it is a balance... not just how hard you try in the game but how hard you try practicing before the game

spirit will only carry a person so far
practice is the real secret to success

cycling is about preparation
the one that wins the race is the one who trains the hardest
look at the Giro and watch these racers move...
it is beautiful to watch

more on this later
I thought I had a thousand words on this
trying to sort some things out
want to try and instill some thoughts on practice and preparation that I never learned
I am a spirit based athlete
and well... that only takes an athlete so far

try outs?
there needs to be a certain amount of preparation

it is like a spelling test
scratching your head and pulling your hair out as you rack your brain... well... the way to do well on a spelling test is to properly prepare
I never learned to properly prepare
I want to try to teach my boys to properly prepare
I want to try and learn to be properly prepared