no demons... just some gremlins and a boa constrictor

jbv coaching

not my best collage... but some of the best riders

bummer... no kevin dillard shots from the ed sander's event

my brother fighting it out with the elite

the spirit of the day at the ed sanders memorial cyclocross race

a few snapshots


stealing from other blogs? no sharing inform

bike porn... the movie

bicycle theme tattoos

yenching palace closed

yes... a gwadzilla favorite.... cargo mike with his cargo bike

boys will be boys

more from the copenhagen girls on bikes page

it was awkward... I almost felt bad

city bike... not city bikes


trike on abc

excuse me... let me run up and put a camera in your face

ran into max as I was rolling around at lunch time

velo photo images from the charm city cyclocross 2007

it has been several days since charm city

finally... some solid shots with max


results from charm city?

still buzzing about charm city

tim faia racing cross in colorado

Chatter and Carbon Forks...

rolling through dupont in the morning...

2001 National Courier Championship Champion

norton usa?


lil belgians at charm city

NY TImes Article on bicycle touring when traveling

Who is Patrick McHenry?

centerfold material...

neither here nor there


granny gear 24 hour series

my old buddy todd

movies from charm city

not just curious how I finished...

before the race, during the race, after the race

madonna on bravo

government reissue... I may have to wait another 25 years!

back from charm city