mutants... definitely mutants

definitely mutants

some of the folks from the world of the single speed are evolving into another direction
an evolution that is close to a mutation

definitely a mutation

some of the outlaws are clearly starting to mutate

single speeders mutating into offroad fixed gear riders
off road on a fixed gear?
fixed gear riding on very technical terrain?

the single speed outlaw

it has been proven that it can be done

the tomi cog is rad
a cog that attaches on the disc hub of a mountain bike wheel

I have considered franken biking my old Kona Explosif into a fixed gear mountain bike
would swap out the blown out old suspension fork in the front for the karate monkey fork
turning the machine into 29 in the front 26 in the back

maybe that will be a good spring project
need to get a tomi cog and some mechanical assistance
the bike would be more urban than off road
but still a fun project depending upon how the geometry would end up riding

the only new parts needed may be the cog and a headset!

this ain't no april fool's joke

winter weight and the clydesdale

when I bought a scale several weeks ago I was weighing more than 230 pounds

currently weighing in just bellow 230

Clydesdale weight: 228

surly makes a number of very useful bikes

greg and his surly

I am not sure... are those lights powered by a generator in the front hub?

THC:Trail Head Cyclery

some shots in the rain from monday

please sign to save West Virginia mountain bike trails...

please sign this petition to save West Virginia mountain bike trails

getting good miles out of the pista

Cyclocross Mag


the other night my brother and I were talking bikes
the topic of cyclocross magazine issue number two came up

I was interested
I am interested
I want to see it
but I do not need to subscribe to it

it is cool
I need to check it out
for those in this tribe this must be amazing
but I do not need to subscribe to it

I need to read this article Confessions of a Sandbagger
it is cool that it is on the web
cause it is worth sharing
and the mag
there are definitely plenty of people who would be stoked to subscribe to it

this reminds me
I want to ride my Jamis Nova
but need to swap out the seat
rode the frankenfixie tonight because I still have not replaced the seat with the broken rails

hanging out watching the demo of a building on K Street


I read each comic from start to finish!

yehudamoon and the kickstand cyclery

anna kelso rocking the single speed at gambril!

anna kelso
looking lady like and rocking it!

too rainy for the camera

too rainy for the camera
well... too rainy for the new camera

I cautiously took a few shots with the 4 megapixel canon today

misty morning

we are not in kansas any more

woke up this morning to wet ground and mist in the air
with an ambient temperature dissimilar to the temps of my last week in florida

walked brutus on the short loop across the street
doubled back once to extend our first hike together since I had returned from vacation

the bird activity was all around me
the brown earth is starting to show the signs of spring
the cars on beach drive irritated me with their unnecessary honky
while the cars on Park Road annoyed me by running the Red Turn arrow and ignoring the speed limit

the boys were slow out of the gate this morning and so was I
the second cup of coffee did not seem to be aiding in the waking process so I tossed it aside

made it to work a few minutes after nine
trying to get back in the routine

the boys got a quick tour of the cock pit after the plane landed
just another exciting moment of the boys' vacation
sharks... alligators... gopher turtles
power boats... swamp boats... and airplanes

led zeppelin on youtube

happy birthday!

27 today and rainy

happy birthday!

back from florida... schaeffer farms is open... waking up and getting ready for work

back from florida...

our plane landed by noon
the cab had us home before one
the boys were fed and had ran off to a neighbor's house by two
by fifteen minutes after three I was on my bike hammering the single track at Schaeffer Farms

saw in a team email thread that my brother was headed to leesburg to ride the baker's dozen course
figured that others were already back from a morning ride
made one call to cargo mike before I left out to go riding

got on the bike thinking I would take it easy

the Jamis Exile 29er Single Speed called out for the RED LINE!

I tried to take thing slow

spun a small circle in the parking lot as I confirmed that I had locked the gear filled Honda Element
the bike and body felt right
then headed over towards the White Trail for a warm up
as soon as my tires touched dirt I cranked up the intensity

rode the white trail
worked a series of left hand turns

when I got out towards the open field I worked a series of right hand turns
felt pretty good on the turns
felt alright on the log piles
was forced to bring down my speed for all obstacles

was loving the roller coaster which is Schaffer Farms

after the open field I worked some of the orange loop then some of the inner yellow trail
there were riders all over the trail
most were trailside regrouping when I approached
I slowed and stopped for others
a rider with headphones came my way
I motioned a two finger tap to my forearm where a watch should be
the rider said four fifteen as he passed


at first I doubted that my duration had only been an hour
but then I accepted things as they were and got back to riding

took the pace down a notch
backtracked some of the trails I had ridden on the way out
tried to mix up as much unfamiliar as I could
went up, out, and around the orange trails

rode for roughly an additional half hour
would have loved to had a three hour epic
but there were dinner plans for my family to meet up with my brother's family at my dad's for a week after easter egg hunt

the body felt good getting what it got

I was late for the egg hunt but right on time to eat some dinner

felt refreshed
the dirt is good for the soul
I most certainly do not ride my mountain bike enough
guess living in the city contributes to that reality
also... the responsibilities of a father of two also contributes to so many mountainbikeless days

will have to add NIGHT RIDING into my routine
but sadly... most people consider dinner time rides in the dark night rides
for me it is best to leave after the kids have gone to bed

MORE had a trail work day at Schaeffer Farms this weekend past
that map is a few years old
there are certainly a good number of new trails added to Schaeffer since that map was drawn


how much?

how much?

how much money do I need to spend to get a solid full squishy 29er?

fisher 29ers

I am attracted to specialized as well
but I am married
so I can not act so freely on random attraction

blackwater bikes has some demos
it was some wandering through the site of gettysburg bikes that had me thinking of the next step

this is funny stuff! YEHUDA MOON...


a few more shots of the boys in florida

two hot tips...

two hot tips....

1. FREE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS ONLINE (story in wired... thanks thomas)


2. Police are ticketing Pedestrian and Bicyclists at 14th and P and 14th and U Streets

cars are free to do as they please
interesting that the police do not see that the peds and the cyclists are modifying the law in the same way that cars are
the speed limit is 25MPH... why not start there!
then go to people failing to make compete stops at the stop line at their car
then try ticketing for talking on the cell phone while driving
there is more
yes... there is more
the police could ticket cars for passing pedestrians and cyclists too fast and too close
if a car is moving above the speed limit when they pass a pedestrian or a cyclist... that should be considered reckless driving
that would be a SAFE STREET CAMPAIGN!

the sun setting over the gulf

that rare shot of dad with the kids

lisa and grant watching the sun drop off behind the horizon

an inconvenient ride



fun in florida

fun in florida
swamp boat in the everglades

swimming in the gulf
swimming in the pool

dad is red like a cooked lobster


yes... cropped images

yes... cropped images
yes... they are not from this week

Urban Velo Six Pack!

urban velo
urban velo merc

those shape shifting name changers are on a roll
they got their groove
and I am digging it!

in florida on vacation without a bike

in florida on vacation without a bike
but really
with the fun that can be had on the beach... why do I need my bike?

I wish I had followed those yard sale signs the weekend that I arrived
a beach cruiser or a three speed would have served me well
I did a thrift store loop.... there was three wheeler and a vintage Columbia
I left with nothing

it is mid-week and mid-vacation
went running a few times and getting plenty of exercise splashing in the pool with the kids
but I would really love to have a bike
still considering renting something

but where would I ride?
is there anything local?
or would I be dodging the geriatrics on their cell phones?

another image from a few days back

another image from a few days back

the alligator hike

the alligator hike

lisa and I took the boys on the alligator hike

the trail is labeled "mountain bike trail"
this trail is as much a mountain bike trail as the tow path on the C&O Canal
it is legal for mountain biking

great trail for wild life
we saw several snakes, countless lizards, various birds, all sorts of insects, and some small alligators
flora and fauna

the boys did great on this three and a half mile hike without water or mosquito spray
this hike is less mosquito infested than other sections of the park
actually the mosquitoes were no issue as long as we kept moving
there is a boardwalk hike in another section of the Collier Seminole State Park where the skeeters laugh at deep woods off

collier semiole state park
national geographic article that references my father

two things stolen from across the pond

okay... I stole this

and I stole that
so what!?!??!?

stole it from here

would it be more clever if I said I "nicked it"

great blog.... check it out

so what? by anti nowhere league
a song that was a fun sing along in my teens

Portland BIKE PORN film screening at Asylum



10PM tonight at Asylum!
Asylum in Adams Morgan

the 10PM start time should allow for people to roll from the Cleveland Park Nanny O Brien's to the showing at Asylum in Adams Morgan

should be a good time
wish I could be there!


i am hot for katara

i am hot for katara


i am hot for katara

like i am queer for obama

do i need to explain?

i am not gay

i am not attracted to 14 year old cartoon characters

got it?

yet i am hot for katara...

she had her hair down in tonights dvd episode

ang had a daydream that he kissed her

it was hot

avatar on the wiki page

katara on the wiki page

a few shots in the crosswalk from a few weeks back

cool psa from the uk

cool psa from the uk
stole this from here

bike porn at nanny o brien's

bike porn at nanny o'brien's

not sure of the exact time
but I know the place
wednesday.... which may be tonight if you are looking at this today wednesday the 26th

got the time

at nanny o'brien's


thanks dayna!

should be fun
wish I could be there

boy dies on bike... headphones contributed to the accident

15 year old dies on bike
headphones contributed to the accident

my heart goes out to the family
as a father I could not imagine what this family is experiencing right now

if the car driver was going one mile an hour over the speed limit...

they were speeding

speed dictates the severity of the accident

the headphones contributed to the accident

the speed of the driver caused the level of injury

perhaps the severity of the accident did not have to be as bad as it was

speed effects reaction time
speed effects the level of injury at impact

this is a tragedy

nothing will bring this boy back


future fatalities can be avoided by controlling the car chaos

today I saw so many many retired people on their cell phones
no one should drive and talk on the phone at the same time
especially old drivers and young drivers


Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

not sure what to buy your kid's for their birthday

how about your friend's kids?

Apples to Apples more fun than Dip Em Stick!
Apples to Apples on the Wiki Page
a place to buy Apples to Apples

my inlaws have it
my kids can not get enough of it it is a hoot!