Am i being photobombed by a Banksy?

TREK gets into the advocacy game

Fall Soccer is Right Around the Corner!

Bike Taxidermy

Green Bike Lane Tour in DC

some words here about the guy and his funky hair

Mount Pleasant Bike Swap

Grant riding Coffee Shop Dave's old longboard

Boulder has a bike park... VALMONT ROCKS! What does DC have?

Right Turn Clyde.

beat... bummer... sucks... but sadly... these things are to be expected


Chasing Mailboxes

reason enough to attend the Diamond Derby...

I did not take a picture of either of my boys and their first day of school... but here are some shots of them riding their bikes yesterday

Diamond Derby... Sheba and Company are planning for the next Diamond Derby... you may want to make some plans too!


Billy Ray Cyrus has a daughter?

The Meadowood Project


rookie mistake... a mult itool is not a multi tool if there is no chain tool... I had an allen tool... but not a multi tool

not sure... but I think this is a side of Brad that most people have never seen...

saw Kevin... saw Kevin yesterday.... saw Kevin today...

Faith snapped this shot of me.... Faith has a bicycle fanzine out of baltimore... paper fanzine

phones... they are a bigger part of our lives than they need to be

this image tells many stories...

dam camera case blowing in the wind...

thanks Neil and Andy... today was a party... great race and amazing party!

self portrait.

do you enjoy climbing trees? do your kids enjoy climbing trees? are your kids into jungle gyms and other playground equipment?

I got the memo... how do we get the memo to the people in cars?