women and sports... this is worth a glance

a female cyclists tells people what it is like to race as a woman... an interesting read

some stuff to think about here

inside the box... we need to stay within the parameters of the box... or I guess we are supposed to

a series of images by Bruce Buckley
thanks for the shots Bruce!

on LinkedIn there was an article about "looking the part"
conforming... fitting in... not standing out... 

it is a tough thing to weigh in
when looking for a job... should we be ourselves or should be try to be the person that they are looking for?
I shaved my beard for interviews... but did not get the job
I kept the beard and landed the gig I have now

as the IT Specialist at CBS News I was bearded and dressed as I felt comfortable
and here at the Smithsonian... no one seems to bat an eye

but... I get it
even those who accepting of non-conformity will have presupposed notions of people for how they look
I get it... I really do

this video has stirred up some conversation... so... I need to watch the converse of the situation with a man walking 10 hours...

a woman walked for 10 hours in NYC and they documented the activity around her with a GoPro
worth watching... give it a glance

some of this was pretty tame
in fact... some of it was just people being nice
while other activity was creepy and intrusive
that said
I am not sure if the video entirely proves the maker's point

but I get it...
I am not a woman
I do not know what it is to be a woman
I think that the effort to stop any\all cross interaction between people on the street because there are troglodytes cat calling
well... that will not make our planet any more warm and fuzzy

if I walked for 10 hours in DC... I know that I would evoke a number of responses from people
in my day to day I get remarks from people
it is not uncommon for woman to remark on my beard
to initiate a hello on the sidewalk

I hate when I am in the park and a woman walks by and a person I am sitting near shouts out to the passerby
it brings down the group's property value
it fulfills a stereotype
it does not increase the odds of that person making contact to that woman

I do like to make contact with strangers
men and woman
I will ride up along side another person on a bike and initiate conversation
I may see a person on the sidewalk and say something as we pass

I do not believe that all interactions between strangers needs to be eliminated

in this age people are so dis-attached
the use of electronic devices has really decreased the use of face time

in DC people shout out to other people all the time
we must remember
we live in a society where people are not just judged by their actions
but also by their intentions

people do not like being passed... when passing... pass on the right... that is the smart\safe\courteous way to pass

Great Video By IntheCrossHairs from Tacchino a few years back...
here I am expressing my displeasure with being passed
this morning I was not as expressive
but I was a tad grumpy


at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green
just as the light turned green... I was passed on my right by a casual paced cyclist
looked like a cyclist in business casual on his commuter bike

Dana Wolfe HATED being passed on the right
well... I hate being passed... which makes me really hate being passed on the right

passed on the right without an audible?
the audible should be the basic courtesy in traffic when dealing with bike on bike interaction
I can see that there are times when passing on the right would make sense
in this case... I think that the other cyclist just caught me off guard and grumpy

I would prefer to be passed on the left
I would like an audible when being passed

the funny thing... after I asked this guy to pass on the right he started micromanaging my behavior
we were not talking about wearing headphones, stopping at red lights, riding or not riding on the sidewalk
my point was on passing on the right versus passing on the left
sorry if we got confused
I appreciate this guy pushing things to my favorite topic... ME
but we were not really talking about me or him
we were talking about appropriate passing

fantastic... chase these links

looking for a video... found this glance back at the 24 Hours of Snowshoe... a reflection upon a reflection...

ah... mountain biking and its evolution
24 Hour Mountain Bike Racing was IT for a while there...

100 Milers are still going STRONG!

EPICS are a great new addition


wow... life can give you all sorts of problems... my problems are nothing compared to being diagnosed with cancer

read this article
watch this video
it is moving
Brittany Maynard has advanced stages of brain cancer
this weekend she has scheduled to "die with dignity"

worth reading...
the comments are hard to read
as comments on the web often are

DC's Bike Lanes have some disconnect like some of these devices\things

31 Most Pointless Things of All Time
except the USB extender... that may be more useful than this list maker thinks

Halloween is just days away... I guess I will revert to the Human G-Nome Project

I may not be the most sexy gnome
but I might well be the tallest


Just For Fun is not fun... and

not everyone deserves a trophy

I have always wanted at gorilla costume... that and a storm trooper uniform...

here it is Halloween Season...
when my kids were smaller Halloween started much sooner in the season for them
this year... it is almost Halloween proper and they are not yet in the mood
funny... a few years ago and they were already selecting their costume in August... wearing that costume everyday for a few months... then throwing a fit and refusing to wear that costume on Halloween... demanding an alternate costume\character

well.. this year my son Grant told me he wanted a gorilla costume
now... I am moderately crafty and would prefer to create our own costume
well... the kids set me straight years ago
and well... who is it about?
the parents or the kids?

so we went to Target and got the gorilla costume
it is super cool.. I totally get it... I totally dig it

I had recommended to my son that he put a few Jason Derulo songs on his iPhone... suit up in his gorilla suit... learn some of Jason Derulo moves... and for part of the night be Jason Gorilla

(up until I googled it... I thought his name was Jason Corilla... but it is close enough to still be funny)

Jason Derulo 


mountain bike photography tips...


ah... DC High Heel Races.... aka DC Drag Races on 17th Street!

this is tonight... I will be coaching soccer
if you are local to DC... this is where you should be this evening
it is quite the event



Rapha at DCCX!

Rapha at DCCX

thanks for being their Dave!

nice espresso
people were enjoying the races on the flat screen

Liz Hatch Appreciation Day... yes... TODAY IS LIZ HATCH APPRECIATION DAY!

Selfie on a Bike is showing their Liz Hatch Appreciation

Trailwerks Cyclery

went to Trailwerks Cyclery to get Grant's Bike
had is shock rebuilt... feels like a different bike!

I fear that I may be visiting Trailwerks Cyclery a few more times
more frequently than the passing of Haley's Comet


Sportif Racing
Sportif Coaching
Sportif Cyclocross Race Series

DC Housing Market is Tough

Cycleboredom has great coverage of DCCX!


Jonathan Wheaton's daughter...

I had known that Jonathan had spawned
but did not realized that his progeny was old enough to race
even after he said that this was his daughter I had a hard time realizing that so much time had passed
and that this could actually be his child

but after I saw this young girl take a few practice laps on the Lil Beligians' course only to pull off to the side and the remove her rear wheel and change her gearing
it was only then that I fully believed that this was Jonathan Wheaton's daughter

I was not chasing beards at DCCX... but there was the Battle of the Beards in the Single Speed Class...

Taylor and Jonathan battle it out in the Single Speed Class at DCCX
the race within the race

Family Bike Shop Jonathan going head to head with the rider formerly known as Capital Bike Share Taylor... now Bikes to the World Taylor

Stephanie Swan... I had seen her in the electronic world... this was my first time seeing her in the real world

Stephanie and Swan

and then Pittsburgh

Stephanie Swan on Facebook

John Cutler Brought the Mariachi Band to DCCX a few years back... we have invited them back ever since! WHO ELSE HAS A MARIACHI BAND AT THEIR CYCLOCROSS RACE?

DCMTB's Raul Rojas poses with the Mariachi Band upon their arrival
the band is not free... but they are worth it
just another piece of the puzzle that makes DCCX Great
hope you enjoyed it

my Spanish is not good enough to follow the sorry
yet I enjoy the music just the same

Mariachi on the Gwadzilla Page

so much fun.. too much fun
but this was weeks ago
a few more images
then time to move forward

John Cutler on the Gwadzilla Page

and this randomness is worth your attention


no update on this graffiti girl?

Casey Nocket... cute and crazy
I think she is more than likely enjoying the attention
not sure what will come of this

I think this is Casey Nocket's Twitter page Creepy Tings

and lastly... she is no Banksy
her doodles are just that doodles
had she done them in chalk... so that rain, wind, and time would take them away
well... they would be viewed differently
but for her to think that her scribbles made the landscape look better
well... I think that is arrogance

this looks like it hurts... but still funny to watch...

the LAB: League of American Bicyclists has a survey about eBikes...

eBikes... I am not a fan
the League wants to know your opinion