we went to high school together... well... we were in the same high school at the same time

soccer... soccer soccer... rants on cycling and kids soccer... that may be the tone of the new and improved gwadzilla blog!

also in the NY TIMES... this article authored by David Byrne

like the utilitarian nature of her bicycle

Story in the Washington Post about Fundamentalist Terrorists....

my boys...

Stoddert Soccer... kid's soccer game at the same time as dad's bike race

His to Give... in the NY Times


our kids go to the same school...


something about this guy and his bike typed here

it is tough for dad's to teach their children right from wrong...

The Clarendon Cup....

FORCE: Friends Of Rock Creek Enviroment

one more from that same corner at 16th and U Street

Carfree Vauban


more shots pointed the same way...

Forward Components...

a common bike in Holland is an uncommon bike here in the states...

sam tripping me out

16th and U Street NW DC...

Bennet in the Post

Car Versus Bike


forced flash

not the shot I was looking for

which one of these cyclists played base on the first Rollins Band's release

Union Station Bike Station Proposals... SUBMIT NOW!

Putt Putt in the City!

I wish he wrote more...

stop... that panda is eating my bicycle!

ah... Tommy

the Motoring Helmet.... because we can never be too safe!

grantman getting more comfortable on his new bike

pegs... less often for tricks... more often for riding double

my old block...