worse than lions, tigers, or bears

I really should have...

Camel Zone

Cyclists in Krakow Poland

usually there is a younger drive... and yes... a helmet effects the process


Bike Polo is not my thing...

I think that East West Highway should have a Street Car or Light Rail down the center

Bikes are better for everyone...

ah... should be a good plan for tomorrow

words off the top of my head...

WOW! Lots going on here... and serious commitment to the turn

not sure what this is all about...

May 21st... should I pack?

30 Rock Cracks me uP!

is that statement true?

Mouth Breathers!

enough gas in the tank... time to push the pedals

not sure where it came from or what it means.

opposing views... strong views

getting back into the routine...

Sports Tag ID: Just in Case!

a shot from the iPhone...

Road ID Give Away! (a trip to Paris!?!)

one size does not fit all...

worth a visit...


the bulbs were once valued like diamonds or gold

on Pandora Radio

in Wired Mag

a package came in the mail...

Family Bike Ride!

this image cracks me up!

Down Under

Sunday's Ride!