National Bike Summit 2023 in Washington DC... Bicycle Advocates from around the country gather to share insight on advocacy and then to also meet with their Congressional Representatives

Noah's Alleycat: Two of Every Animal! CHANGED THE DATE TO FEBRUARY 18th!!!

Chinatown Washington DC... SYD CAUGHT IN ACTION!

F Street... back when I would have gone to see a show at the Original 9:30 Club

Black Lives Matter... and this sort of police behavior MUST STOP NOW!

that must have been an interesting moment... a friend shared a photo of her as a kid roller skating at the White House with Amy Carter!

Joy Division... I always like Joy Division, but honestly... I listened to New Order more frequently... knowing that Joy Division was cooler.

I can be petty... I enjoy a thank you... be that thank you for holding a door open for someone or doing something somewhat larger...

the football injury this week past has me reflecting on the dangers and risks associated with sport...

Chess and memories...

you know... you never know what is going on in another family's home

Nicole hits a driver's side view mirror feeling she is being aggressed by the driver... driver chases and strikes back!