TREK gets into the advocacy game

Press Release about the Trek Advocacy Plan

no brainer... 
support the machine that is getting more people on bikes
this will sell more bikes
will everyone buy a Trek?
no... but a good percentage of them
especially if they think that Trek is the good guys!

Fall Soccer is Right Around the Corner!

this shot is from years ago...
the little kids are still little
only not as small


Bike Taxidermy

Bicycle Taxidermy 

Green Bike Lane Tour in DC

Green Lanes Bike Tour
Thurs., Aug. 29 at 6:30 p.m.
On your bike, D.C. 
Learn about Washington, D.C.'s innovative bicycle facilities. On this short bike tour, we will ride and discuss the new Green Lane Project-style facilities in our nation's capitol, including the L Street cycletrack, 15th Street cycletrack, and Pennsylvania Avenue bike lane. We'll focus on the advocacy efforts to necessary to construct the facilities, designs of the lanes, and operation and enforcement issues. Please RSVP if you are planning on attending

some words here about the guy and his funky hair

Mount Pleasant Bike Swap

Mount Pleasant 

Grant riding Coffee Shop Dave's old longboard

Saturday morning I wanted to get my son out of the house
I am frustrated by the amount of "screen time" that these kids exist with
sure... I get it
I am on a screen right now

if given the choice I will take actual activity outdoors over sitting in front of a screen
sadly... if given the choice
my kids... most kids.. most people
will chose the quick and easy pleasure of the screen

I grabbed Grant... I did not ask him
I told him
lets get the skateboards and go check out the Bike Swap in Mount Pleasant

Boulder has a bike park... VALMONT ROCKS! What does DC have?

Bike Park

we could use... a pump track
we could use... a skills park
we could use... a flow trail
we could use... a jump line

come on... we could use some place where the kids can ride their bikes!


Right Turn Clyde.

beat... bummer... sucks... but sadly... these things are to be expected

I am in the habit of locking my helmet to my bike when I lock my bike
I am in the habit of hanging my helmet from my bike when I lock my bike

it makes sense

I do not need the helmet when I am off the bike
if I leave the helmet on the bike it can dry off it is hot
the helmet can be washed if it rains
and of course
the helmet is not bouncing around off the back of my bad as I walk around the office or the bar

when I get to my destination I tend to just leave my helmet with my bike
there was a time when I locked it
then... I got lazy
thought it was enough to just clip it to the frame

not to save time
just because I thought it unlikely that anyone would steal it
have you smelled someone's helmet?
not as bad as gloves
but usually ripe

usually wrong

yesterday when I left out of work
I got to my bike
and well... the bike looked naked
there was no helmet dangling from the top tube

before letting my heart rate race
before jumping to logical conclusions
I took a breath and gave it some thought
considered rushing back up to my office to see if I had actually brought the helmet into the office that day

but no...
I was late
work kept me nearly an hour and a half late
and I needed to be home with the boys

I rode helmetlessly home
debating in my head what may have happened to my helmet
this morning I learned
someone stole my helmet

is this worth pursuing?
do I go to the Metro Police and ask to view the video camera?

and the future?
do I leave Knog and Knog-esque lights on the bike?
of course I will simply weave the straps of the helmet through the lock in the future
but how safe is stuff that is left outside

at my last job
my job for over a decade
well... there I had the comfort of bringing my bicycle into the building and storing the bike in a closet
here... now...
well... I lack that luxury



and Grant
a short longboard ride to the Bike Swap

Chasing Mailboxes

or is that
Chasing Mailboxes DC

reason enough to attend the Diamond Derby...

Zanna will be there.

Bike Arlington

okay... I can not promise that
but the chance that she will be there
that itself is enough to be there

(I would make a post about Tim Kelly being there... but I do not think that Crystal City has the capacity to hold all the people that would attend if they thought that Tim Kelly was going to be at the Diamond Derby)

I did not take a picture of either of my boys and their first day of school... but here are some shots of them riding their bikes yesterday

got the boys on their bikes and we did our Urban Single Track Ride
well... not single track
but some serious mountain bike skills practice happening here

Diamond Derby... Sheba and Company are planning for the next Diamond Derby... you may want to make some plans too!

not many race directors can breast feed and design the course at the same time
that is multi tasking!

Saturday Morning I went out to Crystal City to meet up with Sheba and some of her race/event creation staff

riding a bicycle in a parking garage is cool
The Diamond Derby on FACEBOOK

no... we were not racing
Sheba is still making tweaks to the course

what do the racers love?
what do the spectators love?



John Tomac

John Tomac WAS THE MAN!
or at least from my perspective
I did not follow him closely

as this was all pre-internet

but he rode and raced with passion and style

I liked Tomac's tires because I liked John Tomac
the cousin... the Farmer John... I rode a whole mess of em

All Hail the Black Market

Billy Ray Cyrus has a daughter?

I jest... I know who Hannah Montana is
but not sure what the buzz is about
as I missed that awards show
as a rule
I avoid awards shows

awards shows fall into a long list of I never
that said... never say never
I have never seen an awards show
my fear... I might like award shows

better than this Ken Burns documentary on The Dust Bowl?
I think now
although I may scan the web
if only I could call Tosh.0 and have him bring me up to date

The Meadowood Project

Tuesday Night Throwdown! Let's build this thing in the picture! We got a good start Saturday planting the posts, I want to get this thing built this week! 

Tomorrow evening, 4 to 7PM, 10207 Old Colchester Road in Lorton. 
(tuesday august 27th)

The gate will be open. Can't help Tuesday? Come out Wednesday evening, same time and place, or Thursday and Friday during the day.



Jonathan Seibold and Larry Miller?

lots of fantastic randomness when searching for cyclocross or cross on the gwadzilla blog
great images
and yes
a reminder... I do love racing cyclocross

not sure if that is where my head is at this year

rookie mistake... a mult itool is not a multi tool if there is no chain tool... I had an allen tool... but not a multi tool

I feel like such a tool
not a multi tool
just a tool
as I do not have a chain tool

actually I have a chain tool
I have several stand along chain tools
and I have an assortment of multi tools
yet for some reason I only had an allen tool in my pack

an allen tool... a pump... and a patch kit
but no chain tool

not sure... but I think this is a side of Brad that most people have never seen...

this search of the gwadzilla page brings up some fantastic randomness
there is new belgium bike summit words and images... there C Bennet Moore of Big Wheel Bikes in Old Town Alexandria doing magic making a 16 inch tire work for a 12 inch wheel... 

there is a bit about my stopping by the Dirt Rag HQ in Pittsburgh

there are a few posts that link tangents to Brad Hawk
but nothing about this Brad
which is weird

here is the gwadzilla search for brad

mistakenly I thought searching for Orange on the gwadzilla page would bring up a shot of brad working as a messenger... maybe working as a mechanic.... maybe doing some Capital Bike Share... but no

nice shot of brad and sheba's younger daughter
whose name I can not recall
but I do not feel bad
as she does not know my name either


saw Kevin... saw Kevin yesterday.... saw Kevin today...

not that kevin...
although I did see that Kevin yesterday and today
this KEVIN! 

Kevin on the Gwadzilla Page

the kid at the top traded his car for a bicycle at New Belgium's Tour de Fat here in DC 

the Kevin in the other two shots is a retired messenger
all around good guy

ran into both Kevin's at the same events two days in a row
six degrees of separation in the dc cycling community?

Faith snapped this shot of me.... Faith has a bicycle fanzine out of baltimore... paper fanzine

Faith got a few shots of me
I got a few shots of Faith

phones... they are a bigger part of our lives than they need to be

a funny and smart short film about the over usage of the smart phone in our modern age

this image tells many stories...

they say a picture is worth a thousand words
these words combine to tell a story
this image tells a number of stories

this image shows the manifest
this image shows a variety of people

a racer arrives at the finish
then there are people who raced for first
then also two people who raced for DFL
then others who raced for the glory that falls in between

people traveling to town
some traveling further than others
some riding to the start straight from home

everybody smiling
even those who got an excess of flats
even those who did not finish where they had intended

the manifest is all that is really the only thing in focus
take a look

Alley Cats can run a wide variety of formats
the Photo Hunt Fun(d)racer Alleycat had a manifest with 8 images
each image was as a check point
racers could go directly to that check point if they knew where it was

well... easier said then done
if racers did not recognize the image
then they had three addresses with clues to the address of that image
at each check point volunteers were waiting to stamp racers manifests to verify that they found that check point

people thought it was going to be taking photos
lots of panic about cell phone batteries and such
but that is not how it unfolded

interesting format
I think it went well

Photo Hunt Fun(d)racer Alleycat (PHFRAC) 

dam camera case blowing in the wind...


thanks Neil and Andy... today was a party... great race and amazing party!

snapped a few shots at the Photo Hunt Fund(d)racer Alleycat
chased some long time veterans

figured following Slavko and Suave would take me to the top ten
a little juggling of things in the final check points
I recommend Champlain in Adams Morgan
no one followed.... they went to Georgetown instead

my trajectory sent me up towards the Cathedral and then through the park
short cut down through Klingle Valley before getting the last check point that was in Mount Pleasant
before the Columbia Heights finish next to the Wilson Center
across from Pearce Hall

Little John and I talked about Black Flag for a second before the race start
then at the race's end
I had not thought about one of my top five "shows" of all time
Black Flag at Pierce Hall is right up with The Smiths at Warner Theater on their first US tour

self portrait.

classic gwadzilla shot
someone things I am taking a photo of them
when really I just want my reflection in their glasses

do you enjoy climbing trees? do your kids enjoy climbing trees? are your kids into jungle gyms and other playground equipment?

Dean and his friend Alik at The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs
photo by these guys

The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs

What is The Adventure Park at Sandy Springs?
sorry... it is sort of hard to explain
yet I will try...

the Adventure Park is neither free nor easy
but it is definitely an adventure

The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring is an all natural human powered amusement park (of sorts)
it is like an Ewok village in the trees
there are ladders and ropes that take people up into the trees where they traverse from mini tree fort to mini tree fort over a series of obstacles

it is a rope course with zip lines and other natural challenges of balance and strength
it is safe and fun
well... moderately safe
and its own type of fun

the Adventure Park is designed with logic similar to a ski resort
and I am not just talking about the 50 dollar ticket that starts the day

the courses are marked with different colors to represent the challenge\difficulty of each course
purple\yellow\green\blue on to Black and Double Black

all course users wear safety harnesses that have them tethered to a safety wire
all users take a 15-20 minute lesson in how to safely use the harnesses

it is a serious good time... challenging but fun
a bit of an adrenalin rush

scroll down this Gwadzilla Link to see some more images from a previous visit to the Adventure Park

The Adventure Park and The Beaver Dam Swim Club are highlights of each summer!

I got the memo... how do we get the memo to the people in cars?

I know what a bike lane is...
I know what a bike path is...
I know what a sharrow is...

how do we get the word out to the people in the cars?


I know I have a right to be on the road on my bike
why is it that the car drivers seem to think otherwise?

where are they getting their inverted intel?

Bikes Belong in Traffic on FACEBOOK