mutants... definitely mutants

this ain't no april fool's joke

surly makes a number of very useful bikes

THC:Trail Head Cyclery

some shots in the rain from monday

please sign to save West Virginia mountain bike trails...

getting good miles out of the pista

Cyclocross Mag

hanging out watching the demo of a building on K Street


anna kelso rocking the single speed at gambril!

too rainy for the camera

misty morning

happy birthday!

back from florida... schaeffer farms is open... waking up and getting ready for work

how much?

this is funny stuff! YEHUDA MOON...

a few more shots of the boys in florida

two hot tips...

the sun setting over the gulf

an inconvenient ride

fun in florida

yes... cropped images

Urban Velo Six Pack!

in florida on vacation without a bike

another image from a few days back

the alligator hike

two things stolen from across the pond

Portland BIKE PORN film screening at Asylum

i am hot for katara

a few shots in the crosswalk from a few weeks back

cool psa from the uk

bike porn at nanny o brien's

boy dies on bike... headphones contributed to the accident

Apples to Apples