cargo mike without his cargo bike...

cargo mike without his cargo bike

saturday cargo mike raced his first cyclocross race
well... maybe his first cyclocross race in years
he raced the C Class on his fixed gear
landed around 12th
impressive finish... maybe with a tougher gear he could have clipped off a few more racers and landed in the top five

gotta roll
just heard my family
the swung back early
gotta throw on my costume and get some candy

it was a hectic night of trick or treating
actually it is now the next morning
my head hurts from one too many glasses of wine
the glasses of wine worked well to reverse a few too many cups of afternoon coffee

halloween started off a little bumpy for me
I rushed home to try and join some friend on the block for some pre-festivities pizza
but the halloween process of putting out a bowl candy, lighting the six jack-o-lanterns, and assembling a last minute costume had be behind schedule of the rest of the crew
they left without me
I scrambled to catch the group
by the time I caught them I was in meltdown mode

I had not eaten and I was not in agreement with the course of the evening
my understanding is that Halloween starts at dark
if it is too early for a candle to light a jack-o-lantern than it is too early to be trick-or-treating
yet they moved up through the neighborhood
arriving at a block party before the block party started

I threw my tantrum and went home before arriving at the block party

it worked our well...

I got to go home and catch my breath
deep breaths.... serenity now... serenity now
once I caught my breath and had my head right I sat down for some dinner
lisa had cooked up some amazing chicken corn chowder

with oxygen to my brain and food in my belly I went to the basement to feed my soul
lights went on the charger
pedals went on the bike
helmet, shoes, gloves, and various layers of clothing went in the bag
music played as I recharged my soul

with my mind, body, and soul alligned to where they should be I went upstairs and played with some images
just after getting these images of Cargo Mike together I heard Lisa come in the front door
the family had looped back for me
the kids were looping back for me and headed to a haunted house down the block
I was able to join my family for some Halloween fun
with the large amoeba mass of of kids in costume from our block we went to a few well decorated haunted houses then returned some of the kids home for an early bedtime
then we marched back up to Lamont Street
the kids had filled their pumpkins with candy so we focused on Haunted Houses and crazed costumes

Fat Jesse was on stilts
as many adults in costume as kids
the energy was fantastic
when we got to Lamont Street it was HALLOWEEN MADNESS
we arrived in time for the costume awards
it was all very scary

Halloween Season is now over...
mission accomplished
images to come

you may be able to get a christmas tree the day before christmas

you may be able to get a christmas tree the day before christmas
but don't think you are going to get a pumpkin the day before halloween

yesterday I asked the babysitter to grab a few pumpkins when headed home from picking the kids up from school
she went to two grocery stores
no pumpkins

who would have thought that the draught of the season would effect us so directly
go figure

luckily we had six or seven small pumpkins from the various trips to the various pumpkin patches both with and without their perspective schools

so last night we carved pumpkins

the boys plotted the direction of the pumpkin faces
then I cut the lids off and they scooped out the seeds and the guts
we had a pretty efficient assembly line
before the last lid was cut the oven was preheating
by the time the last pumpkin was empty the internet had been consulted on various pumpkin seed recipes and the oven was ready

everyone waited in anticipation as the house filled with that roasted pumpkin seed smell
anxiously we checked the seeds
flipping and rotating
adding more kosher salt, garlic powder, and old bay
three separate strips of three separate flavors

the seeds were well worth the wait
you do not want to over cook them
but you do not want to under cook them
you most definitely want them toasted to a crunch

old bay
it is great on pumpkin seeds

I am not sure what is happening right now
lisa is out with the boys as it is just turning dark
I will try to join them on Lamont Street here in Mount Pleasant after I finish my dinner


this is dc... not portland

this is dc... not portland!

we are a little uptight here in dc

our cross races tend to have barriers rather than coffins or tombstones
most of our races wear cycling gear instead of dresses or outlandish costumes

there was talk about DCCX having a halloween theme
but all the novelty was shot down
as the focus of the race was to host a real cyclocross race
we did not want to water things down

and we could not get clearance to set up the ramp to jump over the pond filled with sharks
the desire to eventually become a UCI event was a factor too
we could not get the sharks to wear helmets

that said
we did not turn anyone away who chose to ride in costume
some did... and we thank them
their energy added to the energy of the day

I am not sure if this is Rocky Horror Picture Show
or if this guy came straight from the annual High Heel Races on 17th Street by the Fox and Hound
either way... he looked like he was having a good time
and he looked good
he looked real good

tonight is the tuesday before halloween
I wonder if the High Heel Races were held tonight

mount pleasant traffic study

the other night I went to a neighborhood meeting where the issue of traffic in mount pleasant was the topic of discussion
not just car traffic, but also issues of pedestrian and bicycle safety

I arrived late
had to work late
so if I wanted to attend I had to show up when I could
which was late
apparently I missed some chaos
but not much more

there were all sorts of very big ideas

it was an interesting collection of people from the neighborhood
everyone there concerned with how these things will effect them
lots of NIMBY approaches to the problem

most people not realizing that we could solve so many of the issues ourselves

if the residents of the neighborhood drove sensibly and gave those around them the basic respect that they deserve
well... that would be half the problem
then if the law did something to control the car chaos... well... that would take care of some of the remaining fifty percent

does mount pleasant main street need to be turned into a walking mall?
I love burlington and I love boulder!
but I do not see this working for mount pleasant main street
I see this as a perfect weekend closure for bethesda avenue in bethesda
could even see this working for strectches of georgetown on weekends as well
but I do not see it as a viable plan for mount pleasant

grand changes will bring us a new set of problems...
small changes and fixing the problems we know that should be the direction we move
main street could be cleaned up
start with the gypsy cabs out front the bodegas
then make sure there are no cars parked in the loading zone or the bus zones
removal of the double parkers is a no brainer
slow the speeding traffic
control the chaos of the erratic U-turn
get rid of the chaos

there was talk about taking various roads back to green space...
honestly... there is green space that is neglected and ignored
clean up the neglected green space!
if things were more pretty people would respect the area more
grass... trees... and trash pick up
trim the over growth
pull the weeds
what makes these people thing that we should put trees where there is road when there are trees that are being neglected as it is

then maybe some small changes...
bike lanes?
narrow the road?
widening the sidewalks?
something minor

there was talk of turning certain roads one way
and other one way roads into two way roads
these ideas should be visited
but before that we could get things started with the people who travel here everyday
have the parents doing drop off and pick up of the children at the various school to start to behave like they are driving by a school
it sounds simple enough
but then again
people who live on this street travel down the alley like the christmas tree just blinked green

this morning as I tried to exit the alley to the street
cars zoomed by
had the cars been going at a rational speed it would have been my turn to pull out of the alley on my bicycle
they were going too fast... I pulled out after the first car
the second car did not slow
they pulled up along side of me then tried to muscle me out at the stop sign
as I rolled alongside of the Mercedes with DC tags I spoke through the open window
I love you for who you are
it is beautiful how you speed in your own neighborhood
it is wonderful how you treat your neighbor on the bike
I love you for you you are
you are awesome

some photos of betsy and her husband

some photos of betsy and her husband

betsy rocked the DCCX cross course on sunday
she pulled away from the women's elite field and never looked back

somewhere in her race she swapped out rigs
after the race I spoke with betsy
she felt it was a good single speed course
apparently so
I wonder what her gearing was running...

that is betsy's husband
when he is not tuneing bikes or working the pits
he get on the bike and does some laps as well

glancing at the shots reminds me of some things to change for next year's DCCX event

-have beers for the elite racers

-don't let the party stop until all the races are over

I heard it was betsy's first trip to washington dc
had I knows I would have given her and her husband a short bicycle tour

DCMTB Boys win the Granny Gear 24 Hour Series

I raced the 24 hours of big bear
but not with this cast of dcmtb characters
so I leave the tale to be pieced together by some of the folks who did race at these events

joe foley
maybe mattyd
or maybe darren

granny gear
some of my greatest mountain bike race memories are from granny gear events

more dccx on the web and in the news

cyclingnews.com just posted a blurb about dccx
while urban velo mentioned my blog mentioning dccx on the urban velo blog

wonder if mattyd is going to say anything
or if joe foley is covering the event on his page from the southern hemisphere
I wonder

maybe a google for blogs will tell me who else is electronically chatting about the spectacular cyclocross event hosted by DCMTB this weekend past

the first page to come up is blacknell.net
I met mark as we each walked the course with our cameras
he took some really nice shots
mark snapped that shot of citybikesmike
and I grabbed that before I started to scratch the surface

did I mention the mention of DCCX on

one of my neighbors... one of my friends

this is chris mcgill
chris lives down the block from me
chris is fast on the bike
seeing chris fight it out with the Elite Men at Sunday's DCCX race
well... makes me realize just how fast these guys are really going

Wes Schempf of C3 is one of the transformers
I saw him morph into a Mini Cooper with a roof rack carrying his cross bike as he left
the ticket on the windshield was a nice touch
had I only had my camera ready
but I missed the shot

either way...
I know what I saw
Wes is a Transformer!

Velo News

wes on velo photos


some things give me faith in the world

some things give me faith in the world
simple things
simple yet out of the ordinary things

there is good in the world
I enjoy my life
but occassionally there is something that happens that makes me smile in such a way that it is an all body release
some sort of epiphany

a few weeks ago I was taking my standard short hike in the woods with my black dog brutus when I noticed something unusual on the trail
it was a box turtle
I checked him out
I picked him up
I put him back down
and I smiled
I smiled because it gave me faith in the world

squirel and deer are wonderful
but common
it is the seldom seen fox or the even more rare box turtle that give me hope
that give me that feeling when I encounter them

today I had to work late
I worked late then showed up late for a neighborhood meeting on the topic of traffic/pedestrian and cycling safety
when I got home lisa showed me some mail
it was a postcard
a torn and tattered postcard that looked like it had been chewed up by a goat

this in response to a message I wrote on a self addressed postcard that I attached to a few helium balloons and sent for the sky with my two boys

the short note
the note itself
it was a plain white card
my message read
Please leave a note about yourself and where you foung this balloon
then mail back
the response as just as simple and plain
I went hunting in the Apple Orchard one morning and found your balloon in the trees.
B. Patton
Dillsburg, PA
it made me smile
it gives me faith in the world
it is magical in its simplicity

Dillsburgh PA
it is near York, PA north of Baltimore
the post mark matches up
I pulled out the map
that is some good distance
this simple experience fascinates me
like a message in a bottle
but instead some somewhat deflatted mylar balloons that were left over from my surprise 40th birthday party
funny thing
I did not think that those ballons would make it out of Rock Creek Park

2008 Bike Calendar...

Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Bikes
2008 Calendar

stole this from Urban Velo


me.. me... me... at dccx 2007

some photos of me racing the DCCX Event on Sunday
although I am pretty much alone in these photos
my race was spent shoulder to shoulder with some very solid racers

the shoulder to shoulder started early
the start of the Men's Master Class was closer to a Roller Derby Event than a Cycling Event
on the first turn after the pavement start and the short grass hill I was shoulder to shoulder with a cluster of racers
everyone fighting to get up ahead
a racer on my right side bumped me once then bumped me twice
there was an utterance about a tree in his path
then rather than being taken out by the tree
he took me out
it was sloppy
it was ugly
we both went down

I grabbed my bike and fought to get back in the thick of it
my thumb is a tad sore
but I did not know that I had hurt my thumb until the race was over
not sure of the other racer and his bike
hope he is okay
it just seemed more rational for him to use his brakes than to crash
and well
I was trying to stay straight as there were plenty of racers on my left shoulder as well

the competition was fantastic!

much of the race I had new DCMTB recruit Mark Drajem in my shadow
Mark fought hard to hide in my blind spot
sucking my wheel as I sucked wind
late in the race he made a pass on the road
I passed him back just before the road fed back onto the grass
later in the lap he passed me and pulled away
he stayed within sight but remained out of my grasp
dropping my chain on the barrier run up kept me from reeling him in

it was a fantastic event
a great day on the bike
the energy was intense yet positive

my thumb does still hurt
especially when I try to use my blackberry

midpack at dccx 2007

photos by kevin mccarthy

pumpkin carving...

this is pretty cool!
pumpkin carving shockwave page

DCCX 2007- In the News and on the Web

a beautiful day in washington dc

it was a beautiful day in washington dc
a pertect day for your favorite fall sport

not sure if the marathoners had as good a day in the district as the cyclocross racers had today in the district
if they had as much fun running as we had on our bikes
I bet it was one hell of a marathon

today rocked!
dcmtb hosted a rocking cyclocross race!

it was a party!

a heart pumping
legs burning party
only no disco ball
but there was sean bega both mcee and dj

as I raced in the Men's Masters Race at DCCX I fought it out midpack
I listened to the race unfold upfront

it was exciting to hear my brother lead for so much of the race

it was also fun to hear all the cowbells and all the cheering

it was funny on lap six when I heard what sounded like MikeK shout the words
your brother is gonna beat you
and well
he did beat me
he beat all but to cyborgs from the 45 plus category
those guys are not human

hosting the race gave me the excuse to hang out for the full day
lisa came out with the kids
my brothers kids hung with my kids as we raced
it is a good lesson for my boys to learn to see their daddy get beaten by so many men
including my own brother

then after my wife left with the kids I stayed behind to cheer than tear down

it was exciting to see the other races
it was exciting to move about the course and feel the buzz of the day
people loved the course
people loved the race
people were smiling
people were racing fast
the racers were putting on quite a show

there was mixing and mingling
there was hanging out

and there was racing
a few people in costume
most people dressed as cyclocross racers and a few cross dressers

DCCX 2007

some images of the day...

all images were shot by me
other than the shot of me
which was shot by Snoopy McCarthy

thanks dcmtb

thanks dcmtb for an awesome cyclocross
there were so many people who contributed
but there were a few core people who really made this happen
matty d, my brother marc, and loren are definitely some top players
everyone did their part
daven picking up the trailer
kent loaning his truck
there are too many people to mention
I did less than most but I managed to do some
everyone contributed

a special thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered who is not on the DCMTB squad;
tia, katyd, evan ellicott, jeff peel, those who traveled with jeff peel, and whoever else
max... I did not name you because I thought you were still on the mountainbike team
this event took many parts to create the machine that ran a very smooth cyclocross event in the district of columbia

reports to come

the reports from everyone were beyond positive

the course was fantastic
the competition was speedy
the energy was up and the tone was positive
days and days of heavy rain left some nice soft ground under sunny skies on a warm fall day
a very exciting day in the district for sports
and most everyone on site had forgotten that there was a running race also taking place in the district at the same time


the eve of dccx

it is the eve of dccx
a cyclocross race in the district hosted by dcmtb

I am sore from a day of course work
the task of race promotion and race prepartion is an underestimated art
the energy that goes into this contribution
it is amazing
I am sore... and I only helped with the course work today
others have been doing all sorts of preparation in additon to the work on the course itself
a great deal goes into hosting an event like this

and well
it is all coming together
on the tenth anniversary of this humble mountain bike team in the district of columbia there is going to be a cyclocross race
it is going to be a great race
the rain leading up to the event is a grand contribution to the quality of the race
it will be a challenging course
people will enjoy themselves
people will push themselves
people will feel various levels of self inflicted pain

after we finished the course set up we took a couple of laps
the course offered a wide vairety of challenges
good balances of twists and turns split up with some great road sections
we uncovered some brick to give a little mix up
it is a nice little touch
cross is about the nice little touches

this course has a number of great little touches

tomorrow should be a good day


I kept waiting for the return of the old camero

watched transformers
saw half last night
watched the second half tonight

I kept waiting for the transformer to turn back into the old camero
it never happened

amy takes away the gears and puts on her rainy day game face

amy put away the gears and has put on her rainy day game face

not sure if the bike is a fixed gear or a single
but I can tell that it is is a different machine

even before I started snapping photos around town I always paid close attention to the cycling culture around me
over the years seeing people ride one bike and then another

just as I took the day off from blogging
I took the day off from taking photos on the street
left the camera in the bag
these photos are from yesterday
today was a tad more rainy
which may have called for an even more intense game face

annie leibovitz

annie leibovitz at the corcoran
some of the other photos were more my flavor
but this one was put up here for iconoclasst

tonight was a good night for an overcoat

tonight was a good night for an overcoat
an umbrella would also be a smart thing to have
last night was no different

last night we got a sitter for the boys
lisa and I went to a silent auction
it was good to get out and support a good cause
not sure if we won any of our bids
but we had a good time driving up the numbers

tonight the boys spent the night at their grandmother's
another night out on the town for lisa and myself
a five pm closing time at the corcoran took the annie leibovitz
then our notion of dinner at the colorado kitchen was 86ed
as the colorado kitchen is closed for a few weeks
so we and checked out red rocks over on 11th and park

red rocks was just what we were looking for
the hostess took us upstairs
I requested to be seated downstairs in the same room as the bar
better atmosphere
more eye candy

the food was matched well with the wine
and the atmoshpere was warm and dry on a cold rainy night

there was no fire burning in a fireplace
but there was that warmth

glad to try red rocks
high marks for red rocks
still need to check out the colorado kitchen

the umbrellas and the overcoats are dripping dry in the front hall
I am warm and dry infront of the warm glow of my laptop and the television
bill maher is on
then time for bed

red rocks in columbia heights
reminds me of a place called fire and ice
I liked
I loved the old black and white photos of the neighborhood from the 40-50's

maryland parks at risk?

from tom at the bicycle escape in fredneck....

Maryland Parks in Danger of Closure
Please Help Today!
It has come to my attention that due to budget considerations eight Maryland parks are under immediate risk of closure. Gambrill and Greenbrier are on that list. It is imperative that we as riders, voters, and activists contact our local officials to let them know that this is not acceptable. A good way to find your local delegate is to visit this website: http://mdelect. net/electedoffic ials/ It is too late for letters to be sent so use email and phone calls instead. Please do this TODAY as there is a lot at stake for anyone in the area who loves the out-of-doors.
Here is the list of endangered parks: Gambrill, Rosaryville, Greenbrier, New Germany, Rocks, Gathland, Washington Monument, Fort Frederick, South Mountain Complex, Smallwood and Pocomoke
If the parks close we all loss big!
-Buildings will deteriorate and be subjected to vandalism
-Additional monies would have to be allocated to policing the parks to preclude unlawful activity.
-Miles and miles of hiking and cycling trails would be lost as well as scenic over looks and acres of family gathering areas.
Please take the time to send an email and forward this message to other park users,

news at WUSA9

and at MSBC


maryland residents contact your elected officials

me... I went to grade school with Marty... if I see him I will have to ask him what this is all about

who is david shrigley?

who is david shrigley?

caught up with bruce when he had a second

caught up with bruce when he had a second
bruce is a messenger machine
if he does not have a second
do not ask him for a second

bruce had a second as he loaded, unlocked, and mounted his bike
I snapped a few shots
in our short hello I mentioned the notion of trying to write an artile about AZ being awared the Marcus Cook Award
which is why the article has a certain level of importance
not enough people know what the marcus cook award is

best I get started on this article
so that I can better know what the marcus cook award is

took the day off from blogging

today I took the day off from blogging
or should I say...

last night into the day I took a break from blogging
there is not time for everything
and when something has to give
the sensible thing is to trim the fat

there was lots to say
there was information to be shared
there were electronic conversations that needed to be started
there was not time

there is not time for everything
something suffers
something has to give

it felt good to take a day off from blogging

there are some projects brewing
these projects will take time
like riding the bike
like working on the bike
like all the things in life be it work or family
these things take time
it is important to balance this stuff and to keep perspective

sleep is another thing that I need to focus more upon


george seemed proud of his new bike

george seemed proud of his new bike
but the specifics are not clear
cause his english was about as good as my spanish

the exchange was pleasant
the karate monkey snuck into the shot

a good day for rain gear

a good day for rain gear

the fender makes good sense

you can not move that fast with an umbrella on your head

scroll down

and yes
sunday will be sunny
sunny and moist
sounds like mud and cowbells

rainy day today
we need it
but that does not mean I have to like it
I may not like it
but I do not mind it

everyday there is not time to march around with the camera
it is not neccessary to ride with the camera around my neck everytime I ride but am not really riding
honestly... my legs are a little tired
not just from the paranormal in charlottesville
but just tired in general

I got out a few minutes early and headed straight home
got home early and took my dog brutus into the woods
I enjoy taking the slightly extended loop in the woods with the dogs
excuse me... dog... it has been dog for quite some time... but I still think dogs
maybe it is time to get another dog
so when I think dogs I get dogs

it is good to get out into the woods
even if that trip into the woods is on foot
walking in the rain is not just not so bad
walking in the rain is good for the soul

the rain is good
we need the rain

rain is good

dccx is this weekend
I have not checked weather dot com
but I am confident it is going to be a great cyclocross race


the bike snob has some great advice for cyclocross

the bike snob nyc has some great advice for racing cyclocross

gotta love the bike snob nyc

fantastic advice for all of us from mid-pack on back
not such great advice for anyone trying to crack the top ten
absurd advice for anyone looking to win

I am still on the tip of rolling around on the Karate Monkey Single

it would make sense for me to take the pedals off the Monkey and thrown them back on the Jamis Nova before the
DCCX Cyclocross event this weekend

that image is from Charm City 2006

found a better image on this gwadzilla archive
but... this finally loaded

healed clavicle... fresh ink

healed clavicle
fresh ink

I have always been a fan of the skull

always remember Club Skull


a little more wine and a few more tangents....

just watched the trailer for the bridge
it looks like it was assembled beautifully
it looks like a moving piece
early I mentioned paul hawkins

a number of years ago
roughly a year after I graduated from college I decided to ride my motorcycle across country
there had not been nights of sweating over a map with a compass and a protractor
I did not pull out a calculator and factor the distance, travel time, my per diem
no... I just packed some pannier bags and threw my leg over my motorcycle and rode

well... it was not that simple
but... in hindsight it was that simple
life in itself was that simple

it was a rainy sunday morning when I left my group house at 1211 Girard
yes... it was raining and I could have waited another day
but I decided to go anyway
I pointed west out of Washington
headed for San Francisco by way of Washington State and many states in between

those days on the motorcycle could create a book of short stories
but it is my arrival to san francisco that I am recalling right now

I can not recall
but I think that I drove straight from Seattle to San Francisco
with some meandering and lots of secondary roads along the way
there was a glance at the coast and all of its greatness
but maybe just enough time to smell the salty air
then back on the bike
as I am from the east coast... some much of travel is ruined by the effort to make good time

this was an age before cell phones
and I was a person without much planning
so I arrived in the bay area without offering much warning
in my mind I knew I had a few couches to choose from
I had the number of a friend from high school handy
when I came through the tunnel just after Sausalito I saw the Golden Gate Bridge
it was unlike anything I had ever seen before
the greatness of a man made structure surrounded by the element of fog created an emotion
I turned my motorcycle back towards Sausalito so I could call my friend in Berkley
there was relief when I learned that my trajectory would take me over the Richmond Bridge rather than the Golden Gate

it was like the high dive
I backed off at first
I approached slow
but when I finally made contact
I was sold

I ran across the bridge, I walked across the bridge, I drove across the bridge on my motorcycle, and I rode my bicycle across that bridge

not sure why
but being on that bridge creates a bit of energy for me
riding across the bridge in the darkness with the fog was something like the movie Lost Boys
this was an age before helmets and lights
I was young and stupid
instead of now when I am old and stupid

it was a short pass through the bay area on my motorcycle
but long enough that I had a bike sent out and I had to take a job when I arrived

the job was for a construction company doing work for Smith and Hawkin
for a short while I lived with a friend who was painting one of Paul Hawkin's houses

let us just leave it at that

it was a great time of my life at the base of Mount Tam
meeting up with strangers at The Depot for a ride
getting lost on those fireroads and finding myself in Corta Maderia or doing loops spinning the road up and taking the trails down
Tenderfoot was always my favorite
but I think that level of single track was made illegal shortly after I left

it was a good few months
a very intense few months

maybe it was several months
either way... I was slacking... but it was time well spend
((I saw the film Slacker at the Mill Valley Film Festival while I was out there)

support your local artist... support your friend's who are artists

the other day my old friend adam gave me a piece of art for my 40th birthday
we went through his basement and I got to select a piece
he had something that I really liked
now that something is hanging over our bed
no money changed hands
but art is meant to be hung
art is meant to be shared

I have a few pop art projects in my mind
I also need to chase down some people for their art

I have been meaning to get a piece of art from Kevin Nierman
we talked... not it is just a matter of ordering the pieces then having them framed/mounted
also have been meaning to get a piece by Nikolas Shiller
I have not seen Nikolas in a while... last I saw him it was across a crowded dance floor at 18th Street Loun
See-I was playing
too busy dancing to break across the crowd to say hello

all this thought was brought to surface by the words and images on sixtyminuteartist.blogspot.com

that said...
I have less than sixty rational minutes to play with some images

back from hawaii... back on the bike

back from hawaii
back on the bike

I met paul hawkins once... but that is a story for another day

I met paul hawkins once
but that is a story for another day

the ecology of commerce is by paul hawkins

sundance channel eco biz
interesting stuff

I emailed several agencies looking for information on proper disposal of some CRT Monitors that I have

but I have not received a response
what does a consumer do with their old computer equipment?
what does a business do with their old computer equipment?

there needs to be an easy answer
the answer should be common knowledge
there is some disconnect

some very interesting information on corn as an alternative fuel

treehugger interviewed paul hawkin
sundance channel: the green

the bridge

the bridge
a documentary film

the official page for the bridge

the wiki page reference of the bridge