DCCX: Cyclccross in the District

it has been a good year for the dcmtb squad

this is a healthy incarnation of the dcmtb team
the team is a living organism
always growing and changing
here in its tenth year dcmtb will be hosting a cyclocross race this month in the district

DCCX: Cyclcross in the District Press Release
this is definitely going to be a cyclcross race up to the cyclocross racing standards
this ain't no group ride... this is a cyclocross race
for those who do not know cyclocross is a fantastic spectator sport
the energy and excitement unfolds in front of the spectators eyes
so if you are not interested in racing
cyclocross would be a great bike ride weekend destination in the district

I like to walk the course and watch the race unfold
on each lap I watch the change of command of the racers
at the front and in the pack
racers fighting for that spot

I will also be trying to race as well

various obstacles
the barriers
steep run ups
off camber grass
how fast can the racers corner on grass
who has the power to accelerate to speed
who has what it takes to maintain at their peak for the full duration of the race

cowbells are a good substitute for cheering
a person can easily go hoarse cheering on the racers