Race Report... Bruce throws an Election themed Alleycat...

today (Saturday) I met up with  Bruce\Jordon\and DannyK for some frisbee golf...
it was a beautiful morning at Seneca Creek State Park
my dog Didg was there hanging with the pack
it was a close contest.... now my arm really hurts... Bruce Won (again)
good fun

last Saturday Bruce hosted an election themed Alleycat...

the Presidential election had occurred the Tuesday before
this unusual election has had a delay in announcing the results

due to Covid there was a dramatic increase in mail in ballots
which had votes being counted for days following election day
on this Saturday it was announced that Joe Biden had not only won the popular vote... but Biden also scored the 270 votes from the Electoral College to make him the winner of the election and the next president of the United States
270 and still counting...

Go Joe!
Number 46

that announcement came in the early morning...
the Alleycat was scheduled for a 3PM Start
on this day Coast to Coast cities were celebrating the Biden Win
champagne sales were the highest of the year... beyond New Year's Eve!

the celebration on the streets was an added obstacle in the day's Alleycat race


Saturday arrived and the weather was beautiful
unseasonably warm... felt like an Indian Summer day in September

I was excited about the opportunity to meet up with friends and participate in a messenger race
the morning leading up to the race was mellow 
just the standard dog walk in Fort Slocum Park and not much more

the bike did not get more than a glance
in fact... I more than likely did not bother to lube the chain
the bike seemed fine at last Saturday's Alleycat
so... I figured it should be fine now

sure - ok - I may have pinched the tires to test the pressure... but nothing more
do not think the tires even needed air

having spoken to Bruce I knew that the Start and the Finish were not going to be the same place
so... I would not be able to drop my backpack at the Finish and race light
instead I packed up a hydration pack backpack without the bladder and packed some necessities
light weight jacket, blinky lights, pump\tube, multi-tool, and some food\fuel
and extra water bottle

in addition to that I would be riding with a hip pack that I won in a previous Alleycat
the hip pack is not part of my day to day apparel
but it is an essential part of the Alleycat race efficiency
easy access to manifest\phone\glasses\etc.

within the hip pack I also have a DVD case with a rubber band that I use as a clip board
it keeps my manifest in half decent shape and gives me some backing to write on the manifest when need be
a sweat soaked manifest... or a manifest blowing away in the wind... these things need to be avoided... they happen... and they need to be avoided

the start would be Crispus Attucks park... an unusual little park surrounded by the back of the surrounding row houses
it is a nice little spot 
a bit of a secret in the city
this day would a beautiful day to gather in the park... virtually any park

the ride to the start was essentially what would have been half of my commute in life before Covid
in these times due to Covid I am working remotely
no commute... wake up and go from my bed to my home office... home office being my older son's bedroom left vacant by him being off at college

the majority of the world is working remotely

it is an unusual time
an unusual time to say the least

much of the world is on hold
while the rest of the world is trying to exist solely online

the 3PM start was a convenient start time for my lazy day
also... early enough that the race should be concluded before dark


not Zoom...


these are not screen captures from Zoom meetings...
these are collages from my Blogger past
search the archives for bits of who knows what
SEARCH the search bar in the upper right hand corner and see what comes up

unfortunately... not all photos have names
and no photos have tags

yet... the archives are still worth guessing around

the people in these photos are all bicycle messengers

these shots are over a decade old

only Pat Riggins of Real Courier still works as a courier

smart people can be idiots...

 just because you are smart does not mean that you are always right...

Covid Sucks... be safe...

Covid Sucks!

Be Safe!

Wear a Mask!

RACE REPORT: Dead City 2020 (Covid Alleycat)

details of the day are faint
weeks have passed and another alleycat has been hosted

the only real way to write a decent race report is to immediately start telling the tale after it happens
then edit and re-edit in the days to follow
editing is not really my thing
and well...
not having a time machine... I will have to try to just start typing several weeks after the fact 
who knows what details if any will come to surface

The DC Dead City Alleycat has a history of being one of the better attended DC Alleycats...
the event is normally well attended by racers and friends ALWAYS ending in an Epic After Party, but not this year... Covid has different plans for people

so... a race that is normally late afternoon into the evening was hosted in the day... 

RACE REPORT: Dead City 2020
the race was scheduled for Halloween Day 2020
Halloween Day... not Halloween Evening or Night... but in the day... early enough for people to rush home after the race to hand out candy to the little ghouls and goblins

I toyed with the idea of a costume... but really... I have nothing available... or should I say nothing new... I still have my cheerleaders costume... and my private school girl skirt... and a few other options
but last year's Jedi costume was difficult to race with... cumbersome and a pain in the ass... which has me not so focused on a costume... so not exactly festive... but racing without a costume would be better than not racing at all

trying to warm up... not as mentally chatty today as I was yesterday... maybe more coffee would help

college age me with Brian Baker at Dag Haus
Add caption

random photos from different moments in my life...
not too many photos pre-digital
as film was more expensive
and really
someone needed a friend committed to the hobby of photography for that to happen

Photo by Kevin Dillard

Kevin Dillard is a local cyclists... a messenger... and a photographer
Demoncats is his photo page

Tour de Fat

ah... New Belgium's Tour de Fat
that is a blur of bicycle filled memories
Good Times for Sure!

as a representative of MORE I volunteered and ran the Bike Valet at the Tour de Fat for a few years...
it was quite an event

scan the Gwadzilla Archives for
Tour de Fat
New Belgium

Bicycle Tour in Europe 1990

ah... the only scanned photo from that Europe trip
an over shared photo
there are a number of photos that I share and share again
Sledding at Battery Kimble on the cover of the Washington Post, that Tour de Fat shot, and some shots with my kids
only so many shots of me that I like

Santa-Anarchy - Santarchy

not feeling any more creative...
maybe if I try to write up a race report for the recent Alleycats I will get the flow I am looking for


too funny...
years ago... for years... I did IT at CBS News in Washington...
not the local affiliate... the Washington Bureau 

this job gave me and others our own Forrest Gump moments
I stood in the same room as history
on so many occasions I saw things as they happened
Inaugurations... Protests... whatever...

the CBS Staff had computers in buildings all around the city... 
The Pentagon... The US Capitol... Justice Department... District Court... SCOTUS
and The White House

it was interesting...
it was fun to mix it up... to get out of the office and migrate the city
walk to Department of State from 2020 M Street....
BikeShare to The Hill

it was an interesting time...
lots of memories from those times

Blog... who cares is anyone reads blogs anymore... I got to get some shit out!


It is an outlet

It is a release

I need an outlet

I need to release

maybe I need to blog