images from this weekend past, creating images from this weekend past I am sure that Kevin Dillard is cramming some computer time into his free time

Kevin had to recover from his race on Sunday then go to work on Monday
there are certainly all sorts of images to download
then he will need to wade through the images and toss aside the bad and center in on the good
after that Kevin will run some levels and maybe some effects on the image
these are the steps that separate me from the photographers
I just take some snap shots and create a collage
the photographers do their photo thing
I do my photo thing

this has me wondering... has kevin dillard posted any images on Velophotos.net yet?
if not... I can alwyas check out his Mary Jane shots
even if he did capture a wicked double chin on his shot of me
that is nearly as tragic as centering in on my bald head

sure enough, velo photos are up!
once again... kevin dillard flexes his muscle
thanks kevin
your contribution to the cycling culture is greatly appreciated!

that shot is of Paul Incognito
a good guy
a member of the cult that I know of as THE DELAWARE CYCLOCROSS COALITION OF DELAWARE
we rode a few laps around each other
I felt good about hanging close to him throughout the race
he had these burst of energy that kept making me think I would not see him again
but I managed to float around his pace till the end of the race

finally... some solid shots with max

finally some solid shots with max

I have snapped photos of max many times over
but this is the first time I feel like I caught a few good images
people are often curious about the process of how these photos happen

max is someone I have come to know over the years
more through mountain biking and around town than just the photo thing

so I can approach max and if he has a second he stalls for the camera

I am very pleased with the quality of the build that max did for me on the jamis nova cyclocross bike


results from charm city?

edit to this post from this morning where I bitched about my fear that there would not be a posting of the complete results from the Charm City Cyclocross event of this weekend past


once again
thanks to everyone who contributed to the Charm City Cyclocross Event
it was at party
a heavy breathing vomitting on the grass sort of party
my kind of party!


now... how can we get Dillard to post his photos!?!?!?!?

time for me to register for NCVC's Ed Sander Event of this approaching weekend


still buzzing about charm city

I am still buzzing from charm city
I am most certain that there are many others still buzzing about charm city
sure enough chris the man with a blog that has three different names is buzzing about his buzz on his blog

well worth a read
mojo working by chris at the blog with three names

tim faia racing cross in colorado

tim faia racing cyclocross in colorado
this image is a few years old
but I do not think that tim has aged any since that day

tim faia blog

john calgiano blog


just got an email from tim
tim also shared the cable adjustment to eliminate the chattering front brake issue

several years ago at Monkey Hill I worked the pitts for TIm
he never made a bike change
but I had fun feeling like I was part of the team

Chatter and Carbon Forks...

in traveling the world of the blog I stumbled on Jared's page

Does your lightweight carbon fork stutter?

it contained a link to the old wiseman Sheldon Brown
honestly... I am not so bright
such explanations escape me
I will just change my yoke length

that photo was taken by Matt Donahue of DCMTB at the NCVC race last year

rolling through dupont in the morning...

rolled into work with the camera around my neck
snapped a few photos of the cyclists around me

2001 National Courier Championship Champion

this is frank
I remember frank was once super fast on the bike
fast on the city streets
fast as a messenger

frank won the 2001 National Courier Championships on this bike

I think frank also dabbled in mountainbiking as well

I bet he is still fast
even if racing is not part of his routine

norton usa?

norton usa?
I had no idea



lil belgians at charm city

photos from charm city by MLK Images

at the Charm City Cyclocross Event in Baltimore this weekend past there was a lil belgian's race for the kids

if you were to scale the course for the kids against the scale of the course for the adults
the kids had a much more difficult course

the barriers were proportioned to the size of the children
but the weight of a child's bike compared to a child's body weight does not quite match up

the double sand pits were the same depth

the hairpin turn around the tree was littered with acorns over exposed roots

the course was brutal

but... the kids attacked the course like little soldiers
there were no complaints

both my three year old son Grant and my six year old son Dean were involved in the Lil Belgians Race
Grant had better success than Dean
I think Dean burned out from his 16 warm up laps

special thanks to Marc and Chris for throwing this together
to run this race after stepping off the race course themselves is a great show of their level of contribution to the sport

thanks guys
we had a great time
me and the whole family
the boys had a wonderful time even if the course was brutal

taking the family is a joy
but I must admit
it is tough to get focused on the race when I am using all my energy breaking up the endless fights going on in the back seat

NY TImes Article on bicycle touring when traveling

Kirk of Team Jelly Bean sent me a link in the NY TIMES

forget the Vespa
make your two wheels a bicycle when traveling in Rome

Who is Patrick McHenry?

Who is Patrick McHenry?

does this Patrick McHenry character know we are in a fuel crisis?
does this Patrick McHenry character know that there is an obesity epidemic?
does this Patrick McHenry Character know....
Patrick McHenry don't know diddley!

watch Patrick McHenry on YOUTUBE!

there are options to the 7 person SUV for the single person traveling to work
the bicycle is not an option for everyone
but... the bicycle could be the option for more people

there is also car pooling and public transportation

and well....

some people could even walk

centerfold material...

centerfold material
mr. september
fold out page
staple in the navel

velo photos

baltimore sun article on charm city


neither here nor there

I know it is neither here nor there
but it is no different in the west than it is in the east
they think they are right but they are wrong
this story could be in DCist
as it turns out it is in LAist

cyclist and public bus driver confrontation

no... that is not me
but he is certainly a brother on the bike

careful out there soldier
you are worth more to us alive than dead



I would not quite say that he has froglegs

hold on
what is this shadiness going on in the parking lot?

is this a solution to the chattering I have been having with my Specialized Tricross?
or is the chattering an issue with the Specialized Tricross carbon fork? that fork with the funky rubber bumpers

we will see...
I think I am going to get some new tape
then throw a set of Salsa Bell Lap bars on my Specialized
as well as these Frog Legs
then I will see which machine is more suited to my cyclocross efforts

right now the Jamis Nova is winning the race position over the Specialized Tricross

granny gear 24 hour series

the boys from dcmtb are back from landahl
they fought hard
they fought well

they finished second in men's expert fifth over all
they are battling things out with the Athen's Wrecking Crew for the Series Title!
there have been many miles and much elevation change
and those are not all airline miles

lots and lots of bicycle miles

great job out there boys!

I am stoked to hear that Joe Foley is headed to MOAB!
joe foley images from landahl
joe foley blog

to think
Joe's racing Moab will not conflict with his desire to race Granogue the following weekend!

granny gear

my old buddy todd

my old buddy todd

todd is one of those that drifted to the darkside
pushed aside the mountain bike and started prioritzing the cyclocross bike
his interest and intensity in cyclocross increased in desire for greater fitness
which of course... makes him a faster mountain biker
only as a side effect
as I am not sure if he still mountain bikes

we used to mountain bike together in our lives before wives... before kids
in a life long since past

movies from charm city

El Dolor has some first lap movies on my page

I wonder if Peter from CROSSTALK raced yesterday

I heard a buzz that he was feeling fit and ready for racing this year
that information gathered from my people at the keg at a cocktail party around town

I would rather than he were behind the camera instead of in front of it
I am sure that he will point his camera at the bicycles at some point this year


not just curious how I finished...

not just curious how I finished
curious to see how others finished

want to see how things worked mixing up the A Elite with the top masters
a big step
an admirable step
a step beyond my reach

will be interesting to see how it worked out for people
curious about who bumped up and who didn't
curious to see how bumping up treated people

did not check to see who registered before the race
but curious about who raced now that things are finished

also interested to see how cross is catching in the NE
but will not drag on about those links now
maybe later

velo photos

before the race, during the race, after the race

charm city 2007
these are some shot from before the race, during the race, and after the race
not sure who took the action shots
I saw both my wife and my six year old son holding the camera on various passes

it was a brutal day on the bike

it was a fantastic day for me and my family
it was a fantastic day for so many others

saw all sorts of friends and familiar faces
everyone seemed to be having a stellar good time
can not wait to see what people will have to say about the day

charm city will have results... but where
kevin dillard will have some photos

both fatmarc and nydstrom will have much to post about

chip sovek at midatlantic cross info had a good race but not as strong as his son's!

I am not sure I can make the full loop tonight

headed over to see what frank has to say about things right now

so many links to follow
but you can chase them down yourself
if I am linking them
than I am not following them myself

great day on the cyclocross bike
it hurt
then it was over
then it felt good

this day could not have happened without my beautiful wife
this family could not have happened without my beautiful wife
this life could not happen without the support of my beautiful wife and my wonderful children

madonna on bravo

watching a madonna video on brave
great multimedia stuff
madonna is a rock star
I dig madonna

there are commercials
so I can start to multitask

but not thinking I have too much energy for the blog
fearing to unleash that monster
knowing sleep is more important than blogging
if I start
I fear I will not stop

I will play with a few images as I finish this glass of wine and watch some of this madonna concert
john stabb would respect my options
he would definitely agree that madonna and the Internet was the next best option to catching Government Re-Issue

government reissue... I may have to wait another 25 years!

tonight Government Re-Issue is playing across town
would not be tough to get on the bike and head down there
the house is a wreck
the kids are not yet in bed
and I am a tad tired from today's cyclocross race in Baltimore

I hate making the mature decision
I want to see Government Re-Issue
guess I will have to read about the show on someone's blog!

back from charm city

back from charm city

the race today was under great risk of being postponed
but... the promoter had not scheduled a rain date so we were forced to race without rain
the weather was far from appropriate for cyclocross
the sun was shining, the air was dry, the course was dusty
far from freezing
no where near wet
people were forced to make the best of it and race just the same
arm warmers, knickers, and rubber boots stayed in the car

the course was fast and dry
visibility was a bit dusty at points
but over all Charm City offered another fantastic race day for the Mid Altlantic's cyclocross season opener
the number have grown at the same rate as the intensity
and I will say... it was intense...

I registered earlier this week with the lower half of the newly split 35+ Category, Masters B
our race started pretty close to on time
I arrived with just enough time to pick up my race packet but not enough time to warm up
oh well... warming up is not really my style
I lined up and learned that they had altered the start in an effort to eleveate some of the bottleneck at an off camber turn early in the race
had I been there early enough to preride I would have known such things
but I learned this at the line
as it turns out there was still bottleneck at the line
the bottleneck effects the suckers at the back more than anyone
we are all forced to push through like a mass of marbles racing down the drain

there were all sorts of call ups and line assignments
in a sad sort of way the line up at the start can dictate where a racer finishes in the race
it is hard for a racer to break free of the racers that surround them
it is especially hard for a racer to catch the lead pack
especially if there is a situation with too many marbles and not enough space at the drain to enter the funneling pipe

the charm city course was escentially the same course as the year prior other than the prologue loop
there were the off camber turns looping around the hundred year old oak trees... or are they elms?
there were the sandpits where I was forced to move at other racers pace other than my own
as I was always surrounded by other racers
there was the long section of grass around the baseball diamond that everyone thinks is a good place to lay down the hammer
so on one gains any ground on anyone
cause everyone is layind down the hammer

early in the race I saw that I was surrounded by some familiar faces from the cross races of the years prior
which made me feel as if I was escentially where I should be
there was some cat and mouse with the racers around me
but very few racers were caught and very few racers passed and kept on going
it was pretty much a situation where all of the racers were within five spots plus or minus the position in the first lap
sad how the race for the first turn and the finish of the first lap can be such a great predictor of someone's finishing place

I gave it my all
I left it out on the course
there was nothing left after my forty five minutes of cross in the indian summer heat

it was great seeing old friends
it was great racing with familiar faces
it was great getting out on the cyclocross bike

not sure where I finished
but I do know that I did not get lapped... which was pretty much my goal

more words to come
then some images
not too many images from me
as it is difficult to be cyclist, photographer, and father on race day
so the camera was not part of my focus on this day

after the lil belgian cyclocross race we said hello to a few more people
I managed to catch up with rob cambell to get those Empella brakes he was selling
then we headed out just before the Elite Men/Masters A Race
wanted to stay to catch that
but had to head out with the family
there were other objectives to be achieved
we still had goals of going swimming on this warm fall day
a goal that was achieved with some slight chattering of the teeth
but pleasure just the same
we got out of the pool before our lips turned blue
but were happy to have the pool as part of our day