some words give me more pleasure than points... this word in the upper left hand corner gave me both

Chrome Cast... I am going to get this

25 dollars for a 25 year old bike... THAT IS A DEAL!

thinking of Scud.

I just started reading this... liking her list already

Bats, Butterflies, and Bees...

the messenger is a strange breed... they spit on people... they flip people off... they shrug off various laws and social responsibilities... but I have never seen a group of people hang on more tightly to their friends... it is beautiful... I am thankful to be on the periphery of this subculture

What is the best sub shop in Washington DC? And don't say Pottbelly's...

Bike May Use Full Lane... GET OVER IT!

Dutkewytch... Damien Dutkewytch...

I am getting ready for the end of the year lists... what will Fatmarc list?


the Mormon Temple... we did not go chasing lights this holiday season

Orca Marathon... WATCH THESE FILMS...

DCist has a video of drunk people falling in the DC Metro stations... so happy these people are not driving!

Does Rock Creek Park get resurfaced every year?

Glen Echo...

saw the Hobbit last night...

Rode up past Forest Glen again

213 Friends in Common with Scott Scudamore on FACEBOOK... that random sample is a good cross section of things

some more photos at CycleLife in Georgetown when I grabbed those Acme Pies... loving the Surly hat and Specialized gloves I bought while I was there

note to self... surf lessons for the kids this summer?

Linda snaps some shots of Paul with the camera... Linda with a camera and Paul with a camera

great stop motion