Matt and Max just track standing around with the Drum Circle playing in the background

Malcolm X Park

Bike Chat Episode #2... need to carve out some time to watch this

Bike Chat

some faces in the park... Friday in Dupont... then Sunday over at Malcolm X...

Alex and others in Dupont


and then...
Malcolm X


Alex and Matt

Rowing... my older son is a Freshman in High School and is on the Wilson Varsity Rowing Team...

a beautiful day on the Potomac
a great day for both racing and watching the races

the 24 person row boat
I did not see this in the water
I bet it was impressive to see

not to give up my secret... but I like the view of the rowing races on the Potomac from the shore of Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island on the Gwadzilla Page

ROW2K also took this spot...

here is a shot of DEAN by Row 2K

we both snapped a shot of that dog on the water

Wilson's A Boat got 4th
the B boat that Dean rowed in was 14th

Dean and then Wilson

interesting culture


Peru... the Folklife Festival hosted Peru this year past...

years ago I went to Peru
that trip was pre-Blog
not much written about that story
Peru on the Gwadzilla Page

these young Peruvian sheep herders were something to witness
Kids on the Gwadzilla Page

and that dog... and that doorway
well... I think that is quite a shot
love the tone, the texture, and the colors

rookie mistake...

should have moved my beer from the can to the water bottle...

officer friendly at the Drum Circle was not so friendly to me
my bad... I should have been more discrete with beverage at sunset